More Pictures From Nexus S Emerge


IMG_20101108_120543A few more images allegedly taken by the next “Google phone”, the Nexus S, have sprung up on Picasa. Even a video that may have been recorded by the Nexus S, recorded in HD, has made its way to the YouTubes.

In one of the pictures you can ISpy what may, or may not, be a Nexus S. Cookie to whomever finds it.



[via Into Mobile | Originating at Brief Mobile]

Tyler Miller

December 6th is the Ousting of Gingerbread [Double Confirmation?]

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  1. Well well nice. Nexus S should be out soon hopefully oh if only

  2. Just a little something to always keep in mind.
    The Nexus one photos looked amazing but when alot of us took pictures they looked nothing as good as the pictures alledgedly taken from the phone.
    SO I personally think these look nice but would be surprised if thats what they looked like

  3. Ok, omg. Are they gonna announce this damn phone or not :) ?
    Our next hope for the announcement is in 2 days at the D: dive into mobile, and i hope hope hope, andy rubin is going to announce this phone cuz im just on the verge of getting bored with this news haha

  4. I think the Nexus One pictures looked great. And these look just as good.

  5. as much as I want a Nexus S, I don’t think any phone camera is going to be satisfactory to my liking. I just want the beautiful Super Amoled along with Orion!! ^_^

  6. I saw the phone, can’t tell what it is, but it looks like she already ate all the cookies. Seriously, how many meals do you get on a plane?

  7. Those pics look crap.

  8. The photos look great. I am more interested in riding on that bus! Did that lady and her kids sign a waiver? Cause they could sue.

  9. the photo with the lady and kids… and an interesting phone. ;)

  10. Is it just me or does that google coach bus seats looks real comfy and cool.?

  11. Here is a zoomed in picture of the phone on the plane table: http://nexus404.com/Blog/wp-content/uploads2/2010/12/samsung-nexus-s-picture.jpg

  12. Pictures = OK
    Video = Not OK

  13. quality looks pretty good, the thing i’ll give the video, is that it looks beautifully smooth. there’s no lagging or shake to the video as he moves the phone around.


  15. Still look like just about every other recent Android phone – so so. The video looks poor. Nobody will be buying the Nexus S for it’s camera based on those examples.

  16. Who cares about the camera! Buy a Nokia if you care :D

    Still the Nexus S looks like cheap Shit and the UI-Facelift is a joke:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxToOTjmviw&feature=player_embedded .
    whats up with google lately???

  17. maybe tomorrow, Monday?

  18. Kinex? lol bunch of pediatrics!

  19. Im disappointed with the picture quality and the video.

    Is it really that hard to make great cameras?

  20. Its not a digital camera guys. Its a mobile device. One that gives you a camera, computer, and phone. Lets be reasonable on critiquing the photos. This is impressive for such a device of this size and weight. Please come out on Verizon. I don’t want to miss out on the Nexus S like we missed out on the Nexus 1.

  21. Those pics dont look great at all. My G2 takes better pics than that and its supposed to have the same camera specs. Looks more like my G1’s picture/camcorder quality

  22. Forget the phone, I want that Ferris wheel

  23. you guys are missing the big picture, not the phone but the soon to be announced Google bus! not to be confused with Google buzz

  24. The Nexus S phone won’t come out until just before Christmas. The Nexus S phone is the launch of Gingerbread, and once Gingerbread launches, so will the wifi only Galaxy Tab. But Steve Jobs doesn’t want the Tab cutting into iPad Christmas sales, so he called up his ъ!+¢# Eric Schmidt, and ordered him to hold back the release of Gingerbread.

  25. Its coming. 16th Dec. Google employees get it for xmas!!! shhhh. its a secret!!!

  26. With all this hype and leaks and all we know it’s going to be a TMo phone; so will it have hspa+ or should I keep my N1?

  27. Well, I think both the photos and the video are horrible. My Motorola Droid X looks much much better. I don’t get the hype here. From what I am seeing, very poor results.

  28. @bluevodoo, no, I would say this site is missing that big picture. Clearly the site was boasting about the picture and video quality. Get with the program.

  29. i think google should license Jay-Z’s “On To The Next One” to promote this new NEXUS S phone

    go to youtube and search Jay-Z x Google Nexus S Commercial by ESF

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