AT&T’s Dell Streak Officially Receives Android 2.2 Update


Dell’s had the upgrade to Android 2.2 ready for a few weeks now as their unlocked devices have already gotten the upgrade OTA, but we were still waiting on AT&T for those who opted for it subsidized here in the states. If you haven’t already rooted your phone applied the upgrade yourself, be on the lookout for AT&T’s official love heading your way sometime this month (some folks are already seeing it, but don’t fret if you haven’t yet.)


Our friend The Droid Guy gives us his rundown on what’s new, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary compared to the release Dell’s already put out. Be sure to check that out if you haven’t already been brought up to speed.

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  1. Seriously? Still waiting for my Captivate update!

  2. Will all versions be coming out today? I’m still not seeing it on my baseband 31

  3. Yeah, Why wont the captivate get the update before the Dell Streak?

  4. @John thats actually funny. The Streak was launched with 1.6 and now has froyo. Galaxy S line launch with 2.1 and still no froyo. Have to give Dell props for speeding up the process.

  5. Too bad the Streak is about as well built as a Yugo. From everything I have heard about the unit not only does it feel cheaply made it acts like it too.

  6. I have one. Baseband -31/Build 6601 still no update.

  7. Darkseider u have been mis informed about the streak…..I will and have put my streak up against many of droids and honestly only because I had a captivate for a few days can I say that the captivate feels more cheaply made than any

  8. Wow this piece of s!%t phone gets froyo before the captivate.. By the time we get froyo on captivate, every other phone will be running gingerbread… FML!

  9. @ myron. I know huh. Samsung is so slow on updates! It better be worth the wait! Better! Skip froyo and gives us gingerbread. Surprise me samsung!

  10. @hulk

    Yeahh they should do that but I doubt it.. Got this phone in july, we were supposed to get froyo in oct.. Its dec. Wow samsung.

  11. Who cares about the stupid update for the captivate…. root your damn phone and pop axura, cognition or the other million froyo roms that are out on there.

  12. to bad idk how to do all of that.. idk how to load a custom rom on my captivate, but i do have it rooted.. any help? ):

  13. To bad the official 2.2 Rom sucks.
    Front face came nolonger works for video chat
    hardware acceleration is turned off (can be changed in build.prop)
    to many browser redirects
    music app has issues…etc

    On the upside, swype with avoice button as default kb is nice.

  14. AT&T don’t have love for the X10 that’s why I returned mine and waits for the PSPphone

  15. no loooooveee no loooveeeee you get no love!!!

  16. baseband 31/ build 6601 no update, just read on streaksmart that dell has not released the official update to 2.2 just yet looks like either dec 3 2010 or lil later. The wait continues.

  17. This is not true, but the update should be out soon!

  18. Funny to see people with a Samsung product talk about build quality. The dell is made of metal and gorilla glass. The captivate is made of bubble gum and super glue.

  19. I said nothing about the hardware on dell. So gtf

  20. Captivate is a piece of shit, not streak. And i guess though you are talking about streak, pretty sure you never owned one.

    Streak even with a 1.6 is much better than captivate .. try it out.

    And yes, i know about the missing flash support, but still.

  21. Captivate users Download Samsung kies off their website and you will get your Froyo

  22. dont think that AT&T will ever update the OS to 2.2. It will never happen according to AT&T. DEll stated it was up to AT&t stated it is up to DELLLLLLL>>>>>>no update…

  23. Hope you’re not all holding your breath waiting.

    I just hung up with AT&T. First I called Dell, who told me they have the OTA update and are ready to release it but cannot as AT&T has once again delayed it. No one seems to know WHY, just that it has happened.

    So I called AT&T and worked my way 3 levels up the support chain to try and get an answer. Ultimately I was told that no one at AT&T could tell me when it would actually be released. Feeling rather incredulous over that answer, I actually asked “Are you telling me there is no one, in the entire corporate structure of AT&T, who can tell me when they’re going to allow it to be released, and was told “That’s correct”. REALLY?

    When I told them I would have to consider switching carriers and going to someone who COULD support release it, they even offered to talk to billing to eliminate any penalties associated with my doing so. REALLY???

    AT&T is obviously willing to sacrifice customers, or at the very least their customers good will rather than be straight with them.

    This is much the same as when I bought my first iPhone through them over two years ago. A major selling point for me at the time was that the device be able to tether to my laptop. “Well, it doesn’t now, but with the new software release coming out next month it WILL be”. Two and a half years later my iPhone still doesn’t tether (UNLESS I’m willing to drop my unlimited data plan) and now they’re doing the same thing with the FROYO release.

    Once again AT&T has decided to put the screws to their customers and has lied to us all.

  24. @Som
    THAT is laughable. My husband and I both have AT&T I have a Captivate and he has the Dell Streak. So far I’ve seen nothing but trash from the Streak. It needs it’s update to really do any good. My Captivate has done a million times better. Streak crashes every other app when the Captivate does not. Captivate has amazing durability and the Streak is ALREADY scratching just from FINGERNAILS.

  25. This is crazy! I was told it would happen before the end of the year 2010! It is almost Feb. 2011 and still nothing!!! I was lied to. AT&T Sucks. No wonder their ratings are so low!

  26. I will have to say i love my streak. But i will also say that its not samsung being slow on update its att. They have not yet sent out any update for any of there phones….. not a single one. and yes att sucks… i sell it…… and own it. :(

  27. I’ve had my Streak for 2 months with 1.6 and the ONLY thing bad about it is the lacking browser support. Besides that everyone else is jealous. My whole family laughing as they updated to their iphones while I waited it out out the razor forever HAHAHA. Now everyone with their little iphone screens say,”just pull the video up on your screen a%•h*$#!!!” Haha keep hating all u want I’m hot with my Streak and my neighbor works for Dell so I had him bring it into work and it took 5 mins… and a whole day without my phone (wtf update bulls×%t. Nobody in the AT&T store knows anything about this phone and Best Buy where I live has SHIT employees.
    Only phone I live out that matches this is the Droid. Camera makes the droid hotter than this.

  28. I had to write again that all the scratch complaints are hilarious because I’m in college (BOOMER SOONER Bitches) and I’ve dragged this thing through HELL all in the first week. On the back of the phone mine doesn’t even say Dell because the last ‘L’ got ripped off at a party. But, I have zero scratches, no protective screen, and my Dell neighbor jabbed a damn pen in my screen when I first got it in front of his family and I wanted to kill him, but I win. Still the best phone. Sucks if u don’t have the update not much to brag about but I say pay a Dell employee $5 bucks to go out of his 5 mins out of his time and get you the update or let them borrow your chainsaw every once in awhile.. forever. Haha. DON’T FRET IF U DON’T HAVE IT YET IT MAKES THE PHONE WORTH IT.

  29. I’m drunk n can’t type on this thing right now wtf packers are up at halftime?

  30. I have a streak and I find the quality comments laughable. The early adopters may have had problems but mine is a rock. I looked at all the phones and the streak was by far the best build quality aside from the Iphone.

  31. I recieved my dell streak foryo 2.2 update today. When I checked for updates it was available. After backing up I downloaded the update and it installed perfect. It was a long wait but worth it.

  32. I received the Dell streak froyo 2.2 update yesterday. Everything installed just fine. What a big change from the 1.6 version. Runs faster an the graphics are so nice too.This was the update for the AT&T locked Dell Streak.

  33. Just got my streak today. Locked on at&t, but it still is running 1.6. When can I expectthe 2.2 update? Love the phone, but hate being in the past. I can be contacted at [email protected]. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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