Samsung’s Response to Vibrant Froyo Debacle Won’t Ease Owners’ Frustration


Ever since a wild rumor surfaced claiming Samsung and T-Mobile are purposefully withholding the upgrade to Android 2.2 (Froyo) for the Samsung Vibrant in order to boost anticipation for the Samsung Vibrant 4G, the internet has been ablaze with hate only rivaled by the uproar over undelivered but promised updates for the Samsung Behold II. A class action lawsuit and Twitter trend of #NeverAgain when tweeting out Samsung complaints seem to be only the start, and Samsung’s newly issued statement regarding the matter won’t do much to slow down the hate.

“Samsung Mobile does not comment on rumors or speculation. With regard to the Froyo update, we recently issued the following statement: “Samsung feels it is important to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available only after we feel that we can give the millions of U.S. Galaxy S owners a simple and reliable upgrade experience. Due to the complexity and unique functionality of each Galaxy S device, we are performing additional testing and are working to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available to all U.S. Galaxy S owners, including the Samsung Vibrant, as soon as possible.”

When asked for comment by CNET, T-Mobile simply referred back to Samsung’s verbiage. Pretty non-comittal words coming from the camp that is supposedly withholding these updates. Given their history of poorly-executed Android upgrades you’d think Samsung would make an honest effort to get Froyo out, so perhaps it is really just a case of getting all of their ducks in a row across carriers and devices before releasing Android 2.2 in the US. We’d hate to jump on board with such a vicious rumor, especially if it is simply that: a viscous rumor.

[via CNET]

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  1. In other words…Samsung’s saying
    “Wait until we release Vibrant 4g, then you can but it and have froyo!”

  2. Yeah right Samsung, Google updated my Nexus S within a few days of its release. They couldn’t update their first phone the Galaxy in Europe, then the Behold on one carrier and now the Galaxy S all over the world.

  3. Wow, i’m so surprised!

  4. Samsung’s touch wiz is a joke, and they are blowing smoke up their own waahoos if they think we want that crap anyway. Just stick to harware you idiots! Samsung: google doesnt tell you how to make TV’s, don’t tell them how to make software.

  5. I held off on upgrading my phone for a long while. The moment I heard that Google was releasing the next Nexus phone via Samsung I went right out and bought an HTC Desire. Not regretting it.

  6. @Jdog25

    me too but it also wasn’t that big of an update. 2.3.1 most certainly is no 2.1 to 2.2 conversion with added touchwiz

  7. My son has a Vibrant, and we have no intention of upgrading to the Samsung Vibrant 4G as it is not dual core, so it is not worthwhile to spend that money. Anyone with a current Vibrant would be a fool to buy this phone. If they are hot on Samsung they would do better to wait for the Galaxy S2 with dual core, 4G and FFC. That was the phone I was planning on next, but not so sure anymore. Hopefully a dual core, 4G phone with FFC comes out with stock Android…that would be my phone.

  8. I just might be that they want to release all the US Galaxy-S updates around the same time and are waiting to get all of them ready.

    Would make sense from Samsung’s perspective, rather than releasing one, two months later the second, and then get bombarded with people screaming about their update.

    Or I can buy a bridge somewhere, but, hopefully they will release the 2.2 updates soon and it will install smoothly. Though I still cannot get my Captivate to connect to Kies.

  9. Root it and install a custom ROM and stop waiting on these guys.

  10. I imagine they don’t want to commit to any release date range given the flack they took for the “everyone will have it by the end of November” comment.

  11. Unsettling more testing lol. Isn’t this exactly what Motorola kept saying about the cliq updates

  12. WOW! I had the clique XT and I was waiting for 1.5 for ever until I got rid of that crap.. now I have a vibrant with battery issues and a 3 am wake up call when it’s fully charged and still no update! HTC here I come! Its everyone’s best bet! Or a Google phone.. lol

  13. @ 5.Mark
    The Nexus S is Google’s baby, it will have the newest updates the second they are released. Samsung just made the hardware, Google made the software.

  14. remember everyone, the epic 4g already has official 2.2…if i’m not mistaken

  15. @ 5. Mark
    The Nexus S is Google’s baby, it will have the newest updates the second they are released. Samsung just made the hardware, Google made the software.

  16. I wonder if T-Mobile would give out a free Vibrant 4G to Vibrant owners if they called the loyalty department and complained when it comes out.

  17. This is actually great news! Samsung & TMobile are just shooting the $#!^ out of there own feet. Let them keep making fools out of themselves…and people will move on. I know Id LOVE to leave TMobile…But I am so far grandfathered into Fav 5’s and a @25/mo unlimited internet!

  18. I will always hate Samsung for this, other than the iPhone I will boycott every Samsung device and force everyone I know to do the same. Its a clear case of this company withholding for their own benefit at consumer expense. And nobody has any idea whether the class action has a chance except for class action attorneys, I promise you this.

  19. With the Galaxy S being so hard to brick, people need to learn how to root it and place in a custom rom. Goto the XDA website and learn, and you wont have to cry foul anymore, because you WILL get a better ROM then what they will ever give you. Such as now, I am running 2.2 with the new Gingerbread keyboard, Galaxy Tab Email, and Music Player. It was pretty easy (took less then an hour) and I have a phone running 2.2 at 1.4mhz speed. Samsung and Tmobile suck on their promise, but the Vibrant is WORTH its weight as far as a powerful phone (once rooted)

  20. @Mark Buddy you went out and bought a phone with a 2008 processor and a regular amoled screen just so that you could have Android 2.2. You should have just gotten the Vibrant plus with a faster processor, 4G, better screen and front camers, LOL. You do know that just like how HTC couldn’t stop updates on the Nexus One, Samsung can’t affect the Nexus S either. Carriers or Manufacturers can’t touch the Nexus branded devices.

