Gingerbread headed to ‘a Number of’ HTC Devices



Gingerbread is here, but one of the biggest remaining questions is which current generation phones will receive the treasured OS update down the line. When TechRadar confronted one of the hottest Android handset makers, HTC, with the question in reference to the Desire HD, their response was that Android 2.3 would indeed be coming to “a number of devices.”

While that isn’t confirmation outright that the Desire HD will receive the latest version of Android, let’s assume that at least that handset and it’s release partner the HTC Desire Z will see the new update. Add to that list the T-Mobile G2. All of these devices are too new and too powerful to be lacking what Gingerbread offers. We will also expect the HTC EVO 4G to receive Android 2.3 due both to its extreme popularity and outstanding hardware. HTC devices on the lower-end are all still questionable, but what do you all expect/hope?

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Looking forward to getting it on my DInc!

  2. Still waiting for Froyo in my HTC MyTouch 3G.

  3. This would be the perfect Christmas gift

  4. I’m guessing all snapdragon phones will get it.
    I’m also betting that the Evo gets 2.3 before the Captivate gets 2.2.

  5. HTC Desire? Well, I don’t really care. I will buy the Nexus S anyway :) Bye HTC.

  6. The original Desire has to be the most popular in the UK so suuurely it must come to that.

  7. Incredible. Please.

  8. G2!!!!!!!!!

  9. It better come to the EVO. The phone is way too popular, and way to advanced for it not to come this way. I will be very disappointed if it doesn’t.

  10. Doesn’t really matter here…I’ll be installing a Gingerbread ROM as soon as one is out for my Dinc. The heck with HTC, Samsung, etc….they take too long to develop and push anything out. Thankfully there is a devoted community of developers that make amazing ROMs.

  11. The Nexus One is obviously getting gingerbread. That means that the Desire will most likely get it too since it is basically just a branded Nexus One with HTC Sense. That will depend on the carrier of course. Really, anyone with a 1000 MHz cpu that doesn’t get gingerbread should scream bloody murder at their carrier (and I’m talking to you, Telus!)

  12. HTC is looking much more appealing than Samsung for my next upgrade, love my Epic 4G but Samsung’s slow release of new releases is making me hate it. I won’t probably buy another Samsung phone again.

  13. Nexus One ASAP, please. I understand the marketing for letting the Nexus S be first, but really, would a leak for the N1 kill anyone?

  14. definitely the Evo!

  15. Whats the point its still Android. NO APPS and NO GAMES…… Madden was announced for the DROID X hahahaha SEASONS almost over Iphone has had the game for the last 2-3 months!!!!

    Please GOD give me a IPHONE on VERIZON in January. This ANDROID IS GARBAGE!!!!!!!!

  16. So long as the Evo gets it, I’m good. HTC, if you’re listening (which I doubt), I WANT THE NEW SENSE TOOOOOOO!

  17. Psh, the desire ALREADY has gingerbread, via a rom for rooted users :)

  18. I should hope the Desire will get it. Considering its popularity, how closely related it is to the Nexus One, and the fact that it came out later (much later in some countries), it should be a no brainer. Flagship handsets definitely should not be abandoned in less than a year. That’s just ridiculous.

  19. lol by the time the galaxy s gets 2.2…htc will have 2.3 rolled out to all their phones that they want to have 2.3…then android 3.0 will be out and htc will again roll out 3.0 to their phones and then the galaxy s will be retired lol

  20. Don’t feed the trolls. Donny is on the wrong forum.

  21. Will I get this on my Nexus One?

  22. Donny the steve jobs daycare is actually down the hall second door to the left.

  23. Part of me was worried about my G2 because of the stupid 800 MHz argument. After using it for a month now, it would be stupid not to get 2.3, the processor is amazingly fast. The G2 has exceeded every expectation I had for it, and that’s coming from a former N1 user.

    DonnyDon, go troll somewhere else. Anyone who says Android has no games hasn’t looked.

  24. I’m not on Android yet, but I’m closely watching the market and will be swayed by whoever has the coolest new Android phone running Gingerbread on “4G”: Verizon or Sprint? We’ll see!

