Metro PCS Launches LG Optimus M as First Android Phone



Metro PCS is joining the crowd unleashing the LG Optimus One with their first ever Android handset, the Optimus M. For their first go around, they will be offering the LG Optimus M starting November 24th for a whopping $230, a price that might make you cringe compared to the phone going subsidized on the major carriers for prices as low as $30. But for that price you get to go contract-free on a $50 unlimited plan.

The Optimus One series has been selling like hotcakes, according to LG. You get Android 2.2 packed into some serviceable (though not spectacular by any stretch) hardware, and the strategy looks like it’s paying off.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. Wow finally hope they come out with something better.

  2. Hello Hello …. Metro PCS, Permission to speak freely.

  3. Dear iPhone,

    Android is taking over…

  4. I really like the prospect of going contract-free with a decent handset like this, or one of the phones that Cricket has… but with my City discount, I get my Android with unlimited data on Verizon for $60/month. Can’t really beat that. :)

  5. Why isn’t this phone listed in the “phones” section of Phandroid.com ?

  6. Metro PCS getting an android, will it have 3g?

    Doesnt Metro PCS run on 1g/2g/edge tech?

    Virgin Mobile offers the Samsung Intercept w/ Sprint 3g speed ranging from 600kps to 1meg a sec.

    Will Metro PCS have 3g with this android?

  7. Metro has 3G.

  8. Merto has 4G… in some cities

  9. Will i be able to tweet from it? and download music and so forth?

  10. looking foward to the new phone and willit run on the metro web? I want speed and aps, will the andriod live up to it, for 300.00 it better……………

  11. Hummm I was just thinking about Metro a few days ago and wondered why they still didn’t have android yet…anyhey I’m sure more phones will follow in a few days

  12. This is Metro’s second smartphone. The first one was Samsung Code i220 with Windows Mobile 6.1. I have this now. This phone is wonderful! It is a real mini computer with full web, internet sharing (tethering) capabilities, bluetooth, a tv, windows media, windows, navigation, the list goes on and on…and now an Android? Oh I’m in heaven! I never gave up on Metro!

  13. I’ve been with Metro for about five years now. I have to admitt that I was a Carrier hopper! I spent a lot of money in cancellation fees and I love the freedom Metro has provide. No guessing what my bill will be and so fourth. Way to go Metro with Stepping your GAME UP!!!

  14. If metro has 3G why dont our 3G inabled phones show a 3G SYMBOL AT THE TOP LIKE OTHER CARRIERS?

  15. Metro DOES NOT have 3g, they only have one 4g phone which is available in Nevada. Supposedly by the end of this year they will have 3g/4g everywhere but we are still playing a waiting game.

    Secondly I also own a Samsung Code and unlike that other person I will admit that this phone is pretty average. My old t-Mobile My Touch 3g had a lot more options and full browser internet.

    Code has full browser but the speed is to slow and this phone ( Samsung Code ) is really not that good.
    I had my myTouch unlocked so I was able to do all kind of things, but that $80+ monthly bill was killing me so I switched to Metro. Im interested in this phone so lets see what happens

  16. First of all, I work for Metro PCS and this is not only our second “smart” phone. This is our 6th. Finesse, blackberry, code, caliber, craft and now the Droid. We do have 4G service in texas and michigan. Just thought I would clear that up

  17. Looking forward to the first Andrioid powered phone for MetroPCS. I’m not a big fan of the Samsung OS so this is very much welcome. I had a Finesse a while back before it died and I went back to my old phone. I’m overdue and this is a welcome adition to the line of handsets MetroPCS offers.

  18. This LG phone only runs on 1x. There is only (1) 4g phone at MPCS right now. Seriously, android 1x experience. Oh right… its an LG, that explains it.

  19. Is Metro PCS 4G available in the bronx or New York Area with the ANDROID?

  20. not worth any cents, AOL dial up was faster than METRO PCS connection speeds. Sad sad sad. If you want a Android experience with unlimited connections, get a Sprint phone and have it flashed to Boost Mobile, HTC EVO,HERO, etc or better yet get a Virgin mobile Android.

    @brianna Droid is trademarked so i wouldn’t go around saying “and now the Droid”, this is no droid users might as well get a Crackberry.

    also last time i check there will be no 3g for Metro it is leaping into 4g, (but only for data)… the question is will these devices connect to phone and data simultaneous ?????

  21. I might buy this phone soon.. and right now i have metro pcs Huawei.. should i buy this!? is it worth it and as cool as other droid phones?!

  22. listen dummy, the last comment about LG, the company is scaring the living money bag daylites out of other competitors, check out their quality ratings all around before you spout hot air. MetroPCS has shown ME, as a longtime customer, to beat the socks, shoes and underwear off of other celfone companies.