  21. I’m going to give Samsung the benefit of the doubt in this one. So long as the Vibrant gets FroYo before they release a Vibrant+, I’ll be “satisfied” that this was just a rumor. It still leaves a lot to be desired for the speed of their updates, however, and I remain disappointed overall with that respect, but I’ll not buy into this rumor if they can at least meet that condition.

  22. Also, I’d love to know how many people have resold their sgs. In other words, what percentage of those consumers who purchased the sgs have gotten rid of it? 50% of the people I know have, and it can only increase. The point is that I think that samsungs huge sales statistics are misleading, most consumers didn’t know until after their purchase that the GPS is completely broken and they wont get froyo which would add very serious features. I pray to high heaven (yes I realize I might as well pray to my dog, but you get the idea) that Samsung pays a heavy toll for this. We don’t need the sgs, and neither does android

  23. The content aside, I have to laugh at the imagery of “a viscous rumor.” Yes, it’s clearly a typo, but… seriously, try to imagine it for a moment. It’s amusing. :)

  24. In general updating the devices needs to be more efficient. The only reason this rumor has gained its ground is do to Samsung and there poor update history with Android. I think updating these devices should be easier. Hopefully once honeycomb comes we can move towards more stock devices.

  25. Oh really? like that time you “tested” your OEM software had that “simple and reliable” GPS bug?

  26. Sucks for them because as an epic owner I purchased an htc evo for my wife due to the horrible os support for their mobile phones. And would recommend one to anyone cause its actually a REALLY nice phone. I wish I had sense instead of touchwiz.

  27. Truly Samsung is behind on their game … What is the sense of waiting for an OTA push to your phone for the froyo update when you have so many great ROM’s available to the public. These ROM’s use 2.2 froyo as the base software… while providing custom themes that look and feel like Gingerbread 2.3. Educated yourself by reading the forums that support such ROM’s and upgrade your own phone. There are numerous, easy to learn videos available on Youtube that show you step by step how to install a custom Rom onto your phone…among the most popular and stable ones: Axura
    Nero 4.1 etc. These are just two I would recommend but, there are many more available, Give it a shot it really isn’t difficult.

  28. @mike

    You’re mistaken. The DK28 was a leak and is not official. I’m not sure what’s going on with Samsung, but originally the rumor was that the Epic would get a official Froyo update the day after Christmas, but it got nixed. Not sure what’s going on, but I’m thinking Samsung has put it on hold due to their 2011 phones coming out soon.

    In the case of the Epic 4G, what can Samsung do other then an upgraded OS? Are they going to put the new SAMOLED +, dual core and NFC in it? If those are the only things that change, most people with the Epic won’t upgrade b4 they become upgrade eligible and if the current Epic had the same OS as their new release, I thought more would purchase the Epic on price. Most people won’t notice the difference between SAMOLED vs the Plus, a single core vs dual, and how many people are going to use NFC?

  29. Screw you Samsung, you’ve stabbed us left and right and left us in the dust. Ill never trust you with another electronic in my household.

  30. This really sucks I like my phone this is my first android phone but why are we getting froyo when ginger bread is out common tmobile/samsung you guys sold us with the ads and all the great reviews but now you can’t get us a F_ing update.if tmobile is behind this they are F-ing up so much.so much for suporting ANDROID

  31. I do believe this is just a rumor. If samsung was the problem, then why has the international version had froyo for so long? Clearly our carriers slow things down. I would be pissed if I was samsung getting all this grief if it wasn’t my fault, but it’s not like they can make a press statement saying our carriers are lazy pricks.

  32. Samsung needs to get a better marketing group – they’re going to get killed by Motorola and HTC. There’s just too much competition to give your customers the finger.

  33. F**k YOU Samsuck!!! I’m ditching your lying ass and moving on to someone that rolls the updates out. The first Vibrant I had that got j16 made my GPS worse, shit would freeze up. then i got a different phone and ran a 2.2 rom, it got better but it still sucked. I use my Garmin NUVI to take me where I have to go. We don’t want the bullshit software on 2.2, we just want something that makes our phone what they should have been from the day we bought them. XDA is on the heels of 2.3. I love my Vibrant but never again.

  34. Foul SKUNKS!!! Isnt Froyo working in EUROPE?
    We’re all CUSTOMERS!!!!!!

  35. Cant believe people are still waiting on Samsung.. Root it ,get Nero v3 Rom (froyo) and change the crappy file system(OCLF or Voodoo) and you will have the best phone in the market…

  36. I hate to say it but technically they would never have to update the phone. There are no rules that say they do and no one ever got on writing that samsung will provide timely updates. I just wish I would have got my wife a different phone! I think samsung is going to loose a lot of business from this and I hope they do 7

  37. well i have to say this to all u samsung android users. when ppl claim that the nexus one phone fail this particular reason is why it didnt. stock android is the answer to all this update problems. to much versions of android out there to worry about. pure google experience phone thats the nexus will always beat other versions of android. invest in a nexus pure google phone and u will not have to worry about any carrier or company holding back updates that google want u to have. trust me its worth it. i know some of u dont want to switch to t-mobile to do so. so if u are on at&t or verizon HTC & MOTOROLA seem to have the best update rating IMO.

  38. I really think Samsung forgets that all phone owners that get screwed also own hdtvs and blue ray players and the like. they are pissing in the wrong cheerios

    Samsung One-Upped themselves with another “You have got to be f-ing kidding me!” moment.

