Dec 8th, 2010


New industry studies today show that users of Android eat up more bandwidth than those using other smartphone platforms, such as Windows, Blackberry, iOS, and Symbian. There were no hard numbers to be found, but there is a frighteningly-simple explanation for these results: there are more Android handsets on each carrier than other types of smartphones. Shocking!

The iPhone and iPad (3G) sit on one carrier, Blackberry phones aren’t meant to chug data, and there are only a couple of Windows Phone 7 handsets per carrier, if that. Symbian is almost non-existent in the US, of course. So when you take Android – an operating system built for the web, the cloud, and all of the other obnoxious buzzwords we hear in press releases every day – and put it on a boatload of devices, it’s going to eat more data. There are at least 5 actively-supported Android devices on every major carrier, and many more in the list of those deprecated or close to being deprecated.

“When more could be done, more tends to be done,” says Arieso’s CTO Michael Flanagan. And what phones do more than Android phones on every network? Don’t forget to factor in the 4G radios that we’re now starting to see in phones for Sprint, T-Mobile, and soon to be Verizon. [Reuters]