How Low Can it Go? Sprint Galaxy Tab Price Slashed to $299


Verizon just dropped the price of their Samsung Galaxy Tab last week (most likely to make way for their 4G-enabled model), and it looks like Sprint is following suit. The Galaxy Tab is now listed on Sprint’s site at $299 with a new contract or for $499 without one. Those numbers fall slightly more in line with what we had originally hoped, but the drop in price might be too little, too late.

With a Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab announced at CES, the aforementioned 4G variant, and new Honeycomb tablets such as Verizon’s Motorola Xoom and T-Mobile’s LG-made G-Slate, desire for the first Android tablet to do things right will surely wane, regardless of how low it gets priced.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. I’ll buy this useless piece of junk or ANY tablets for that matter at the price of $0.

  2. i hope the wifi on the tab works better than the wifi on my vibrant

  3. Sorry to say, but: don’t you americans ever get over the “pricing” of mobile devices with contracts? I can get you a brand new car for a Dollar, you only need to sign up half a dozen two-year phone contracts.

    On eBay, you can sign up such contracts and just collect a few hundred Euro cash, depending on the details of the contract. And no, it’s not a scam, but there surely are limits on how many such contracts you can have.

    In short: no, the Tab does NOT only cost $299, it costs a lot more.

  4. Needs to be $300 without contract! This is just sad. Ill go buy a 5x more power laptop…thanks!

  5. Indeed, $300 without contract! Right now these companies are price gouging for tablets. . . just wait till Android Honeycomb is out and everyone will make a tablet. We’ll start seeing some very good tablets for the price of netbooks.

  6. I agree with acupunc but honestly with honeycomb coming out in a few months they should just drop the price to 250 without contract. Even with the wifi version coming out soon I can’t see it doing to good. After my wifes experience with the moment and my experience with the epic 4g I’m not too sure I want another Samsung product. I think if they promised to support the tab and give it honeycomb there might be a chance but I almost want to bet that they will just release a tab 2 with honeycomb in summer/fall this year.

  7. $299, Tegra 2, 7″, Wi-Fi only please. Then and ONLY then will I bite. Anything more than $299 and I’d rather just get a more useful and powerful netbook.

  8. Yeah no…

  9. the viewsonic 10″ with a tegra 2 for $300 was worth it. samsung is just doing anything they can to gouge customers!

  10. At that price I’ll keep my laptop…

  11. Or for 249 I’ll just go and buy a nookcolor then root it. Sure it’s not as fast but fast enough.

  12. Granted it’s overpriced but it’s a helluva lot better than any netbook.

  13. We’re currently running a contest to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab for free and you can choose from 6 different models. Best part is that its open to ANYONE from ANYWHERE, but hurry because there are only a limited number of spots left! Check here for more details

  14. Should be free with 2 year contract, $149 1 year, $299 max off contract. The only attractive options for the consumer right now are ipad and nookcolor.

  15. You can see the Galaxy tab price w/o contract @ $629.99 an INSANE price. I think Steko (#14) has the right idea on initial pricing. Samsung is letting the greed of companies such as HP, Sony & Apple rub off on them. That’s a bad move considering the kind of investment they’re making into the android market & the range of products they are releasing (in volume– not fits and starts like Archos).

    Seriously, if the product is too expensive.. buy a laptop.. you can get quite a good laptop for $500. Just compare the specs in the same price range. Gaming laptops vs 1st & 2nd generation 7-10″ tablets? No contest.. laptops win. Rational decision making by consumers will strike that balance and get pricing under control. Demand better made tablets for your money! FYI, laptops can have EVERY feature a 7-10″ tablet can and MORE, and your not fitting either in your pocket anyway.

  16. i love my tab

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