    Samsung sold 3D-Capable HDTV DLP TVs in 2007 or so. They are rear projection LED TVs…very nice but a little big. Hell, Id still get one if I could.

    Anyway, Samsung releases these with the promise that once 3D is a reality they will update it through firmware/hardware. Well, the 3D era is booming and guess what?????

    Yup, no fix. No firmware or hardware! So what do the true enthusiast do? They take Mitsubishi’s “upgrade” option for there version of 3D DLP TVs, use a little magic and get it to work. They have a LONG LONG history of screwing ALL there customers!

  39. The only thing I liked about the Galaxy S was the camera. The camera took sexy pictures and the screen looked awesome. Samsung needs to stick to making cameras, because that’s all that they seem to be able to do. LoL!!

    And for all you people telling people to root their phones. You shouldn’t have to get your phone rooted to upgrade. If a company says that it will eventually upgrade it, then you should be able to get that update. I got rid of my vibrant for the HTC G2 because I liked the Keyboard. Before that, I had the Nexus 1. I was lucky to do an even trade for the Vibrant with my Nexus 1, but if the Tmo G2 never came out, I probably would have went back to the Nexus 1. It was a better looking phone anyways. I hated that hump looking thing in the back.

  40. If Samsung would just comment on why the U.S. is not getting an update much quicker than Europe or Canada. The U.S. being a huge market for Samsung only makes sense to me that they would hold the update until the new 4G vibrant comes out!

    It really doesn’t make sense that a bug can’t be fixed yet you can release updates to Canada and European markets. How so????

  41. Wow, that’s like a big F U from Samsung…they need to learn from HTC..

  42. And then one magical day, Zoll returned with an eight month old OS update in his hands for Vibrant users.

  43. “Due to the complexity and unique functionality of each Galaxy S device, we are performing additional testing and are working to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available to all U.S. Galaxy S owners, including the Samsung Vibrant, as soon as possible.”
    That’s bull&^%….them having 4 of damn near the same phone on all 4 major carriers should make it easier, not harder.
    The only thing thats really different would be carrier specific stuff.

  44. All the galaxy s phones HAD potential forbtheir day. This upgrade debacle is crazy. Take the Droid x for example I believe it came out the same day as the captivate or vibrant one, it has since been updated to 2.2, 2.2.1, and the x has a skinned version of android, so I don’t really see the excuse, updates will be the only downfall of android if there ever is one. I have owned an iphone 3g and 3gs and like my android much better for many different reasons. Ill be using an iPhone next month until the Droid bionic with tegra comes out. And Samsung can make phone that pays me and gives head. Guess what, I wouldn’t buy it. Just sad to see that they TRULY could care less about their customers. Blow me sammy.

  45. Sammy, Sammy, you are getting what you deserve, I love the fact that once this gets out into the mainstream you won’t even know what hit you. This is why I love the internet, gives us little guys the power to take on people who think they can get away with taking us for fools. I am actually happy right now with my Epic since I rooted and installed Truely Epic on it. It does justice to the wonderful hardware inside this beast.

  46. I am the advocate at sprint for the epic and i feel that Samsung don’t care about the product after u buy it. they are only looking the next step to make money. please don’t think an billion dollar company cant tweak an software that’s already made work for them. they game me a free phone to rep them but they left me out there fighting the world well at least the U.S

  47. This is what happen when you buy from a company that runs by crooks and korean mafias.

  48. Guys?! Is it me or does it seem like HTC is the way to go?

  49. …..and 90% of samsungs customers will be completely unaware of all this fuss, will have no idea about updates or that they can even update their phone lol. samsung sells millions of phones and most are to regular people who just get on with their lives and use their phone without worrying about the next firmware update.

    for every one of us nerds on websites like phandroid theres 10000s who have no idea about dual cores and firmware and rooting and all that business. which is why samsung and sony and motorola wont change and they certainly wont be quaking in their boots in fear over this lawsuit.

  50. To those who are trying to shift the blame from Samsung back onto the carriers, how is it the other maunfacturers can get updates out?

  51. Fuck you samsung. Fuck you.


  53. I just read Sammy’s statement and want to say that SAMSUNG SUCKS

  54. And to think that I almost bypassed the Evo to wait for the Epic.

    Looks like I made the correct choice. HTC will continue to be my first choice and Samsung/sony will be my last.

  55. I rooted my captivate and get an unofficial rom from xda, I am happy with it now, but lack of official upgrade, I won’t touch any samsung phone again ’till sammy prove it can upgrade its software timely.

  56. We should just all let samsung know we’ll never buy another phone from them if they can’t guaranty fair updates…maybe they should recall and give us new vibrants… either way…I feel like I got my phone ib september only because they were going to release froyo to us…. after all the delays…I feel cheated

  57. You are all a bunch of whining dickh**ds. God damn you have viable options! GO root your phone and put a new rom or firmware on it! I’s that simple, there’s guides for it!

    Also to the people blaming samsung. Its not there fault, its your god damn stupid U.S Carriers. The GT-i9000 is already on 2.2, the different carrier versions are all practically the same except for the bloatware and with(out) the ffc. I’d certainly buy at Samsung phone again, can’t wait for the SGS2. Sick of you whinny bitches whining!

  58. I bet…… no I know! Once the 2.2 update comes out it will not be smooth and not go as planned this is retarted can’t wait to get rid of samsung and will never but another ohone beside htc again

  59. If they were releasing it across all carriers then why would Samsung tweet “Samsung is making available 2.2/Froyo upgrade for Samsung Acclaim at US Cellular starting today.”?

  60. #neveragain

  61. And ZacAttack, not all of us have the option to upgrade to Froyo through rooting. I own a Fascinate and there is only an Alpha Froyo upgrade which I am not willing to put on my phone because there is no wifi, bluetooth or GPS currently. But the devs at XDA are working hard on it currently.

