LG Optimus 2X to Make Debut January 2011?


lg-optimus-2xYou know the handset; the one that you can’t wait to see released, but would prefer to stay locked up for a little while longer as releasing it will make your device look like an under performing pile of junk. Yeah, that phone. It looks like it may make its European debut next month.

It’s something of a shocker as we weren’t expecting to get our first true hands on of this device until Barcelona’s MWC in February.

This device is set to be the new standard for what a super phone should be. Starting with a dual-core Tegra 2 1GHz processor, 4″ capacitive display, 8GB of built in storage complimented with an expandable microSD slot, 1080p video capture, front/rear camera and Android 2.2. There is no doubt this phone will give anything in its path the inferiority complex of a lifetime.

Check out this video of the phones FPS in action:

[via Phone Arena | Slash Phone]

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  1. I guess less is more here…new to this stuff, is this measuring battery consumption?

  2. Hope it comes to vzw here in the us

  3. Let the mobile dual-core chips run wild! Quad-core by end of 2011?

  4. When will this phone get Honeycomb?

  5. @marco
    No it measures frames per second

  6. @Marco P: FPS = Frames per second. Higher is better.

  7. @jdog
    Who the hell cares. And isn’t honeycomb just for tablets???

  8. @Macro No, this shows the frames per second on the display — it’s a bad comparison though. The Hummingbird is capped at 56 FPS even though it can technically display more if it wanted to. On top of that, the Tegra’s CPU is bad ass but the GPU is barely (if at all) as powerful as the PowerVR 540 in the Hummingbird. The Hummingbird had a GPU that was ahead of it’s time — for reference, the dual core OMAPs (Future Droids if they don’t go straight Tegra 2) will use the same GPU.

  9. @ck Andy Rubin said Honeycomb is for both phone and tablets but it’s almost a given that tablets will have it months before phones do.

  10. @acupunc Quad cores? I’m still waiting to hear on battery reports on the dual cores, I’m fully expecting at least a 25% hit.

  11. I am thinking that phone looks awful fast….not a fan of lg though!

  12. Dual speaker on the bottom? Looks like the bottom of the Galaxy Tab, but with smaller usb slot so if it is dual speakers, the sound should be really good. I’d like to see the back of the phone, if the camera is flush with the back, then the phone will lie flat, making bottom speakers more likely.

  13. @ aeires the galaxy tab doesn’t use micro usb right?

  14. C’MON Vodafone UK!

  15. Question is 2.2 compatible with dual core processors? I thought that was one of the reasons the Nexus S didn’t have a dual core process because 2.3 wasn’t optimized for dual core processors yet. Anyway love the specs on this phone just wished it shipped with stock 2.3.

  16. @iamsteventucker: No, it’ has it’s own type of data/charging jack. Judging by the size shown in the pic above though, I’d guess it’s the standard usb jack by the looks of it or HDMI maybe?

  17. Well all I know is Im running the G Tablet w/ Vegan Beta4 and this thing is pretty fast, and the battery life is pretty incredible. I am hoping that they can make the first tegra phone better out of the box than the first tegra tablet ;). I’m holding on to my droid for just a bit longer to wait to see what Q1 has to offer…

  18. I trust LG to know whether or not 2.2/2.3 ^ Honeycomb is compatible with the dual cores but from what I remember it heavily depends on how the application is developed. So, you might see that LG’s custom interface is smooth as a baby’s bottom but ADW isn’t any better (since currently i doubt its made with dual core in mind).

  19. The video isn’t much of a fair comparison as the Galaxy S has frame rates capped at 60 fps, vsync I think it is called. Either way, the human eye can not tell the difference in frame rate after 60 fps.

  20. why do apple’s competitor’s keep making iPhone clones…samsung and lg should get some new style guys and fire the fanboys.

  21. I believe this has a mini HDMI port.

    Android 2.2 is perfectly compatible with dual core processors, just probably not optimized on an OS level. Any reasonably complex app will have UI animations and app computations (including network access) on separate threads so they will all take advantage of the extra processor to some degree.

  22. I love this phone already rumored to come to t-moblie in march just one question to rule them all hspa+ compatible is must. I hope t-mobile gets it have been waiting for a good reason to ditch att currently barred to captivate still 2.1 so lame don’t want to even get into the nonsense of the this being the dick of the situation might put 2.2 on this puppy this weekend my buddy did and his quadrant score went from 850 to 1505

  23. @Gee that is untrue. Tegra 2’s GPU is at least 10-30% more powerful.

  24. @Brett
    He said it would use more battery nothing about being more powerful

  25. @Chris Look two post up from his last….

    @Gee There have been no good GPU benchmarks done for Tegra 2. Neocore doesn’t look like it is taking advantage of the GPU and it has been mentioned that the drivers and OS need to be modified to unlock its real power.

    Also look at the demo’s Nvidia did for Tegra 1 on a custom made MID running Windows CE. The interface was able to simultaneously play multiple 720p videos as well as whip through the 3D GUI and switch between apps like butter. They claim Tegra 2 is twice as fast, for both the GPU and a single core. The few benchmarks we have tell nothing.

  26. @Chris I read his comment (#8) again and he didn’t say anything about battery consumption..

  27. Please use Nenamark from now on, not Neocore :)

  28. Crossing My fingers that Dan Hesse Stands on the Podium next to this beast.

  29. Yea-No, buddy. It’s supposedly going to T-Mobile.

  30. If thats the case thats even better. TMobile has a long history of gettin phones first. Only for Sprint to get the same and make it better 3 months later.

  31. Too bad Verizon is the Carrier cause I was really hoping T-mobile would get it but they aren’t.

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