Is Motorola Working on a Handset with Gaming Focus? ‘Stadia’ Trademark Filing Suggests So


Motorola has filed a recent trademark for the “Stadia” name, and while the name alone doesn’t do much to stir up excitement, the uncharacteristically detailed listing does. From the sound of it, the Motorola Stadia mark would be applied to a handset with a focus on gaming. From the description, Moto is aiming to use the name for a “handheld game device in the nature of hand-held units for playing electronic games for use with external display screen or monitor.”


The listing also references “electronic non-medical portable device for measuring, storing, transferring and synchronizing an individual’s physical exercise and activity levels including date, time, heart rate, global positioning, direction, distance, altitude, speed, distance, calories and temperature,” (click the above to embiggen) suggesting there is a chance this could a phone more catered towards fitness and exercise than anything else.  Interesting to say the least.

So, do you think Moto is conjuring up something to rival Sony Ericsson’s Playstation Phone?

[DroidGamers via PocketNow]

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  1. The iPhone/iOS has been incredibly successful at eating away the use share of dedicated portable gaming devices. Android 2.3 seems to address a lot of the core issues that held back graphic performance (maybe Honeycomb improves in this area even more?), add in the ability to build gaming centric form factors/hardware (something Apple doesn’t/wont do), and you got a new niche of phone/hardware waiting to happen.

    Android still has some issues it has to resolve though: it needs more high end game developers, better storage/file size solutions (games for iPhone can be >1GB and a 50MB app limit in the market and limited internal storage are problems), and…

    Anyway, I can see Android (and probably WP7) being the the future PSPs/DSs.

  2. Make a phone capable of outputting the screen via DLNA and have the screen as the controller and you got a hot phone.

  3. @Gee I totally agree with you.

  4. I wonder what the effect of the PS# phone with the built in controller and PSP phone only games will be. Perhaps Motorola is trying to develop their own so that Sony won’t corner the market?

  5. the battle has begun. I myself, I will beat hookers and steal cars in san andreas, every time after leaving work. Watch out…

  6. “The iPhone/iOS has been incredibly successful at eating away the use share of dedicated portable gaming devices.”


    Thats not even a valid statement, nor does it make any sense what so ever.

    iPhone/iOS isn’t a gaming platform. Its a mobile phone/tablet/iPod music player, so of course its going to have more user base, but it is NOT bought for gaming. Nobody buys it for gaming.

    Is it a successful device? Yes.

    Has it been successful at eating away the use share of dedicated portable gaming devices? Fuck no, Its not even a gaming platform. Its a music player/ cell phone/ tablet with an app market of which happens to have a few high quality games. It has so few High quality games that it makes it irrelevant, especially in comparison to gaming devices with hundreds more games.

    If its not a Focused gaming device it can’t take away share of a Focused gaming platform. To say otherwise is like saying Ps3s are eating away the user share of a netbook. It does not make sense!

    Can a PS3 do computing like a netbook? yes even more so than you think, but it is not focused on the same thing.

    Its comparing apples to oranges. You simply can’t say a Music Focused device is taking away user share of Gaming Focused Device. Its illogical.

  7. @ 2Fresh, it reminds me of those PSP commercials with “Marcus” and the guy showing him his “hot new game” on his Apple phone. I love the part where Marcus says: “That’s not built for big boy games!”

  8. Just to throw this out there, the name does suggest a device geared towards games. “Stadio” is italian for stadium. Although Stadio is masculin singular (hence the ‘o’ at the end), since words ending in ‘a’ would be considered femenin sigular in the itslian language, it would not surprise me if motorola either mistranslated this or did it on purpose for some reason. Another possibility is that “Stadia” has a similar meaning in another language (most likely another romance language or even latin as those are all very similar to eachother).

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