  62. ZacAttack – Again, other manufacturers don’t seem to have the same problems as Samsung does. Huh, odd.

  63. I’m greatly disappointed by these comments from both Samsung and T-Mobile! :(

  64. @ZacAttack: Really? Why don’t you go troll the Apple boards you pathetic fuck? Chances are you don’t even own a smartphone. I bet you’re still using the fisher price toy phone you’re parents bought you years ago. Fuck you troll!!!

  65. Hehehe…This an impressive group of whiners the rumor have brought out. Lots of complaining and not very much doing. Everyone here could go and read how to root and load any of the 2.2 roms already out there, but since it’s easier to hop on a blog and whine that seems to be by far the more popular option. What does the phone do now that you would like it to do? Are you all missing some functionality? The only feature the Vibrant was missing was the mobile hotspot, but even that wasn’t a real hinderance since there was a wired tether app in the market. However, the 2.2 rom I loaded provides this, better battery life, is way faster than any stock Sammy rom and allowed me to remove the stock Tmo apps. That’s a lot of win in my opinion. In the event the rumor is true it means you have an official 2.2 rom available, you’re just going to have to wait longer. None of the Vibrant owners got Behold II’ed. Think about it that way.

  66. @ZacAttack: You are such a dumb ass. You are either stupidly missing the point or you are just such a dumb ass. Samsung loves assholes like you.

  67. @zeo: Thank you for all your usefull!!! info. What I said about ZacAttach applies to you too.

  68. all you have to do is flash this ROM http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/install-android-2-3-gingerbread-clone-rom-on-samsung-vibrant/ everything is working and its froyo…whats the prob peeps! lol just messin but vibrant users check it out! zero bugs

  69. but hey, Android is open source..don’t like what one handset maker does, don’t buy it, don’t like one carrier does, do not use them…Isn’t the good thing about android is the many choices?

    Open source fails..sorry, it’s not a good idea for mainstream, the masses so to speak. Too many hands on, too many roadblocks, everyone wants their brand to be special. The carriers and handset makers are killing the experience of what android was meant to be. As time goes on most wont know where android begins or ends, thus there will be many bad experiences like neglect of handsets thrown out and left to die the day they are released, weird and awful UI’s added on top, carrier crapware and restrictions on apps. All at the expense of you the consumer.

  70. @pax: Really? What am I doing that is so wrong? You are in fact whining? Are you not? You can indeed root and load a new rom. The tools are there and it is not that hard any more because of a lot of dedicated people in the development community. Does your response mean you are unwilling to take the time to read these dedicated people’s instructions? And they are quite good now and the rom’s are quite stable.

  71. This is such a blatant slap in the face from samsung and t-mobile.

  72. This comment will probably make me unpopular but here it goes…if you bought a nexus s you also contribute to samsungs lack of support and financial success.

  73. fuck u and ur new vibrent phone and Tmo u guys kiss my ass.harry up with this shit u guys are just fuckin working on 2.3 and sending that out to all ur new damn phones instead of GS series.but whatever I belive it when I see it ps fuck that vibrent 4g

  74. Oh.. woe is me.. if only.. if only.. if only I could get my Froyo update.. THEN my life would be perfect !.. I just cant stand it.. my life sucks bad with this old OS.. I don’t know how I can live with the shame of pulling out my phone.. please don’t call or message me, someone may see me answer my phone.. oh for shame.. I hate you Samsung.. I hate you T Mobile.. I hate you god.. why can’t I have Froyo.. I mean THEN my life will be perfect (Until Gingerbread) .. woe is me.. (Eeyore the Galaxy S owner)

  75. Do they owe you an OS upgrade? Did they promise you one when you bought it? The people on this thread sound like a bunch of housing project entitlement losers that think that because they bought a device it should run the latest OS for free FOREVER!!! You made a purchase. You had 14 days to return it. Get over it. Losers.

  76. I called tmobile as soon as I heard this one…they pretty much confirmed the rumor. Saying ” we re pretty much at the device makers mercy” and that this particular situation has risen before.

  77. @ the mouth-breathing dolts who think we should bend over and take whatever samsung gives us; 2 things; 1st- the gps is broken, this is a design defect or else its a manufacturing defect, either way it’s a huge feature that is advertised but not included. 2nd- look up “promissory estoppel”. I don’t know if samsung promised froyo, if they did, then anyone who purchased the vibrant based on that promise has a cause of action. Same goes for gps. I’m not saying the consumer will win, I’m just saying they have whey right to everything they were promised so long as they relied on that promise to their detriment. Next time put down your juice boxes and stop eating your boogers long enough to read or otherwise attempt a thorough understanding of whatever it is for which you’re going to blast people.


  79. Really, if you’re part of the clueless masses who just buy carrier-branded phones, why do you even give a crap about 2.2?

    And if you’re not part of the clueless masses and visit tech blogs on a daily basis, why the FUCK would you buy Samsung phones?! Stick to HTC, noobs.

  80. This would definitely fall under Louis C.K.’s “white people problems” category. It’s just an effing phone people and did your contract state that your phone must be upgraded to each new version? I’ve been a G1 owner and Android fan since the beginning and all I can say is that the Android community is starting to sound like a bunch of iPhone whiners.

  81. FAIL! false alarm….WTF was this update? It still says 2.1-update1.

  82. @Davis re: “I don’t know if samsung promised froyo, if they did, then anyone who purchased the vibrant based on that promise has a cause of action.”

