Get an Up-Close Look at Verizon’s 4G LTE Network at their Free Launch Party in San Diego Dec. 4th



Verizon’s inviting any and everyone to come to their 4G LTE launch party in San Diego, California this Saturday, December 4th. The event runs from 6:30pm  – 11:00pm and is free for all ages. Aside from performances by Ozomatli, DJ Mike Relm, and Cindy Santini (whoever those people are), they’ll be there showing off their first 4G devices which we assume are the various MiFi modules and mobile broadband USB sticks for creating mobile hotspots. If you want a taste of what your LTE-enabled Android device will be able to do once they come out mid-2011, head on over to the Verizon Wireless location on 3505 Sports Arena Boulevard. Full details ahead.

Verizon is launching the fastest, largest and most advanced 4G Network in the world.


Be part of history as we celebrate inside a 12,000sqft Tent Venue with a huge stage, LED Wall, Plasmas, Projectors, Lights! A huge concert venue with live performances by OZOMATLI, DJ MIKE RELM & CINDY SANTINI.

300 people will get VIP ACCESS to meet the band, special Verizon Perks and VIP Treatment in our VIP Section with FREE FOOD AND DRINKS!

Take this opportunity to get your hands on the first Verizon 4G devices and most advanced and largest 4G network.

With blazing fast speeds that will leave your home internet connection in the dust!

RULE THE AIR – With Verizon!

for more information about how to meet the band and win VIP Acess go to your VERIZON WIRELESS STORE IN SAN DIEGO.


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  1. The couldn’t have announced that like 3 days ago? I just booked Saturday solid. It would be cool to check something like that out.

  2. Ozomatli are reasonably well known. Mike Relm isn’t, but he’s actually a pretty talented turntablist. Saw him a few years back at Coachella where he did some nice mashups with video accompaniment.

  3. C’mon, everyone knows that there ain’t no such thing as a free launch. Oh, wait a sec. Crap. Never mind.

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