Samsung Fascinate (Telus) Froyo Source Code Released


Those of you on Telus in Canada with a Samsung Fascinate will be happy to know that glorious Froyo-based ROMs shall soon be yours as Samsung’s just released the Froyo source code for you folks. Nothing much to say here – this one’s for developers and they already know what to do with it. And before any Verizon Fascinate owners say a word: we know. It sucks. And no, we really didn’t use a picture of the Verizon version just to tick you off. [via Android Community]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wow the android sites are still up? Didnt you here the Iphone for Verizon is out in 2 weeks. Android is horrible, no support and no applications. Please take the site down!!!

    I got fooled 5 times with different android phones…never again!!!

  2. woops meant to say HEAR

  3. i like you web site

  4. @Donnydee, you are a prime example of one of the many reasons Android is preferable to ios. You are an itroll. You don’t know if Android sucks or not because you’ve probably never used it and if you have it was only for a few seconds in which you had predetermined that you would not like it. You are afraid of what you don’t know because you are either ignorant or uneducated. Don’t play the game with someone who plays it better. You don’t see Android fan sites, like this one bashing the I phone now do you?

  5. @donnydee

    Hey asshole, if you are all about your trendy little iphone, get the fuck outta here and go clog an iphone site with your stupidity.
    We here at Phandroid are completely happy with our Android phones and we don’t get “fooled” when there is more than ONE button to push.
    I am pretty sure you get “fooled” by long division too. Go ahead and post again if you have a pair. I’m sure someone will help you with that too.

    I wouldn’t normally post but I think Donnydee is an idiot…

  6. well played Colby. These trolls do nothing but hinder progress for both companies. Fan boys will ALWAYS be there no matter what endeavor. Be it sports, brands, hell pretty much anything. There is always gonna be that one dumbass who thinks that by spreading crap posts like the one above yours its gonna somehow make the opposing company shut down or something. the dork is probably 12 and got a 2nd gen ipod for xmas as a hand me down and is so happy he can shit pink twinkies so now hes pulling an ethug rampage and trying to make waves on the internet.

  7. Big deal. Cant devs just port this to verizon easily since they have a source code now?

  8. Pink Twinkies lol….

  9. ^ no – the radio is entirely different. jt has managed to get a limited one put together but it still needs a lot of work. the rest of the code may help punk.kaos’s efforts to release froyo for cmda fascinate though.

  10. Just to clarify for everyone:

    Verizon “Fascinate” = the same phone that CDMA regional carriers are selling in the US = nothing that’s available in Canada because we know CDMA is a dinosaur
    Telus “Fascinate” = T-Mobile “Vibrant” (except with different HSPA frequencies)
    Bell “Vibrant” = International “Samsung Galaxy S” (except with different HSPA frequencies)
    Rogers “Captivate” = AT&T “Captivate”

    So yeah… wrong picture :P
    And anyone who wanted to develop ROMs for the Telus Fascinate could have easily adapted them from the T-Mobile Vibrant.

  11. I am done with Samsung phones, they make great tv’s, but they don’t have to put out software updates unless they have issues. I am getting the HTC Thunderbolt, and giving the Fascinate to my wife, because she has the Droid Eris, and we all know that wont get any more support.
    Android phones I have had…..
    Driod X
    If the Incredible had a 4.3 inch screen, better Battery life it would be my pick.
    Enter 4G = Thunderbolt

  12. @ #2 “I like u website” LOL

  13. no, the telus fascinate runs gsm hspa so its completely irrelevent

  14. donny dee is a lying fag

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