    I don’t know about the Vibrant, but Verizon knowingly sold genuine Samsung/Verizon branded media and car docks which clearly stated that they would not be fully functional (the audio function, more specifically) until Android 2.2 was released for the phone. While this may not be an ipso facto promise for Froyo, any reasonable person would see it as an implication of such and thus if the filings are in order a judge will be forced to rule in favor of the class action.

  83. Well, currently there’s only 1 non-carrier branded phone and that’s a Nexus S, so that means the majority of people do purchase carrier branded phones. Like it or not the carriers do control what works on their networks, this too includes the Nexus S, but Google has worked out an agreement with Tmo. This is why you never saw a Nexus One on Vzw or Sprint. If you disagree with this, like myself, then you need to write the FCC. I really don’t think the ad hominem attacks are warranted towards anyone. But if anyone interprets my depiction of whining as derogatory, then how else would you describe it?

    @Davis, I did look up promissory estoppel as you requested. It does stipulate though that there has to be a proven economic loss through forebearance by the promisor. I’m no lawyer, but this does seem difficult to prove in this instance. I do agree that the gps issue is a defect and should definitely work better. But I do still get around quite well with it hasn’t taken me down the wrong path yet. It’d be great if Sammy went ahead and replaced the phones, but I’m sure they won’t due to the cost and it’s unlikely we can force Sammy to legally do so. However, it’s a cause I would support.

    I think instead of getting worked up about this that owners need to concentrate on features they really want and use as opposed to having the latest feature just because it’s the latest feature. You’ll notice that nearly every 3 to 4 months there is a new Android superphone. If you keep focusing on the new because it is new, then you will always be unhappy with your purchase and will always be looking for an upgrade. If you’re independently wealthy I’m sure that’s not a problem. The definition of your happiness with your device should be determined not by how it is superior to others, but rather by how it satisfies your use cases. Hey, I’m in no way saying the SGS is the end all and be all of devices, it’s not, but it is a very capable smartphone. The addition of apps from the market add significant capabilities as well, my example of the wired tethering app for Eclair in this case. I’m also not saying anyone should “take it” from Sammy, but you should evaluate what you need the device for and if it doesn’t accomplish that to your satisfaction then by all means change devices and/or carriers. There are a lot of choices to chose from. For me, even if the Vibrant were left on 2.1 it would still do everything that I originally purchased it for. I loaded a 2.2 rom and now it does even more and I didn’t have to pay anything. The phone didn’t lose any functionality, again for me, you may think differently. Regardless, it’s no reason to go dropping f-bombs over the Internet or make derogatory accusations.

  84. I’m happy with my Galaxy S phone. I’ve tinkered around, I’ve bricked, I had the Sammy froyo leak, I’ve had Cyanogen, and I returned to factory 2.1 with root. Compass aside the phone just works with 2.1. Note I said compass, not GPS; the GPS works.

    Personally, I don’t understand the fuss for froyo/gingerbread. The phone does what I ask it to do already. Someday they’ll update it. When they do my battery life will get a little better, my messaging app will get a bit uglier, and I’ll install Chrome to Phone. Until that update happens I see no need to get my blood pressure up over flash player or the JIT compiler.

    To the people worried about it, get a life. It’s a phone.

  85. @zeo- I agree, I got so burnt out with androids constant rumored devices I threw in the towel and got an iPhone. A new one each year, it’s just so much easier. Besides, apple has to make sure the iPhone works, it’s their only device. Most androids are quirky and buggy and they get away with it because there’s no phone with an enormous concentration of owners. So the vibrants gps doest work, samsung doesn’t care and has no reason to. Imagine if the iPhones gps didn’t work, it wouldn’t fly. We shouldn’t have less standards for android

  86. Funny how Samsung can claim this but all three models of the Galaxy S in Canada have now been upgraded to froyo, the Captivate, fascinate and vibrant here all have it and they say they can’t get it to be simple enough? That just seems to be a major dig at American intellect from Samsung.

  87. It doesn’t matter if it was a deliberate scam. It is still a fact that the delay has been so long they have indeed waited so long that new hardware has been released that already has the update promised last summer. If that wasn’t deliberate, then it is pure incompetence.

  88. I like turtles

  89. I guess I was burned by the Samsung Moment. Their “Airplane mode” bug that has YET to be fixed and nothing was ever done about it – that should have been a class action lawsuit. After seeing the GPS issues with the Vibrant and the lack of 2.2, When the Epic came out I had the choice of Evo or Epic, went Evo and don’t regret it.. actually love my Evo. I will never buy a Samsung phone. (one exception would be the Nexus branded phones only because google does the software and because it is their name, they wouldn’t have bugs linger too long.)

  90. Folks,
    Boycott Samsung Piece of crap. Let them know how power consumers hold!!! Sell their damn phones in Japan if you jack asses don’t give a flying fuck about consumers!!
    You are great company with great reputation of Customer Service Why the fuck you are not taking any actions?? You need to stop bleeding and need to listen to consumers. There is a lot at stake for you. You don’t want to piss consumers off!!

  91. @Zackattack,
    Get lost you dumb ass, stupid, ignorant SOB !!!

  92. if the galaxy s series just had some timely updates, it may be the best android phone out there….

  93. “Samsung feels it is important to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available only after we feel that we can give the millions of U.S. Galaxy S owners a simple and reliable upgrade experience. Due to the complexity and unique functionality of each Galaxy S device, along with the unique set of custom changes required by the carrier, including crapware upgrades and re-integrating shoehorned functionality-e.g. Bing-, we are performing additional testing and are working to make the Android 2.2/Froyo upgrade available to all U.S. Galaxy S owners, including the Samsung Vibrant, as soon as possible.”

