Verizon Expected to Launch Multiple 4G Android Devices at CES


We’ve heard that Verizon should be announcing at least one 4G handset this week at CES, but a report from the Wall Street Journal says one could really be many with LTE devices from Motorola, Samsung, and LG expected to be announced for Big Red’s network. Verizon hopes a series of quality 4G devices will help drum up more interest in their new LTE network than the pair of USB dongles currently existing as the only 4G devices on Verizon, but chances are we will still have to wait a bit longer for the handsets to actually reach consumers.

Also mentioned in the WSJ report are plans to announce what is most likely Motorola’s Android tablet as well as a Verizon-powered OnStar system in partnership with General Motors. Combine that with a 4G Android phone and OnStar’s mobile app and you get a pretty nice little package.

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Vizio to Jump Into Android Game with Phone and Tablet, Announcement Planned for Today [Updated with Press Release]

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  1. First!

  2. Just saw a commercial for verizon’s 4G LTE, they said download a song in 4 seconds. the disclaimer at the bottom said “based on a 3.4mb music file” does this mean verizon is secretly telling you that 4G LTE is slower than most 3G networks with download speeds of .85mb/s?

  3. Zac:

    You must not have Verizon or you would realize it was the best. Im on my honeymoon so I don’t have time to explain your stupidity to you. Let me guess, T Mobile has real 4g?

  4. Dale:
    Congratulations! Nothing says “mom and dad’s basement” better than “First!” on an article post.

  5. ksizzle9:
    If your on your honeymoon why even be on here.
    Anyways no network has real 4G.

  6. I believe .85 mbps would translate to 51 mbpm right? What 3 g network does that?

  7. @Zac, you are confusing MB/s with mbps. Megabyte vs megabit. All network speeds are advertised in megabits. So, take your .85 MB/s and multiply by 8 or 6.8 mbps.

  8. @chris lol….best anti first comment I’ve heard in a while.
    As far as the article goes….good for Verizon. I’m a tmo fanboy (no shame) but if Verizon can bring bigger and stronger Android phones to the table it makes me happy. Let’s just hope tmo can keep up with some good things at CES….and not that piece of crap cliq2.

  9. This is good news maybe then they will be able to keep the phones in stock if they have multiple 4g phones. Cant wait for CES!!

  10. I am thinking they will announce a bunch of dual core phones with 4G service. What better way to launch a new service with kick ass phones! That is what I am hoping anyway.

    When did 4G mean a certain speed? Thought it was just 4th generation.

  11. @TheRealMaxPower 4th generation is definition the carriers seem to be going with. The ITU has defined the requirements for 4G and no one meets them yet(or is likely to meet them soon). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4g#ITU_Requirements

  12. @Ksizzle9 Why would you post on here when you’re on your honeymoon? I mean seriously, go drink and sleep with your newly wedded wife..

  13. Jeff, The ITU has updated their requirements that needed to be met inorder to be considered 4G so wimax, LTE and HSDPA+ are all officially considered to be “Real” 4G now.
    Not that it even mattered. Carriers didnt care that they didnt have real 4G data and continued to advertise that they were 4G and wouldn’t cease. More carriers just decided to tag along the fake 4G bandwagon.

  14. @ksizzle9 please explain my stupidity to me, honeymooner? i’m pretty sure i was asking a question…
    @Jeff J thanks for the answer

  15. 4G is 4G. 3g is 3g. They have clearly different speeds and data-transfer stability. Few powerful Verzion’s 4G devices will boost its fresh network. Hurrrrray 4G!!

  16. Everybody just wants the fastest, forgetting they already have what they need. do I need 100mbps on a phone? no, wtf would i do with that? if I can get 20mbps i’m all set

  17. I think LTE sounds great…but, I want to see if Vz gets greedy or totalitarian about how they manage data usage. They get some great phones, and load em with crapware, and then the features that are potentially useful and utilitarian incur additional costs if you want to use them. TMO works well for me where I live and work, but their phones aren’t that impressive. I use a Nexus One with an unlimited everything loyalty plan and free wifi hotspot/tethering, saving me a bundle over what I’d pay Vz. I might upgrade if TMO gets that dual core LG…maybe. I’ll look at Vz when using a great phone isn’t penalized by excessive fees. Lastly, why IS a honeymooner on here?

  18. Verizon has been really good too me…better than Tmoble and better than ATT so I can’t talk bad about them like many people do on here. And so I will indeedy get me a 4g phone from them. Also why does it matter if a man on his honey moon is on here? Is he doing something wrong in posting on Phandroid just cause he is on his honey moon???

  19. Kinda sucks that I’m still stuck on AT&T. and They haven’t yet to announce their 4G network yet.

  20. Honey mooners ROCK!

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