Epic 4G 2.2 Delayed, You Don’t Say?


Sprint seemed to have every intention of delivering FroYo Boxing Day. It came and it went, nothing happened. Now Sprint is addressing it to their employees:
With the closest thing to an ETA is “near future”, it’s probably time to look to the third party community for any updates from this moment on.

I’d like to play Devil’s Advocate for a moment, if I may. Samsung isn’t entirely to blame for the American release of FroYo on their Galaxy S line, or lack thereof. They provided 2.2 to almost every non-American version of their flagship phone leaving the American versions in the cold. Rather than accepting the Galaxy S for the Galaxy S, American carriers had to take on the role of prima donna and make their phone “special”; and by ‘special’ I mean morphing it into something that shouldn’t be allowed to bear the Galaxy S moniker. I would bet my bottom dollar that if the American carriers simply launched the Galaxy S as is (a great phone), everyone would have FroYo and the world would keep spinnin’. Voice your irritation to the carriers.

And to be honest, with the successor to the Galaxy S possibly heading to MWC, time is running out for the American variants. If Samsung plans the same world wide launch of this rumored device, they would be smart to tell every carrier that is interested: “Take it as is, or don’t take it at all”.

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  1. im already running 2.2 on my epic. it took me 3 minutes to root it and 10 minutes to flash a custom rom. hopefully CM will become available for it (i know the nightlies work but i want something stable)

  2. that’s why i didn’t go with a galaxy s phone.. id root that bad boy and flash a custom rom on there…

  3. Buy iPhone, it always gets the latest updates and has the retina display and A4 chip.

  4. @steve jobs you failed itroll

  5. Steve Jobs makes me die laughing. I must say that it is some of the carriers fault, adding a ton of bloat-ware onto our devices to make it more ‘simple’. To be honest, its YOUR job to learn how to make your phone work and read the damn manual uk? If everyone had stock Android, we could just focus on the specs, and in the end, make these phones 10x better.

  6. This brings me back to m Samsung Moment days. I had a choice between the Evo and the Epic. I’m glad I choose the Evo. Samsung still up to their same ole tricks.

  7. You can’t put it all on the carrier. When samsung agreed to ship all these different versions of the phone they should have put more thought into the update process and been prepared to support the different versions or told the carriers they couldn’t do the different versions.

  8. What most people don’t realize is that the carriers have had the updates for months. Once samsung passes that to them it is the responsibility of the carrier to put all their crapware on it and push it out to customers.

  9. I. Went took mine back within 30 days. Switched to evo.glad I did.

  10. I can’t stand that Captivate users still don’t have a final 2.2 update, when there’s been a leak around for a good long while. So it exists, it’s just not finished? SERIOUSLY.

    But that’s when the day I got it (knowing nearly nothing about flashing, etc on Android) I rooted it and installed Cognition in less than 20 minutes.

    But I shouldn’t have had to is my point I guess.

  11. @Rob

    If this is the case then how come Cellular South didn’t release the Galaxy S with 2.2, it was just released a little over a month ago…

    And the only thing that’s on the cell south version is 2 apps.. One of which is from the market.. It’s an app that recommends apps and one to text cell south. Two very simple apps so I don’t think Cellular South has 2.2 on hand yet.. Or atleast they haven’t had it for months!!!

  12. It’s actually not a complicated situation.
    Samsung releases the update to each carrier for approval. This process is itterative and the goal is to ‘eventually’ have a build the carrier approves of that samsung provided.

    Then after any internal testing is completed and no blocker-issues are discovered, the update is released.

    I can tell you that for the first updates for the Samsung Captivate (ATT) and Vibrant (Tmobile) that this process was very painful.

    While carrier-specific changes weren’t appearing in the udpates, the bugs and low-quality of Samsung’s builds were the primary reasons for delays.

    So while I agree the carrier overhead is painful, the low quality of Samsung’s updates has been disappointing.

    I’d be willing to bet the Sprint delay for the Epic is much the same.

    Short version: Don’t buy a product based on updates, buy a product based on what it is the day you buy it.

  13. I think Samsung is to blame here. Considering how they have a large history of update issues I struggle to believe this is an all carrier issue. Lets face one thing here. Every other manufacturer seems to have this issue worked out. HTC, LG, Motorolla all have 2.2 on there devices. Granted their are Variants on each device. It is tougher to deal with, but doing your job is still doing your job. No excuses anymore. We don’t live in a country where all you have to do is take out and replace a sim card. We are all very sorry about that. Cry me a river. the others seemed to have worked this little issue out. Its time for Samsung to get its act together. The truth of the matter is that Android is on the line and not the big 4. No one is going to take issue with them over this and this is just ammo for Apple. It wont be too long before that device is on the rest of the big 4, and Honeycomb better be something because we need to overhaul the look and feel of our OS so these morons stop overlaying the damn thing.

