GMail Receives Major Update in Version 2.3.2


The list of Google Mobile applications receiving updates over the past 24 hours keeps growing, and now we can count GMail among the apps with a new version in the Market. This is all no doubt to coincide with the release of Gingerbread, but the latest version of GMail, 2.3.2, is available for all Android 2.2 and higher phones. It brings Priority Inbox and improved message composition to the fold among other things.


Priority Inbox brings another desktop element to the mobile environment, showing all read and unread messages that have been markedd as high priority. You can mark messages as unimportant, archive, or delete them from the priority view. It isn’t as full-featured as Priority Inbox on the desktop, but the ability to set unique notifications for priority messages is a definite improvement for those who don’t want to miss those extra important emails.


Another area bridging the gap between the desktop and your handset is GMail’s improved message composition. It is now easier to switch between reply, reply all, and forward, as well as the new ability to choose your outgoing email address if you have your desktop account set up with mail forwarding. The addition of in-line responses means you won’t have to go back and forth between a draft and your inbox.

Google is promising more updates and quicker now that GMail is a standalone application in the Android Market. You can grab it there now if you haven’t been prompted to update.

[via Google]

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  1. hot damn!


  2. wow wish i could get all these updates…thanks samsung for my 2.1 galaxy…

  3. ^^^^^^
    root it you sissy

  4. @taylor i think alot of people are beginning to regret their galaxy S purchase

  5. Yup, stuck on 2.1 here. Hello Moto.

  6. yes!! finally can send email from different accounts!

  7. Just downloaded it on my G2. Emailed myself to check it out. I like it alot.

  8. if you are whining about 2.1 on a next gen phone you are a pussy. root the damn thing – u arent gonna brick it and u arent gonna void the warranty because u can always nandroid and go back to stock.

  9. this would have been usefull earlier, i sent an email halfway done bcuz i pressed the send button which previously was on the bottom of t scream…

  10. “…as well as the new ability to choose your outgoing email address if you have your desktop account set up with mail forwarding.”

    It’s about freakin’ time, Google. Thank you very much.

  11. I would love for gmail to not download in batches. I barely ever have signal at work and when I do happen to get signal I have a hard time downloading my email because gmail wants to download all at the same time instead of one by one. Usually I have about 30 by time I get to a place with one bar (barely 3g capable).

  12. Alright Google, we get it, you updated everything…now where’s Maps 5? :P

  13. Good grief, give me freaking Froyo so I can get these updates Samsung!!!!

  14. I’d replace the ROM on my Fascinate… IF 2.2 were available for it

  15. Chrome to Phone was also just updated.

  16. Oh wow, this is exactly what I have been waiting for. Now they just need to send over the signatures associated with all our email accounts from the desktop gmail.

  17. I’d rather keep separate signatures on mobile and desktop personally. They also seem to have fixed the Attachment issue.

  18. Keep being reminded how lucky I am that I got my Nexus One almost a year ago. Next up is Gingerbread. Yummy. Can’t wait.

  19. Yes please work out all the bugs in the new operating system before the rest of us have to deal with it :P

  20. LOve the update to Gmail.

    @James- thought it was just me! I love my N1 SO MUCH! Only wish it had more storage, not too many apps are SDk mount. Every time I turn around I realize what a great idea it was to buy a phone sight unseen. Our reward, still the best thing out there a yr later! Lesson for me, only buy pure OS handsets.

  21. Not sure how to get this update but whatever you can send and receive email with samsung’s email app that comes pre installed you know the other email app that’s not a gmail logo?

  22. I am lovin’ the ‘reply from’ feature. Many times I would not reply to an email while I was out and about because I had to send it from a certain address!

    MMMMMMM, Lovin’t It!

  23. Jesus android and T-Mobile is such a horrible pair, coverage is so bad literally, LITERALLY have to borrow iPhones from all my friends all the damn time. Then when I do have coverage my android is always freezing, andbrandomly randomly rebooting. I was so impressed with my first android phone, 4 android phones later I quit. Hello iPhone, sure android has more features, but the iPhone just works. I thought I preferred features but now I just want a phone that works. Apple has much more incentive to be stable and reliable than android who’s OS is on countless phones. As long as android is decent its better than all other lame operating systems except iPhone, so android doesn’t need to be crisp and smooth like apple, they just bank on their features list, which is impressive

  24. Should’ve bought a better Android phone on a better carrier then lol.

  25. Any reason why I don’t see any update on my Desire?

  26. Gmail app is still very slow for me. Takes 20+ mins to push mail.

  27. My OG Droid got this and some sort of exchange update pushed to it this morning as an update from moto, not thru market.

  28. And this is why the only android phone anyone should ever buy is the N1 – too bad it’s a buggy pos. 3g, mic & touch issues are inexcusable for htc. These manufacturers do not respect android and in turn we the customers who bought $500 & $600 phones are getting shafted.

    Iphags on the other hand are good for ios4 all the way back to iphag 3g. Something ain’t right.

    Nexus S better deliver or I’m switching to iphag or bb.

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