Dec 9th, 2010

The list of Google Mobile applications receiving updates over the past 24 hours keeps growing, and now we can count GMail among the apps with a new version in the Market. This is all no doubt to coincide with the release of Gingerbread, but the latest version of GMail, 2.3.2, is available for all Android 2.2 and higher phones. It brings Priority Inbox and improved message composition to the fold among other things.


Priority Inbox brings another desktop element to the mobile environment, showing all read and unread messages that have been markedd as high priority. You can mark messages as unimportant, archive, or delete them from the priority view. It isn’t as full-featured as Priority Inbox on the desktop, but the ability to set unique notifications for priority messages is a definite improvement for those who don’t want to miss those extra important emails.


Another area bridging the gap between the desktop and your handset is GMail’s improved message composition. It is now easier to switch between reply, reply all, and forward, as well as the new ability to choose your outgoing email address if you have your desktop account set up with mail forwarding. The addition of in-line responses means you won’t have to go back and forth between a draft and your inbox.

Google is promising more updates and quicker now that GMail is a standalone application in the Android Market. You can grab it there now if you haven’t been prompted to update.

[via Google]