  14. I should have put there instead of their and not capitalized variants, and I there were a couple of comma mistakes too. Clearly I shouldn’t type when I am upset. lol

  15. Sprint – give us stock android pls

  16. I really don’t understand this delay. The DK28 froyo build that was leaked a month or so ago works great on my device. GPS is lightning now, the thing runs smooth as silk, even with the sprint crapware on it. I just can’t understand how or why it’s taking so long to bring a stable build to market. Are other people having some crazy bugs with it or something?

  17. Dont make it seem like its the carriers fault. Its all samsuck and their strategy to make people buy their latest hardware to get the newest software. Let Me be the one to predict that samsuck will have gingerbread on the galaxy 2 and abandon the first galaxy . Mark my words . There will be new suckers lining up for the galaxy 2.

  18. Vitreous,

    I’m also running DK28 and all is well, so I’m baffled about the delay too.

  19. Samsung is ridiculous and their phones are junk to me . I have htc and will stay with htc evo 4g with 2.2 froyo I’m ready for gingerbread.

  20. If all or at least some of you are complaining that you hate Samsung, and they are the cause of your non 2.2 laden lives. 2.2 has been availible for a while, not months but weeks. If all other SGS devices have 2.2 and the US version doesn’t, what does that tell you? Its not Samsung, its the carriers. Believe what you will but I’m running 2.2 and its perfect. You’re not, and your wine has interrupted my android news patrolling.

  21. I don’t understand the repeated delays either. I don’t have all the details, but it seems like many other phones as well as Galaxy S phones in other parts of the world are already running Froyo. Why not the US phones? If Samsung and Sprint have to do this back-and-forth to get a release done, at least one side is not approving things, thus preventing an official release. Since Samsung seems to have gotten Froyo out in other cases, I’m inclined to think at this point that it’s primarily Sprint’s fault we’re not seeing Froyo. I think customers would be less annoyed/upset if we could get some straight answers as to what’s going on — what’s causing the delays and how much longer we’ll have to wait (not just “soon” or in the “near future”). I think we know this kind of thing takes time, but missing projected dates (multiple times) and not saying much if anything about why is not good customer service.

  22. So disappointed that sprint and samsuck lied to us that we will get froyo this year. Both company confirmed that we will get froyo update this year that’s the only reason i went with the epic. So much lies and false advertisements when these 2 companys try to sell a phone. I wish the BBB can do something about it.

  23. Samsuck sucks. They have not officially released 2.2 to any US carrier & that’s that.

  24. I personally don’t care about 2.3, but I need the functionality of 2.2 for my Vibrant. The Line-Out won’t work on my Auto dock with 2.1. I have had this phone since July and the update process is terrible. I highly doubt I will ever buy a Samsung product again after this. This phone had so much potential, but has become a pain in the rear with Samsung’s update schedule.


  26. @Jrdroid From Forest Gump: Are you stupid or something? Yes it is ALL on the carriers. Samsung delivered 2.2 to them, they have it, they’re modifying and testing it to make sure it works with the particular bloatware that they added to it, and thus the note from Sprint. You’ll please notice the message is not from Samsung. Wake up. 2.2 has been out for months.

  27. get over it. it isnt the end of the world. love my epic. be patient

  28. Can anyone can recommend a good 2.2 rom for the Epic?

  29. CactusAss: Afraid the only stupid one here is you. Samsung doesn’t supply anyone with Android 2.2; Google does. Then Samsung takes an inordinate amount of time attaching TouchMyWiz to it. Then once they screw that up, then it goes to Sprint for testing.
    Get your Samsung together!

  30. at samsung failed times 1,000,000,000!!!!!!!

  31. Anyone else feelin a class action suit?

  32. Sprint blew out Froyo for the Evo, even had an OTA update to include swype and still no Froyo for the Epic. I am inclined to believe it is Samsung’s history of slow updates that is the problem. Glad I went with the Evo….

  33. its 90% samsucks fault for the delay. they were late to get the beta build of 2.21 ship to carrier. Bad quality beta build caused more reject and turn around. Longer than usual turn around when getting problem fix and ship a new beta. There isnt much bloatware sprint has to load on the epic and most of those are just universal app that works for the rest of their android phones. the weekly leaks tells the story that sprint reject the build due to broken codes on samsungs part.