  25. Funny thing is, if Donny ever got an iPhone, he’d probably be crying about how locked down the app market is (NO FLASH, NO FULL TILT RUSH POKER) and how boring the interface is (nothing can be customized, UI is plain jane, big huge icons built for retards)

  26. Donny.. phone isn’t just about games. as a phone most current android literally piss all over iPhone. shame you haven’t had a good experience

  27. EVO. Please.

  28. G2?!!….Me Too!

  29. Root your desire and flash DeFroST 6.1 like I have. I already have the gingerbread keyboard, not long til the full 2.3 rom makes its way to the masses

  30. Come on! DHD first!!!!

  31. Evo will definitely get gingerbread it’s the best phone on sprint beside the epic but since epic is samsung I doubt it’s getting it my best bet evo

  32. Droids are the only worthy android phone brand. Droid x now. It was the droid line that brang popularity to android.

  33. Incredible can handle this no problem.

  34. Why would they release it for the Incredible? That phone will only be around for another 3 1/2 months. They will just force you to buy a new phone. I will be shocked and pleased if they include that headset. This is why any android device that does not include a vanilla install is a half-hearted attempt as a real iPhone competitor. You are guaranteed atleast 3-4 years before iPhone planned obsolescence (not that that’s something to be proud of).

  35. Evo most certainly will. Danny is one of the walking dead behind the gingerbread man and Android

  36. @anakin78z

    Check the Fascinate forum, I posted a poll a few weeks ago asking “Will the Fascinate get 2.2 before 2.3 is out?” and IIRC around 95% of people say no.

    I tell ya what, I love my phone but the updates are ridiculously slow and I think we’ll get left out of 2.3 (heck, if we EVER get 2.2 that is…). On the other hand, I played with my cousin’s Evo 4G over Thanksgiving and thought it was pretty awesome, wish it’d been an option on Verizon.

  37. Seeming as I’m (probably) planning on getting a Desire Z, I’d like for it to be there.

  38. Froyo for the MT4G was released weeks ago…check your settings for updates….

  39. MyTouch 4G please!

  40. Evo and G2 will get this…doubt any other phones do from HTC, they are already phasing out the Incredible. The Epic 4G will get Gingerbread after Honeycomb is released.


    The phones with 5 stars…those are the ones I’m betting on getting Gingerbread. For those arguing the Inc going obsolete…if that phone is going obsolete, then every single phone out there right now is too. It is still a top phone. Depending on what you like, it might even still be THE top phone ( 1ghz cpu, 512 meg ram, froyo, not too big, fast and smooth. ) When the next gen of phones starts coming out with dual cores, or 1.4+ ghz cpu, then sure…it’ll move down from this top slot. Those phones are not out yet.

    Also, HTC usually does pretty well with updating phones…I would bet on the Inc getting 1 more system update, possibly with a patch depending on how that update goes. I do kinda doubt it will get another after that though.

  42. I’m definitely hoping the Evo gets this update. Can’t ever be certain but it seems like a good bet based on hardware specs alone. Add in it’s popularity and I think we have a winner. Just have to wait and see, hope we don’t get screwed.

  43. Shouldn’t the MT4G be on this list? That’s as powerful as the G2 and is an HTC phone. Am I missing something?

    Anybody know the approximate timeline for how soon such updates are rolled out after the launch?

  44. HTC Magic for God’s sake!, no bullshit

  45. They better update the BIG EVO! This phone is BOSS!

  46. @Shank: A couple months, give or take a couple months. We’ll probably see the first phone get an update before year end…and we will see phones continuing to get the update probably into summer next year.

    Froyo SDK came out late May, and I believe a phone just recently got the update, with more still possibly to come.

  47. Still waiting for 2.2 on myTouch3G Slide.

  48. Thanks Zemerick.
    I recently got the MT4G and now the Nexus S will be released with time to return my MT4G if I so choose. If MT4G gets 2.3 soon enough then there doesn’t seem to be too much of a reason to make the switch far as I can tell.

  49. vibrant will get it before you know it.

  50. Yeah, how come nobody is mentioning the MyTouch 4g? I know it has the expresso sense but it is BY FAR the best Android phone that Tmobile carries! I would think this would be high up on the priority list as it is the only phone that can compete with the Nexus S which is very underwhelming in my book.

  51. this might be asking to much because T-Mobile sucks with these type of updates but can the MYTOUCH 4G PLEASE get 2.3??


