Nexus One for Vodafone Receiving Android 2.2.1 Update



Yet another phone is receiving its Android 2.2.1 update in the days following the announcement of Android 2.3, and it just so happens to be the forerunner to the also announced Nexus S. That would be the Nexus One. But wait, you say, didn’t the Nexus One already receive its Android 2.2.1 update long ago? Well…yeah. But apparently not on Vodafone, the exclusive carrier provider for the phone in the UK.

Google is rolling out a maintenance release for Android (2.2.1) and Vodafone Nexus One customers will start to receive alerts that this update is available to download over the air during the next 24 hours. This update contains bug fixes and security patches for Android 2.2.

Please note – this update is not Android 2.3, which was announced yesterday by Google. We’re continuing to work closely with Google and handset manufacturers to bring the latest planned Android updates to customers as quickly as possible. We will provide more information when we can

So you there you have it, the bug-fixer update should be hitting our beloved N1 over in the UK in no time. Now, hopefully Gingerbread will follow shortly after.

[via Eurodroid]

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  1. I saw this update this morning hoping it was Gingerbread! :(

  2. Got this today on my N1 as well, via Fido/Rogers in Canada.

  3. Question: Why they have to wait for the 2.2.1 update, it was available OTA in the US a while ago.

    Isn’t supposed to be exactly the same thing here? Where is the delay coming from?

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