GetJar Offering Gameloft Premium Games ‘Modern Combat: Sandstorm’ and ‘Let’s Golf’ HD for Free


gameloft-logo-1Earlier in the week a big stink arose around the Gameloft camp. They weren’t happy about it either, offering an apology and refund to customers dissatisfied with their experiences with Gameloft. There is no telling if this latest move is part of a further campaign to make good with the hearts of Android Gamers, but a couple of their premium titles are now available via GetJar free of charge.

GetJar initially announced the availability of Modern Combat: Sandstorm HD on their Twitter page, but a bit of digging by DroidGamers also uncovered the popular Let’s Golf HD for free as well. Even without the free pricing, the mere fact that Gameloft is making their titles available through other channels in a breath of fresh air. It still isn’t the accessibility of the Android Market, but if they continue to issue future releases in this way we welcome it. We have reached out to Gameloft for further comment.

[via DroidGamers]

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  1. The Let’s Golf HD is only a demo. Bummer.

  2. wth?
    “We’ve got good news and bad news: We’ve figured out that you have a Google Nexus One mobile phone, but unfortunately Modern Combat Sandstorm 1.0 won’t work on that phone.”


  3. they are both only demos…

  4. What a load of ____

    Just demos…

  5. they’re only demoes phandroid…

  6. no shit they are free, they are freakin demos!

  7. At first I was :D and then I was D:

  8. In the wise words of =3… Fake and gay.

  9. Come on phandroid. It’s the internet.

    Next time test the apps yourself before claiming things.

    A free demo, it’s expected.

  10. The website says Demo but the download file does not, went ahead and downloaded it, I’ll test it out when I an on WiFi.

    Two weeks ago when Dungeon Hunter was free the website said demo and it was the full game, so it’s worth a try.

  11. Too bad Getjars games have no hd compatible with all phones.

  12. If you’re having problems downloading from getJar, just choose a Vibrant as your phone. It’ll still install and run on other Android phones.

    Stupid filters.

  13. By the way if it says that it doesn’t support your phone, go on the PC, tell it your on a different phone and download the APK.

  14. Just boycot gameloft.. there is no way you are getting their games for free. Even the free Dungeon hunter HD I gave them my phone number for didn’t even work..

  15. Yeah it’s only a demo.

  16. Why hasn’t anyone pointed out that these are only demos?

  17. Granted; they are demo’s, but they’re still fun none-the-less. Gameloft’s UNO HD is also available on getjar. I guess Phandroid didn’t search for ALL of Gameloft’s titles for Android.

  18. Stalkin yer mom…

  19. Some of my favorite games for the ipod Touch are produced by Gameloft. But their excuses for not offering titles in the Android Market sound totally lame. I refuse to spend one penny on any Gameloft games until they are offered thru the Market!

  20. Except on the Nexus One … which is odd because it is the Google phone, right? effers, garbage.

  21. Lol apology accepted just because of game demos! What a joke, I hope gameloft goes out of business.

  22. The first one isn’t a demo, it’s a full ten levels, looking for the golf game now.

  23. Hahaha, even if these were free, I would simply refuse to have dealings with such a company that is so arrogant and cocky that they believe they don’t need the android market. Sorry, but the android market offers end users protection from scamming companies like GameLoft, and for that reason, I’m out.

  24. wish I would have read these comments first. stupid demos.

  25. Om the Modern Combat seems to be the full game the Lets Golf HD was an unconfirmed rumor from what I understand.
    (follow Kidromulous on twitter)

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