  94. 1. To the people that are insistant on rooting your phone. I’m sure there’s a number of people that are uncomfortable with the prospect of playing with their phone. Hell, I make a real good living off of people that can’t use computers correctly. Those people shouldn’t have to root their phones to make them as functional as they should be. Just how you have they option to upgrade computer software when it’s available, you should be able to have a working phone. Google makes the OS, the idiot manufacturers design all kinds of useless UI “enhancements” and therefore have to rewrite the OS. This takes time and in most cases more money and effort than it’s worth given the life cycle of, cell phones. So if the “insert phone name here” 2 is coming out in 6 to 9 months, why spend 6 to 12 months on software? Just make a new phone. Obviously someone will buy it.

    2. History repeats itself constantly. Samsung has one of the worst track records period. Did anyone honestly think they wouldn’t get screwed with the Vibrant, Fascinate, Captivate or whatever? Something should have happened when you all realized they fucked up the maintainance update to “resolve” the GPS issue. (bricked phones, didn’t work, killed batteries) assuming there are no major hardware issues with the Nexus S, and you really want that phone (be it ever so useless) you’re better off
    At least you’ll get updates. Otherwise stick with the company that gets Android right, often anyway, get an HTC.

  95. I have the international i9000 running stock 2.2. Frankly it’s no big deal so you guys really aren’t missing much.

    I think what’s happening in the US is that Sammy’s working on an OTA update which won’t wipe out all existing memory and apps – because that’s what happens on the international version via Kies. My guess is that this may have been Sammy’s agreement with the US carriers. Everywhere else the Galaxy S appears designed to be upgraded with Kies only.

    Having experienced the inconvenience of re-populating my device with apps after upgrading, trust me when I say this: if Sammy can work out a non invasive way of letting you guys get Froyo, it’ll be well worth the wait.

  96. these ass clowns ruined android for me, i hate having to wait for updates

    im going back to my iphone

  97. Galaxy S on unbranded european versions had froyo in october and the operators have all rolled theirs out since then. I dont understand why samsung would do this to their biggest single market.

  98. Samsung Phones are junk and their TV’s aren’t any better. Why people put this company up on a pedestal is beyond me.

    @Dan go back to your stupid Iphone nobody here gives a shit. Stupis is is stupid does, going from a Vibrant to an ipghone is like trading one POS for a shinier more expensive POS. Good luck with that retard.

  99. That’s the beauty of having a rooted device u don’t have to wait for updates

  100. To everyone who got tired of waiting for updates and went an iphone or wp7: What specific features are you waiting for?

  101. samsung would like to inform its customers that there is an upgrade path but that there will a service charge of $200 charge and the user will receive a free Vibrant 4g!

  102. To the one comparing 2.2 on original sgs to the us versions, your wrong about the carriers slowing it down. The international version is different than the us versions. For example, the gps chip used in international is not the same as the chip used in the us. The international had 3 physical buttons while the us had 4.

  103. Custom Rom: Frankenstein Froyo v18b. Google it, and get it on your Epic. It’s amazing.

  104. Just follow the class action and then you’ll know or at least have a better ideawhose fault it is…and stop buying samsung if you don’t like what you think they are doing

  105. @Zeo…when I say you are missing the point then you are.
    As an ex Vibrant owner, I did root my phone and tried various
    custome UI/roms on it..but that is not the point. The point is when
    a manufacturer prmoises upgrades before selling the phone, then
    they should stick to it. I should not be buying a phone just because
    there is an XDA community and can do what manufacturer is not

  106. @Davis: I agree… that is why I have switche back to an iPhone now and can’t be happier.

  107. Just learn how to ROOT your phone. The stock froyo ROM sucks ass. Thank god for XDA. I’m satisfied with my rooted epic 4g with ext4 filesystem. My phone is crucial. Fast web browsing, makes the adw ex launcher very fun to use. My Quadrant score was 1884. With stock 2.1 quadrant didn’t even break 1000. My phone doesn’t lag. Google maps animation is sick! I’m just waiting for the final build to be released so we can get more custom froyo roms and custom kernals.

  108. Can someone tell how to root my phone. this is bullshit! I like this phone and now there to make 4G phone what kind of shit is this give what the people pay for @ Samsung

  109. 3 letters


  110. You can call it whining or you can call it holding a company accountable.

  111. Dear samsung, i waited for you to do the right thing. You seem not to care about the estimated 3million galaxy s devices sold in the U.S. therefore i cant care if you go bankrupt. How is it that the developers @XDA do a better job than you. Im rooted cant wait for you anymore this was my 1st samsung phone ever but never again will i buy your products

  112. I just put my Vibrant in the trash. My mistake. I bought an unlocked Nexus S. Samsung isn’t a software company and TMoble is just a bloatware klepto RF tower pirate.

  113. ROFL!!!! This is the most entertaining comment section I’ve seen in a long time….long time!

  114. I’m only sick of one thing more than people complaining about 2.2 Froyo for the Vibrant. That’s the dumb shits who tell everyone to flash a custom 2.2 ROM. Yeah, like anyone with half a brain would flash a buggy custom ROM by some half-baked hacks. Get real folks! People wait for the manufacture to release the ROM, not everyone likes to tinker with their phone and install a new ROM every day like you dumb shits. Most people just want a working phone from the manufacture and it to work day after day without f*cking around with their phone every freaking day! Get a freakin’ life!

  115. I’d be more willing to believe Samsung was trying to get the update out if they would update even one of the major carriers’ Galaxy S phones. If they were all the same, then I’d expect the update to come out all at once, but since there are differences, there’s no reason to release them separately. Especially when you say “we’re going to be updating this phone soon,” then turn around and say, “no, we’re not.” My brother-i-l got an Epic (or Evo; I can’t keep those straight), and I told him to expect the update soon after Christmas.

