Adobe Updates Flash 10.1 and AIR, Readying for Gingerbread



Just as promised, Adobe has issued an update to Flash Player for Android, bringing its version number to and fixing a recently uncovered security exploit. But there is more! Adobe has also brought AIR up to version 2.5.1, and just as was figured, both new releases serve to prep Android devices for Gingerbread, bringing rumors of an imminent release of Android 2.3 to a head. Here is what the Adobe AIR blog had to say:

“With the anticipation of the Android Gingerbread OS update, we will be delivering an update release for AIR for Android (2.5.1) that will be available on Android Market on Tuesday November 9th. This new release will address compatibility issues and be optimized to run on the Gingerbread OS update…
…In cases where a user receives the Gingerbread OS update before updating to the AIR 2.5.1 runtime, they will receive a native dialog on load stating that the application has quit unexpectedly and your application will fail to load. We’d like your assistance in preventing end users from this type of experience on their device.”

I can smell the tasty gingerbread popping out of the oven now, can you?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. On 2.2 the Adobe Air fills up alot of memory space. Adobe Air 16.3MB and Adobe Flash Player 12.4MB. The Adobe Reader occupies another 4.66MB of the phones memory. Not alot of space left. :-)

    Looking forward to the Gingerbread. Any idea when it will be released to the european HTC’s like Desire, Desire HD and Legend?

  2. I blame HTC for putting such a small amount of internal storage in phones when they knew its VERY important for apps to have. Anyway, next time you should know and buy a phone with big internal storage. Most new apps still can’t be transfered to the SD card because developers always forget about it or don’t give it much importance. And this is nothing. Just wait till real 3D games come to Android. Then you’ll be in trouble if you don’t have a large amount of internal storage.

  3. @ John Nielsen
    You can move flashplayer to your SD card, I’d assume the same for air. Just go settings > applications > manage applications, choose whichever and move to SD

  4. Still haven’t got froyo yet for samsung galaxy s in uk.

  5. i cant believe google will be releasing gingerbread before doing any public event or announcement to show it to us

  6. That last part made me laugh.. LOL. I do smell amd taste iy

  7. My 8gb (plus 32gb micro sd card) droid x has plenty of memory

  8. @Semianonymous

    You can’t move Flash Player 10.1 to your SD card.
    Try it, and you’ll see that the ‘Move to SD card’ button is disabled.

    However, the latest version is about 2MByte smaller than the the previous version… it got a bit leaner. :-)

  9. you cant move flashplayer to the sd card cuz its a plug-in not a program lol…it needs to be on the phone

  10. @anton
    100% false. It works perfectly fine from the storage card. I have had Flash on my storage card since the day it came out and have never had a problem with it. Way to not know what you’re talking about.

  11. So how about an ARMv6 version for us poor sobs with budget android phones :(

  12. I though the original demo of flash was run on a ARMv6 phone? With Froyo and JIT, there are some pretty fast ARMv6 phones out there now – surely they should be able to run flash?

  13. @Kihon
    they would definitely be able to, if flash player didn’t use ARMv7-only instructions. all it would take is for adobe to compile it with slightly different compiler options.

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