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Velocity Micro’s Cruz tablet was just quietly refreshed, altering its specs but gaining to real improvements. The 16:9 800×480 sreen and 512MB of RAM featured in the Cruz T103 give way to a 4:3 800×600 screen and 256MB of RAM in the updated Cruz T301. Other specs remain similar and pedestrian, and the tablet boasts 10 hours of battery life.

The Borders eBook app present on the original is replaced with the Amazon Kindle app, and the only other place you will be finding new software is in the Cruz apps market. There are 4GB of internal storage plus USB and SD card expandability. The whole kit and caboodle costs a low $249.99.

[via Laptoping]

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  1. The amount of ram went down?
    That does not seem right.

  2. yea that sounds strange, up the resolution but kill the ram?

  3. it sounds even worse when the changes are preceded by a statement indicating the specs were improved.

  4. Yeah, hope its a typo.

    When I saw the title of this article, I thought it was getting an OS update or something.

  5. I think this is full of typos and careless errors, as always with Phandroid.

  6. Someone has their facts mixed up. The Cruz Reader is 800×600 & has 256 ram. It’s the cheaper model, selling for $110.

    It comes with a dock as well, so it can act like a digital picture frame too.

    The Tablet has more ram and a better processor…

  7. Considering the original device which the article links to shows 512mb from august, its unlikely that they are reversed typos however one could hope the ram is more than 256mb….yuck.

  8. i am not geting on line with thetablet

  9. I bought a Cruz Tablet T105 for $160 at Best Buy. So far love it. Does anyone know if the iPad clear screen overlay can be used on this table – the fingerprints are getting to me!

  10. @sobrien3sd

    I bought aftermark ipad covers, trimmed off the end with hole, slit it down the middle and it covers the majority of the screen, almost to the edge. Great resonable solution to the fingerprints….I bought my cruz right after release and there were no accessories available.

  11. Does anyone know if there is a great Address Book app for the Cruz Tablet T103?

  12. Does any one know how to download movies onto the T103? You can go to for great skins & Aftermark covers.

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