  116. yeah its a pain, but get froyo and more at XDA.

    its not hard to update your rom.


  117. @teckel: Are you retarded or something?

    @Todd: They did update the normal Galaxy S months ago (in November).


  119. I was going to buy an Epic, but Samsung’s update policy for it has made it a no-deal.

  120. @robert no you are the retard. terckel has a point. why the fuck a regular user wants to fuck around with that phone everyday. break the warranty t have their phone working. and he is right that most of the rom is buggy even the dk28 variety. We are talking about the US of A here not otherparts of the world

  121. @mike

    Actually, they did promise it to ALL Galaxy S phones so you should probably shut the fuck up.

  122. I don’t understand why Samsung can’t go ahead and fulfill their promises and give us the Froyo update. They could put Gingerbread on their up coming phones and wouldn’t hurt sales because, they would have newer hardware, i.e. Front face camera, and faster chips. Plus they would still have a newer OS. Then after 6 months of sales, upgrade us again to Gingerbread. Everyone would be happy and Samsung would still make their money. Win win situation. @krys2fur

  123. Ok first of all most of the roms arent buggy and crappy like you assume! People put a lot of work into the roms and they mostly work better then the stock version that came with the phone! Plus they also make rooted versions of stock roms which perform faster and better then stock! Some of the devs are hack and slash kangers but dont undermine some of the real devws that take away their own personal time to make our phones better! Im not saying you should root and im not saying you shouldnt… if youre not happy and cant afford a new phone then rooting is something worth looking into because you can have the same old hardware but brand new look and feel! And you dont have to be a flashaholic and flash something new everyday like some! Find a rom that has what you want and stick with it! Enough said

  124. Just got off the phone with Tmobile. There rep told me that the vibrant in the US should start recieving 2.2 Monday the 17th, tomorrow, and the update should be completed by the 31st. I’m calling back right now to speak with a different rep and see if I get the same answer. The rep I spoke to said the news became available to them 2 days ago.

  125. Over the coarse of 3 years i have flashed many Roms, they are identified in different stages. Not everyone follow directions as they should. Most of us move on and enjoy which rom we flashed. I sometimes read other people complaints and wonder why they don’t read all the directions several times before attempting to flash. I consider flashing part of the Android experiences. Those who haven’t flashed a rom successfully don’t know what you are missing. There are many more features then a stock roms. Thanks Developers!!!!!!!

  126. @teckel shut your mouth cuz. 2.2 roms for the most part aren’t buggy. Yeah most people don’t want to fuck with them but when they do they never go back to 2.1. Everyone want flash. A friend just got a vibrant of my word, he liked what i was doing with the roms. I got him hooked on flashing just about everyday. The guys on xda keep the vibrant going, if it wasn’t for them the vibrant would be dead and samsung wouldn’t give a fuck, it’s cause of the community that they keep sales up. SAMSUNG you should be paying these dudes. Thanks team whiskey and Eugene, anyone that has released anything for me to show of with.

  127. running 2.2.1 rom on a European version, its fast and more stable than the OS I got with the phone. The choices are simple, wait for an official update or root.

    At least if you’ve got the 3 button press to recovery screen its virtually impossible to brick it. I screwed up the filing system twice and still got it working again with a little help from websites.

    So while many of you are waiting for froyo, a stable custom rom of Gingerbread will probably be available by then.

  128. @Pax, I get your argument. What you’re missing is my point. You’re buying products based on promises and not actual functionality. Like I stated, determine ahead of time what you want the product to do and buy the one that does what you want it to do. If you’re buying on promises now you’re just buying marketing. I didn’t buy the Vibrant based on needing any features from 2.2. Again, before I loaded a 2.2 rom the Vibrant did everything I wanted it to do. If you purchase based of product promises instead of actual features available prepare to be disappointed frequently. I don’t think that’s a good way to go about securing goods and services. If you bought Samsung’s marketing then you really only have yourself to blame. It sounds harsh, but it is true. From your experience it doesn’t sound like you knew what you were getting in to and that’s ok too, we all live and learn. However, I would suggest stricter product evaluation in general for everyone.

    I must admit I am a bit confused why you guys keep coming back here since you don’t have Android phones anymore…that’s a bit odd. There’s nothing wrong with that I’m glad to hear everyone’s opinion.

    Not to defend Samsung because I really don’t want to, but none of the language they have so far indicates they won’t produce the 2.2 update. A lot of people are whining like they won’t see 2.2 ever. While it is true they’ve setup expectations of a release and not made that deadline twice, Samsung has not stated there won’t be an update.

    But to be honest, I really don’t care. It’s pretty obvious that from a software development perspective Samsung is pretty poor. How else would anyone explain the rfs filesystem? Touchwiz is ok, but I like ADW’s functionality better. I think I’d rather go with the development community on the software. The hardware is pretty top notch though, as far as single core processor’s go the Hummingbird’s incredibly potent.

