Logitech Revue Got an Update, But What For?


Word on the street (interstreet?) is that Logitech’s version of Google TV was recently updated. Build number is 2.1_2010121503ON.164108, but the firmware version is still 2.1-update1. Everyone who’s received the update can’t quite figure out what’s different though. Could be as minor as a few bug fixes, but if we hear anything between now and the next one, we’ll pass it along. [via Android Central]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. root exploit…

  2. i just realized how amazing that keyboard would be on ps3 O.O

  3. I thought google tv was dead. Oh well, maybe a few more chumps will but into this crap.

  4. Just figured out what the update was. It is an update so Google can say that Google TV doesn’t suck anymore. I love Google and Android, but Google TV is a total waste of time and they should dump in and keep all their resources on Android!

  5. Google TV is amazing and has so much potential….do not knock it because you are not happy today….knock if you are unhappy say maybe mid year….

  6. Well I don’t have Google tv but love the idea. Yes you can always just use a laptop but there are some big differences. I, for 1,hope they improve it and figure out how to get access to nbc.com and Hulu and a few other features. If this happens I will DEFINETLY buy one.

  7. I am big googletv fan and my wife and even small kids have learned to love it. But the lack of root and/or market has hindered the amount of time I use it. I don’t care about fox.com or hulu or the other big networks because I don’t really use those sites, but man would it be nice to run all the apps from the market on my 55″ led.

  8. I have a Logitech Revue and its pretty neat to have. Yes, improvements still need to be made and it doesn’t do a whole lot now, but the market is coming and thats really where the potential lies for Google TV. When the market lands, it will capable of a lot more than what it does now and it’ll be interesting to see how it takes off. Its kind of funny though because the Revue has actually made me watch TV more. I usually pick the internet over TV when I’m bored so having the internet on my biggest screen made sense. Well I actually found I’m more likely to put Discovery Channel in the PIP box while I browse and I end up just watching that a lot of times where I wouldn’t have even turned the TV on before.

  9. Personally, I love my Revue! I have had a couple of times where it would drop the WiFi connection, but other than that, it has been awesome. All I want now is the market!

  10. I do wish for more capability in my Logitech Revue but that is the case with every new technology I have ever acquired. My family and I absolutely love it. We never watch a “network” anymore. Instead, I search for a “topic” to watch. Awesome! I am anxious for Marketplace access, though. I wan’t Skype to use with the optional camera.

  11. Here are the details I got for the update.

    OGM (2010121503ON) 201.0mb
    Downloaded and verified

    The Chrome behavior has been improved.

  12. I would have to say I also enjoy the Revue with Google TV. I know everyone was hoping to more but for the time being this will definitly due. I love the fact that I can watch my favorite youtube video’s on commercial break. As a DISH employee I can tell you that DISH Network has enhanced intergration with the Revue. For instance when you pull up your search it will search everyting in your web, your search in your DVR and the recordings.

  13. I love my Logitech Revue Google TV ever since Google sent me mine. I’ve become an even bigger Google fan because of it. Some of that Android aspects I noticed right away, can’t wait till it reaches its full potential.

  14. I too received a revue from Google and I love it. I will draw a comparison between where Gtv is now and where android was with the G1, which I had as well. I see this taking off just like android did when google starting updating it. It will be great

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