HTC Legend Getting Android 2.2 Today



We just wondered whether or not yesterday’s maintenance upgrades for the HTC Legend and Wildfire were actually Pre-Froyo upgrades. It looks like that may just be the case. At least for the HTC Legend in Europe, HTC UK has confirmed that users will begin seeing the over the air update starting today – December 9th – across Europe. Naturally, assume that if you have a carrier-branded device then you won’t be seeing the update. It’s up to your carrier to bring that to your phone and that might not happen for a few weeks, if at all. And if you have an unlocked device, be patient as we’re sure they’re employing a staggered process as manufacturers often do. [HTC Facebook via HTC Source]

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  1. does anyone have a link to the manual update? a friend of mine went to work in Afrika and is crying that he can’t the OTA update :(

  2. Maybe he can update it through HTC Sync software. I haven’t used that in a while so I don’t remember if you can get the firmware through that.

  3. where is afrika? i know of a similar sounding place called africa but im confused now

  4. Hell yeah, at Last!

  5. You should check at developer.htc.com

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