  129. @gramlights4- I think you’re right that the modders are boosting the success of the SGS, but I think that’s a bad thing, it gives samsung absolutely zero incentive to work harder on offering a fully functional device. The most significant part in all this isnt just that samsung doesn’t care that they sold us a broken phone, the worst part is that they aren’t going to fix it, and for that they should suffer the loss of every one of their customers. They don’t deserve a single sale with their attitude. I saw someone on xda saying they want to do something to negatively affect SGS sales and potential SGS 4g sales, an informative facebook page or something. I don’t just think it’s a good idea, I think it’s our responsibility to do whatever we can to make samsung aware that we won’t be walked on, that we won’t settle for a flawed (expensive) device. As consumers our options are limited, we are the “little guys”. I wish the modders would abandon the SGS, and I wish consumers would really get word out that samsung has sold a massive amount of broken devices and their policy is to ignore the issue (their software “fix” was clearly a feigned attempt at resolution). The promised update is bad, but if we finally get it then that’s that, but the fact that our phone doesn’t work (gps) is unacceptable, that’s not my personal opinion, that’s business

    @zeo- I did get rid of my vibrant for an i4, but I still have a nexus one on contract and my wife has a vibrant which is driving us both crazy because we use gps navigation a lot. I really like android, I had 4, but I must say this is my first iPhone and I don’t see myself going back, I’ll probably keep my secondary work phone as an android though, they definitely have more features, I just got sick of all the little (and large) bugs, iPhone hasn’t so much as hiccuped (sp?) since I got it.

  130. This may come as a shock to many of you, but a class action law suit would not be accepted by ANY court! Samsung has ZERO responsibility to update to 2.2 or ANY other version of Android. When you bought your phone you accepted the EUA and that agreement NEVER would mention ANYTHING about updates! This is NOT A SAFETY issue or a breach of duty–thresholds that are required to have class action suit accepted.

    If you HAVE TO HAVE 2.2, Root the sucker. To me, its a freaking phone–thats all!

  131. I’m beginning to think it’s a TMo thing. I had a Cliq XT -I got rid of mine, but I hear the XT owners are still waiting for the promised update from 1.5. I ended up with a MyTouch 3G Slide – I’m still waiting for the promised update, but at least they are making progress on the rest of the MyTouches so I’m hopeful. The Samsung Vibrant makes the third phone that I’ve heard about that’s waiting for a promised update that has yet to happen. Three different phones, three different manufacturers. What’s the only thing they have in common? (Besides not being updated in a timely manner….) They are all TMo phones. I’m not complaining (maybe a bit whiney, but not complaining) because at least I’m not on the XT’s 1.5 anymore, but I do think there’s a problem when a phone is only a few months old and is already out of date.

  132. Basically is like that. 90-95% of people don’t care and don’t even know about the upgrade, and won’t even notice the differences when the they finally get the update.
    Let’s talk about the other 5-10% (it mean US)\
    80 to 90 % of those, will probably have rooted and added either a custom rom, lagfix, Mobile AP, Tethering or something like that, and we would have done so, even with the timely update.
    so. The people that is getting screwed is probably no more than the 20% of the 10%, it means maybe a 2% of customers dissatisfied (and I’m being really generous)
    The phone itself IS great! Better screen on the market, almost unbrickable, fast, Let’s stop wining without reason.

  133. the purpose of the law suit is to bring hopefully mass media attention to samsung s pure hatred for consumer concern.

  134. You wait and wait and wait and when you are done waiting you wait some more. Well I got tired of waiting. Thanks to the folks at XDA and Team Whiskey, I loaded the Ner v5 Rom on my Vibrant. This thing is absolutely AWESOME…Better battery and NO LAG ! ! ! ! Thanks T MO and Samsung for not caring about the little guy because the guys who made this Rom and Mods did…….Bastards

  135. I’m a bit excessively hopeful and have nothing to rely on this, but maybe they’ll jump straight to 2.3 and get rid of the abomination of how they specifically implemented RFS in the first place?

  136. what a crock of bull$h8t samsux. I was lucky enough to lose my samsux behold 2 last week and i believe it was a blessing in disguised .my contract is over with tmobile so now am just waiting for a great phone to be released in a good carrier and i will be set. As far samsung i wont be buying another samsung product period.I feel sorry for all those people that still support samsux till this day.

  137. @GErardo

    If you have proof to back up your number, fine, but if not, why not just shut up and stop pulling numbers from your butt to try and say it’s ok for Samsung to screw the consumer?

    Samsung and the carriers told everyone that the phones would be upgraded by the end of 2010 and it has not happened. They need to have just done it!

  138. I will NEVER again buy a Samsung product. First they screwed me on the Behold II and now the Vibrant. There are plenty of other providers out there. They can keep their TVs and other devices as well!!!!!

  139. Let see… 138 post, not all of them complaining. Most people n this forum are on Xda, androidcentral and so on…. how many vibrant sold? a million? that is about 1 every thousand so my numbers are actually generous……

  140. @paulsf- forget froyo for a second. the other issue is broken gps, there absolutely is a case regarding gps. It doesn’t work, it’s reasonable to expect it to work, and samsung hasn’t fixed, their software fix wasn’t a reasonable resolution

  141. The galaxy vibrant is still a great phone. Just root it and upgrade yourself. Running Froyo now and loving it. But still no excuse for the poor Samsung business practices. In fact I have my galaxy vibrant and tethered iPad. So I am happy.

    kies though, still embarrassing crap.

  142. I totally agree with Davis. I don’t mind much having 2.1 on my phone, but what really bugs me the most is not having my GPS work properly. While using my GPS, one minute you’ll be on the road, the next you be heading the other direction, and jumping around the map, WTF Samsung, fix it already!!! Just like the rest we are tired of waiting, and will never buy any of your crappy pieces of “S” anymore!!

  143. @NJA264
    I wouldnt go so far as to say I wouldnt get their TV’s and other devices either…lol
    They make some nice HDTV’s and monitors. My 46″ Samsung LCD is still kicking after 4 years. That might be unheard of with HDTV’s. And my work monitor is alot better than my home one…Samsung at work, ASUS at home.
    I am going with Vizio for my next HDTV tho, but it has nothing to do with the Galaxy S, Froyo issue. Vizio has better LED technology for a lower price.

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