Gameloft Issues an Apology, Refunding Those with Dubious Charges



Ever since the Android blogosphere caught wind of something fishy going on with Gameloft’s online store, the community has been abuzz with questions for the publisher of some of the highest quality Android game titles. Why no games in the Android Market? Why the fairly awful online storefront? Why can’t I download my game? Where are these bogus charges coming from? The company at least has an answer for that last one, with a Gameloft representative issuing the following statement:

“Gameloft would like to apologize to those who were affected by the following situation on Gameloft’s Android store:

We spotted an issue in our billing process that affected 0.05% of all transactions on our stores in December. After having bought one game through a credit card, some customers were charged a second time under certain circumstances.

All customers who received extra charges will be automatically refunded for all related game charges directly to their credit card accounts, and will receive a free game credit.

This bug has been fixed today.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused some of our customers. If you need further assistance on Gameloft’s offer for Android please contact: [email protected]

Gameloft Customer Service”

The 0.05% seems like a bit of a lowball figure judging by the response our earlier article on the matter garnered, but there you have it. If you were affected by double charges for games, you’re getting your money back, and a free game credit. Now hopefully the process of redeeming that free game comes at less of a hassle.

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  1. Solution:


    It’ really isn’t that hard!

  2. I won’t buy another Gameloft game until 1) they sell through the Android market and 2) they make them run from the SD card.

    When I log in and view my order history, they show that I’ve not purchased any games. So, I have no way to re-download my purchases, and the games take up significant space on my phone.

  3. Ghads! Glad I just visited and did not purchase, they just need to put on the market and get over themselves!

  4. This is off topic…but I am too excited! I have the Gingerbread keyboard apk. Works great! No root required! [email protected]

  5. Maybe they should put a free app in the store that allows you to buy from them. But it has to keep a record of your purchases and redownload the game if necessary.

  6. Id still like my 3 bucks for the oregon trail game i bought that they took off the market. Now i can’t re-download i on my new phone. I feel like if you’re going to remove a paid app from the market- you best refund those who bought it. I wont ever buy a gameloft app again.

  7. Ditto on each of these comments. It’s total bs that we have to deal with this. I’ve lost two apps because of their so-called service.

  8. How did you loose two apps. They download to your download folder on your SD card. Just use a file browser to find the apk and install them. If you moved to a new device, just email or call them and they will send you new copies.

  9. i purchased one of there games which did not work on my epic so instead of a refund they offered me a another game, which worked fine for about a few weeks then when i went to load it one day it said i was running an illegal copy and shut down. how convenient…

  10. tim242 go f*ck yourself!

  11. @tim242 care to share where did you get it from ? and does it work on nexus one ?

  12. Who are the dumbasses running gameloft? No doubt up til now patting themselves on the back for their nitwit business model. Anyway, they’re not the first nor will they be the last e-business to close their doors for good. i.e. comes to mind.

  13. They charged me 4 times for 2 games. I got an email today and they are refunding all 4 charges and giving me a free download of any Android game I want. I just got 3 games for free. The games look beautiful on my Fascinate

  14. I want a refund for all 4 games I bought 8-25-2010 till at this moment or return them back to me

  15. Yea i just got my bil and i bought 2 games with that 2 for 1 deal they had after thanksgiving and they charged me for both games. I just put a block on my account so that Gameloft cant charge me anymore. They have zero customer service, sure the games have great graphics but if u are considering buying a game from them, dont their lack of customer service and inability to keep tabs on games you’ve purchased arent even worth it.

  16. charged me multiple times for same download and the game still not working/downloaded! NOT COOL!!!!

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