  23. The LG Optimus Droid phone for Metro PCS is not a 4G phone. The only phone Metro PCS has that will run on the 4G network is called Samsung Craft. Yes it runs off the 4G network in New York. Right now NYC’s 5 boroughs are in a test phase but it still works well outside on the streets. Inside a building it’ll run off the 1x. The 4G works pretty nice it’s sort of like verizon’s or ATT 3G network when browsing. Any other phone Metro PCS has now will not run off of the 4G network when it completely rolls out. Metro PCS will come out with a 4G Droid phone in Feb, Mar I was told by an employee. However, I hope it comes sooner. I’d love to have a 4G droid that’s like the Optimus M, because the Optimus M looks very nice. I do hear that the Optimus runs nice though. But i’ll wait for the 4G Droid early next year.

  24. i had the samsing caliber i loved it had it for a couple of weeks and a kid spilled water on it. so yeah i cant use it. i was so excited over it that i was going to get another one but i see that metro came out with the new droid so i am torn between the caliber again or go droid? any suggestions? im really liking the reviews on the droid.

  25. I left Metro PCS after 4 years because they had no Android phone. I live in the DFW Metroplex so I picked up Boost i1 android, ok – so I overpaid for an android phone… I cut my teeth on Android 1.5 and rooted the i1 with ease. Oh, did I mention it was on iDen? Flash forward to Tues 23rd – Wow, finally get to use Android 2.2 on my old carrier. So it’s not 4G but it’s not like using Boost Mobile AOL dial-up either. Today I’ve had ZERO problems and the phone & network are adequate, I use it mostly in and around wifi at home and work anyway. Lastly, I rooted this on the 2nd day… take that haters!

  26. Metro PCS will takeover the world with their unbeatable no contract services of unlimitless service and now their phones are getting better and better. Look out AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, there’s a new carrier in town and it’s growing larger each week.

  27. they should have 3g upgrade to there cdma phone..cuz y would they want there customer runnin on a 1x on the phone..n 4g on a lte phone..thats stupid

  28. No thanks, I’ll stick with my world standard iPhone, you know, the one that works in other countries. You minions enjoy your monopolized CDMA phone.

  29. Ralph, it isn’t LG’s fault, its Metro’s network. You are an idiot. If you are going to insult, make sure you insult the right company. The LG Optimus line (S, T, and now M) all support 3G, but Metro’s network doesn’t have 3G so the phone runs on their 1x. Again, you’re an idoit.

  30. well….. lol i work for sprint…. and i have metro, sprint and tmobile. im in Shreveport la. not the fastest speeds of any carrier in the world. however its doable. in speeds it mayb its tmobile sprint then metro… i like them all metro has a 90% coverage area in the USA. sprint nor tmobile has that… even though most of metro coverage is a text only area its still cool and u can make calls also but u will be charged rates may varie. android rules.. and @ justin… whats a iphone….???? ok that the apple phone, the company that made the os4 that works better on the 3gs than the not 4g but 4th iphone… not a big at&t fan had bad experiences. they have horrible customes care and very sometime coverage… i know this man… but hopefully when sprint tmobile or metro gets a iphone… ill get on… o iv been to 20 diffrent countries with my mytouch slide… :-) Android, will you marry me?

  31. I have owned the LG Optimus M for just a few days already and I would have to say it’s an alright phone up until the point that when you activate your Gmail account to use the applications market. Not only did it port all of my Gmail contacts over it deleted all of my contacts within my phone.

    That happened right after the phone was synced with Gmail, Metro PCS them selves cannot fix the problem, there associates aren’t trained to handle such a task. Not even LG can figure out what is causing the problem. Users beware, make sure you don’t encounter the same issue that I have.

    Also when you go to manually save phone numbers after your accounts have been synced for some odd reason they are not staying in the contacts folder, I still haven’t found where they are at, any ideas?

  32. John I had the same problem (not to mention this stupid sns thing popping up all the time) But from the main screen if you hold down on the screen a pop up will come up. Click add new folder, than click on the all contacts link. All of your recently added stuff should be there…. I hope that helps.

  33. Metro customer for several years….bought the Droid last week. It is far beyond anything Metro has ever had and I have had them all. Tested the search speed yesterday with an Iphone friend and it was almost exact (South Florida).
    Yes $230 is a bit pricey, (if you can find one) but nice to know your bill is $50 a month and the service is great. Highly recommend.

  34. I have the MetroPCS droid & my cuz have the New HTC droid by verizon & the do The Same thing.TRUST ME

  35. Metro is ok. and the people in son store have a good service, but they need to have more fancy phone with more capasity, i live in kendal and my signal is not tha good, please t.care. R.Ricardo.

  36. i wish the lg optimusm thru metro would go on sale. tried to get the huawei ascend but was sold out every where during christmas. if anyone knows if the lg optimus will have a instant rebate like the huawei then I would most defiately purchse.

  37. The Optimus M is capable of 3G, but MetroPCS is on a 2G network (1x symbol on the status panel of the LG Optimus M). As stated in the article, MetroPCS does not have any plans to go to 3G (CDMA).

    Currently, certain markets in Texas, Nevada, and New York City support 4G. You DO need a 4G compatible phone to utilize 4G. It is incorrect to assume that current phones that do not support 4G will automatically gain increased speeds. Even with software updates, it will not work (at least for the Optimus M due to hardware limitations).

    Bottom line, all of you with LG Optimus M phones (Android 2.2) will remain on 2G (1x) networks even when 4G comes to your area. The hardware does not support LTE.

