Jan 12th, 2011

Android on TV is nothing new – not even considering Google TV, other manufacturers are using Android as it is to create their own television solutions. VidTonic seemed to be yet another oyster in a barrel of many, but they won me over with one cool thing: you can customize ANYTHING about your TV. How many inputs would you like? Do you want a 26-inch panel? 46 inches? 55 inches? What kind of bezel and frame? Would you like buttons on it or would you prefer a capacitive touch screen?

And their home screen seemed a lot more advanced than any other competitors’ I’ve seen. Just like Google TV, you can browse all of the different channels available to you and your current channel continues playing in the lower right corner. Apps are aplenty here, though we aren’t sure if Android market support will ever become a reality on this thing. Either way, if you’ve always wanted to create your own TV, VidTonic provides that beautifully, and having Android to power all of it is just the most delicious icing on a piece of cake I’ve ever had. Video above.

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