  34. It reminds me of the tmobile samsung behold 2

  35. lbe: Think about this… None of the U.S. carriers has released Froyo for their particular Galaxy S iteration. I’m convinced it’s Samsung delaying things, and I’m going to jump ship because of this nonsense.
    Samsung spent the last six months up Google’s ass working on the Nexus S, leaving the rest of us sucking hind tit. Excellent service after the sale, Samsung.
    A Twitter and Facebook campaign might screw up their sales a bit. It won’t help us much, but others that might be considering a Samsung device would think twice.

  36. So I guess it means no Froyo for any other SGS device either?
    =[ Samsung should just hand over the whole Galaxy line to Google and make everyone happy

  37. fuck samsung the tvs phones radio etc for the money they charge forthese phones u shouldn’t have to install anything yourself htc has way more stuff going on with the ire phones and been had froyo I will never by a samsung phone again awsime phone but second rate to the drodx Evo iphone even though Steve jobs suck

  38. Yup… I went 3rd party on my Vibrant. Tired of the delays and tired of the RFS file system. Nero v3 /Voodoo FTW!

  39. I dont care when i get the update im smart enough to root which isnt hard and have had 2.2 for a couple months now so to all the haters out there my phone doesnt suck id take the epic with stock 2.1 over the evo droid x droid 2 iphone or anyother phone thats out thats just my preference but ive seen all of these phones in action and for me the epic wins every time

  40. I’m pretty sure you can place all of the blame on Samsung for this. Sprint was the first carrier to push out 2.2 onto the Evo. We’ll see what happens with 2.3.

  41. I would take the iPhone 4 over a Samsung device… And that’s saying A LOT!

  42. @ Brian – That is saying alot but I have both and there is no way my iphone is making headway over my epic. That being said I am also running “leaked” froyo and it works great, all the updates are fabuloso and I would not have an evo over my epic, for sure never an iphone.

    EPIC wins with 5.1 simulated surround and Super AMOLED goodness! (just for starters)

  43. Yeah, loving my Epic over my Evo. Just wish Sprint had a more reliable network. Oh well, can’t wait for Samsung to release the official 2.2!

  44. Everybody that is whining and crying needs to just shut the hell up. Look, we all know that you’re mad, Samsung promised Froyo within this year, and its apparent that it’s not here, atleast in the U.S., but what did you expect? Before buying this phone, maybe you should’ve taken a look Samsung’s update record. They have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to software updates. Now i believe that it is both the carriers and Samsung’s fault here. Firt,Samsung has taken an inordinate amount of time to put their TouchWiz UI on top of Android, where other companies like HTC dont take as much time putting their android variants on top of Android. Now it is the carriers’ fault, because they are taking way too long putting all their crapware, and then testing all that shit, and making sure it works. And then again it’s Samsung’s fault, because they have to approve the updates, and when there’s a problem with the update, like bugs and shit, Samsung’s gotta go back and fix that shit. And also to the people out there sayin that they’re gonna boycott Samsung, please dont they make great products, they just have some problems with their update schedules. Especially not the TVs, one of the reasons we bought these phones were because of the amazing screens, and it is undeniable that Samsung makes great screens. Also, a note to the people that are interested in that new Samsung phone, dont expect Honeycomb on it for a while. Just stick to your TVs Sammy.

  45. I love my epic. Tried the Evo (having come from a Dinc on VZW) for a month, and that was nice, but the epic won me over. Lord knows it wasn’t with touchwiz, or samsung’s record on updates, but with the biggest qwerty keyboard on a smartphone, MediaHub (which I use, embarrassingly, ALL the time), and that gorgeous SAMOLED screen. The Amoled on the Evo was great, but the colors and brightness (and DARKNESS) can’t compare. Not to mention that having a physical keyboard lets me use a gamegripper for SNESoid; No more clumsy on-screen controls for me!

    So, yeah. While I’m a little frustrated with the slowness of the update, I still love this phone and wouldn’t take any other on the market over it (Nexus S included).

  46. I downloaded dk28 with a breeze, still would like to have the offical froyo! My os is a little buggy at times. Its plain to see that the nexus s is our phone with stock android! Why not dump the bloat ware and give us 2.3 with the nexus rom? Epic “failure”

  47. While the rest of the world has Gingerbread, Samsung finally thinks about Froyo? I’d avoid Samsung at all costs!

  48. Makes me wonder just what Samsung and Sprint are up to keeping all of us in the dark like mushrooms, and feeding us =*?”!. Must have screwed up big-time and don’t want to admit it!!

  49. @brett6781 Thanks for the link, will try it out

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