Dec 6th, 2010

Samsung’s proven that they know how to shake things up when it comes to new ideas and form factors, with the most recent being the Samsung Continuum with its ticker display for Verizon. Little did you know that Samsung has another phone with two screens – dubbed the W899 – but we’re not sure exactly why. It’s a flip phone – also unique for Android phones in general – but there exists a screen on each side of the top slab so you can access your phone regardless of if it’s closed or not. And it’s not a small piece of machinery either. Most of the video shows Android only when the phone is opened, but upon closing the phone, whatever you were doing inside gets fed to the display on the “outside” of the phone. Or is it not the outside anymore once it’s closed? I’m sorry, I just can’t understand the point here. Kudos for originality? You’ll only be seeing this one in China, for the time being. [via Android Guys]


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