  38. I eed help on downloading music on my phone? HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!! S/O/S!!!!!!!! ;(

  39. Hello,
    Someone please help. I jsut got the new LG phone from Metro and I can’t save my contacts. I went to the store and they could not help me. What do I do. It does say saving contacts but if you go to pull up the contact again for some strange reason, the phone is not finding it.

  40. I just got the LG Optimus 4 days ago and i’m loving it! Go Metro! works almost like an iphone! can’t go wrong with tat!

  41. Metro has improved by leaps and bounds in every way since I signed on two years ago. I just got the optimus m week agoand love it..but of course consider its my first smart phone and that my last phone didn’t even have a camera or internet. Btw, does anyone know what “gingerbread” is? Its supposed to be available for this phone but I don’t understand how it will improve it.. Anyone?

  42. Alex, gingerbread is the new os for android,2.3 it will make ur phone better with new features.

  43. Can you help me download music and ringtone to my Metro PCS LG Optimus M MS690. thanks

  44. Looking for advice about buying a Metro PCS android. Pretext: I have been using a clam from 4 years now. I was at the store tonight and spoke to sales guy, he said the price should come down when they go to 4g. The 2.1 phone seemed to have a bigger screen then the 2.2 phone and I also heard there will be an upgrade to 2.3 soon. So the question is should I buy now or wait a couple of weeks till the upgrades for 2.3 and 4g come out? Any info would be appreciated. If you want to know about guitars and piano’s I’m the guy…Technology forget it! lol

  45. I like my LG phone with metro but why is it not showing 3g network only 1x

  46. My new Optimus M was also syncing my contacts to Google and couldn’t find my contacts, took it back where bought it, their corporate store on Federal Highway in Ft. Lauderdale, people there know how to fix it, no more problems since. Great phone, I love it.

  47. I got the optimus and luv it..u must get a g-mail account and u wont have any probles loosing urcontacts trust me…the phone hands down is great..too bad its not 4g. metro does not provide 3g no lie but at two different stores i was told they do have 3g…trust me they just lie..

  48. The METROPCS Optimus M (M stands for Metro, V for Verizon and T for T mobile. etc.) This phone is worth the current price of 149.99 when considering with metro you pay only 50$ a month for a smart phone with androids 2.2 OS.
    Upon extensive research on this phone you will find out the pros and cons to owning one. I will start with the cons since that list is very short in comparison.
    First the Optimus M is a little heavier than it’s counterparts T and V(but not unconfortable).
    Second the Metro Network only offers a 2G or 1x/EDGE Network. So it’s a little slower than its counterparts.(And there are programs that you can get to speed it up, one is called Opera).And there is an upside to not having 3G. Battery will last longer. LG lists talk time @ around 7 hrs and 30 min. consecutive. Where my research finds its around 6 hrs. 43min. not bad.
    People have expressed a concern with google syncing their contacts. Having a gmail account will help this issue.. Try setting one up. Im pretty sure they are free. aside from that… nothing but good things coming from me. with one exception towards METROPCS. Get a better insurance plan please.

  49. how do i get the driver software for this chrislostfishing at yahoo

  50. Will this phone eventually go to 3g?also the navigation doesn’t even wo__rk all the __ti__me…what fkn good is that?_

  51. I agree with cescobaby that every store including the main corporate store told me that they had 3g service. When I told them I was only getting 40-60 kbps (not even as good as dialup)with my Optimus M, they all told me they were “working on the problem”. I also agree with the above comment about gps. I always connect with enough sattelites, but gps still drops out frequently on the road and I can never get it indoors as I could with my old HTC touch pro through Sprint.

  52. Metro does not have 3g they have dialup speeds they call it 1x. You cant even do youtube. They are republicsns that target black democrats. So you can imagine. They got. Skinheads all over the net claiming they have 4g to in houes aunt jemina sluts claiming your phones broke when in reality they are just kkj selling cheap phones yo blacjs

  53. Phone awesome as long as u have a wi-fi signal..have a great time at home,jus dnt take phone out wit u,but how often do you u really take ur cell out???

  54. i have lg optimus m , android on metropcs, it is a really cool phone, you have access to the android market, youtube works quicker when connected to the wi_-fi network, they dsy metro came up with the lg lte which supposedly was said to be a 4g network phone , ill have to find out if you have the lg lte let me know how it is >>

  55. I just got my android from PCS and I’m not happy, I can’t answer incoming calls. It’s very frustrated. I will return the phone back to the store asap. Dont leave the store without check your phone.

  56. One metro sales Guy in turnersville NJ or williamstown NJ told me they don’t carry 3g network.while the Guy Daniel. In the Clementine or pinehill NJ location told me my phone is 3g.while its only a 1x Wich is wack for a android.the speed of this LG optimistic is like the speed of the phone metro sells for 29.99 now isn’t that sad.I paid 215.00$ for my optimus LG.2.2 its very slow.I’m taking my phone to the corporate office.

  57. my phone stopped working right after i payed my first bill and had to send it to LG for repair. its been two weeks and im not getting credited for the time there phone fucked up

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