Best Buy Now Selling Droid Incredible with White Battery Cover Included



White and red battery cover replacement options have been available for the HTC Droid Incredible for a little while now, but if you are picking up the handset from Best Buy this holiday season you can opt for a white Christmas and get a DI with the new back plate out of the box. The Droid Incredible has always been a beautiful piece of hardware, but the new battery covers add that special little touch of flare that gets the phone looking pretty darn sexy. Definitely a cool option.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. the sad thing is that this is still the best “droid” phone on verizon… they need to step it up.

  2. Sorry you don’t get AMOLED. But here’s an extra battery cover.

  3. It’s been previously mentioned in an article on this site that HTC is bringing out a Droid Incredible HD with LTE support that will obviously trump the DI-1

  4. can someone PLEASE tell me where i can buy just the white back cover???? without the phone….

  5. @Bod1ggity

    What are you smoking? Did you miss the Droid X?

  6. Droid x owns the di sorry

  7. So its like the EVO, just the cover. I would like to see a full white droid.

  8. Droid x is booty and full of bugs. Everyone I know with one hates it and think its a representation of android. My buddy dropped his x for a flip phone…

  9. @john go to the HTC website, and click on the accessories, and choose for the Droid incredible. It should be there $19.99

  10. sense > blur
    dinc > x
    and i love my amoled
    got dinc day it came out
    wouldn’t trade for the x even if it was free w/ contract

  11. X is more perfect than dinc, but if you like charging your battery, dinc is the phone to get.

  12. I bought the X and ended up changing it for the Dinc. The X is a wonderful device, but it is a little buggy, and I just didn’t need the 4.3 inch screen. The Dinc’s Sense seems to be allot better than Blur. As far as the battery issue, I just bought the extended battery at Verizon with the phone, problem solved. It adds a little bulk, but going 2-3 days on a charge is nice.

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