  52. Mt4g ftw

  53. I would love to see it on my HTC EVO. I am keeping my HTC EVO for a while so keep the latest and greatest coming EVO’s way. I love andriod helps me hate iphone/apple to the extreme besides ATT. LOL. I was planning staying with Verizon but Verizon didnt like my money. My DROID X had issues. They sent me a refurbished that was even worse. I dropped them. LTE 4G is looking good but I am staying SPRINT for now.

  54. Release it for the G1!! =D

    I kid, I kid…

  55. MT4G please. Its ready and primed with all the prereq specs needed for gingerbread.

  56. @justme
    If the MyTouch 4G gets 2.3 now, what reason would anyone have to buy the Nexus S ?.. I’m sure it will come, but months from now.

  57. I hope Sprint is faster in getting this to the Evo than they were in getting 2.1 to the Hero.

  58. I like my HTC EVO, and hope that the 2.3 update will be oot before xmas. The 2.2 update was really good…would like to see how 2.3 improves the interface, and how the new OS improves the user experience. C’mon Sprint and HTC…gimme my Gingerbread 2.3! Happy Holidays to all…

  59. EVO and the fact that it’s on SPRINT. SPRINT is the fastest getting these updates out. So even the EPIC is sure to have it before everyone else.

  60. @Joshua: “I know it has the expresso sense but it is BY FAR the best Android phone that Tmobile carries!” Well, if you want to say that the MT4G is better than G2, that’s fine. But that it’s “BY FAR” the best? You’re smoking rocks.

  61. I live my HTC EVO but if dont get the updat too bad for me android i going to get i HATE TO SAY IT BUT I WILL GET A F iPhone5 or 6

  62. incredible please


  64. I hope they do it for the Incredible, even though I know I’ll get it regardless at Xda Dev

  65. HTC desire should get it as it is similar to Nexus one.

  66. I wish the HTC care about customer. I am HTC Tattoo user have been waiting for officially android 2.2 for one year. I wish at least they should update for me Plzzzzz

  67. I imagine and hope that HTC will update their entire Desire range (Desire, Desire Z and Desire HD) to 2.3 and at the same time give the original Desire the latest version of Sense so there is consistency across the range.

  68. Come on HTC Legend :D xD

  69. Gingerbread for Christmas on my EVO….

  70. No doubt in my mind that the MT4G will get 2.3. It’s just a matter of when. Puts the Evo to shame. Mine is rooted and primed for a ROM to be released, who cares about HTC? I’ll be waiting till February or March for an official OTA.

  71. @samiamdroid —
    It’s the only phone tmobile carries that has ALL the features of current gen devices. If your phone had a ffc then sure, it might even trump it with the fact that it has a keyboard. Unfortunately, you don’t have an ffc and whether you want it or not doesn’t matter, it is a next gen feature and only available on the MyTouch 4G making it BY FAR the best phone tmobile has to offer. Sorry bud, no smoking here just common sense.

  72. nevermind, retract that last statement. I guess BY FAR is just the fact that I make love to my MyTouch 4G (i mean it’s in the name) every morning so I got a little too exuberant. Both the G2 and MyTouch are excellent phones and obviously worthy of gingerbread. I was just thinking that since Google is gonna start porting their video chat service on this new OS then the Mytouch is one of the few phones that will accentuate this feature.

    @Dennis — Google has no way of delaying MyTouch getting gingerbread. If Tmobile and HTC are smart they will get on their horse and do what they need to do quickly because it will only increase sales and since HTC didn’t manufacture the new Nexus they should be even hungrier to get this done.

  73. I think there’s a decent chance for the EVO to get 2.3, if Sprint allows it and HTC is willing to push the update out. I doubt the EVO would be considered for 3.0 when that ships early next year.

    My one wish for a 2.3 update is that Sprint and HTC allow the SenseUI to be disabled. Allow users the choice to run native Android, or Sensified Android.

  74. @Rich- seriously what does Sense do other than make Android more attractive and functional . . .?

  75. Sense is a nice skin, but some people would rather run Android pure w/o rooting.


  76. Lets name a company after a fruit screw that a robot is smart plus it won’t rot & decay

  77. whats next for the fruit company to have a branch named after a vegetable go to hell jobs

  78. If upgrades are important to you and support after sales don’t buy anything by samsung. Once you make the initial purchase your on your own. People have to stop buying s as long as they can sell 10,000,000 phone and not support them they will never change amsung products so they get the message

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