G2 Getting WiFi Calling Starting Tomorrow


If there was one major feature that I was going to miss when I jumped ship from my BlackBerry 8320 to the G1, it was UMA calling. That is one feature that I just loved about my phone and really, really had a hard time letting go. Now, just as I have finished my de-tox, T-Mobile goes and does something like this…AND TOTALLY REDEEMS THEMSELVES.

The G2 will begin receiving the update starting tomorrow, 3 November, and with any luck everyone should be enjoying it by 8 November.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. Please, please, please let this update come to Nexus One users as well. I really need this for my house.

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSS! I’m so happy about this! Will be waiting to use this on my nexus one, it’s reasons like this that I use tmobile.

  3. Does this use voice plan minutes??

  4. I have never figured out why UMA didn’t take off.

    It is an AWESOME feature that really saved my ass multiple times. Unfortunately all the phones that had it were pretty much crap.

    Give me a nice Android phone with UMA and i might through all my apple gear in the trash.

  5. Is this actually going to be UMA? Is it going to handoff the call to the cell tower when I leave the wifi hotspot? Also is it going to bring wifi tether like the supposed OTA update that came out a little while ago?

  6. nevermind about the tethering question. I see the answer in the picture…

  7. It’s not full fledged UMA. I heard it specifically stated that it will not hand off when you leave the Wifi area. I haven’t heard if this has changed, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

  8. I have an unlimited plan and a Nexus, so I could give a crap. Grow up TEEN mobile.

  9. Will this work on any Wifi or only Wifi from a Tmobile provided router? It would be awesome if this will work with my work Wifi and home Wifi (which is not a Tmobile router).

  10. i’ve had t-mo wifi calling for well over 2 years now and i have never ever had the need to have it ‘hand off’.

    why would i want to keep on yakking on the phone while saddling up to leave or enter my home?

    my wifi network works for about 100 yards from my home but when on a call pulling up to my driveway it stays on network ’til i open the door then drops for about 15 seconds ’til the wifi kicks in.

    so i have to recall anyway.

    big deal.

    so i tell who i’m talking to, ‘call you back in a minute’.

    in zipcode 38221 i’m so glad to have bars in my living room and now that ANDROIDs have it i only need one phone and one phone line.

    thanks t-mo.

  11. Although there are apps that do this already such as Fring and Skype, it’s a nice feature to come stock on the phone.

  12. @olypdd
    The main purpose this is being brought to consumers is to make it easier for tmobile’s towers and also so People can have signal in areas they might normally not. Not for the purpose to not use our minutes.

  13. Word of warning: If you are using the current root technique (VISIONary), I would wait until you can verify that this OTA does not disable root before downloading it! Just wait until you see a few posts on XDA or something saying root still works on it before you jump the gun and accept it.

    I like how the thing says, “Even though tethering is included in this update (woo hoo!), reps should not proactively discuss this feature.” Haha, but we might “discover” it ourselves!

    I want to know what the “other updates” (the blue link) are that are included in this update.

  14. @olypdd: Wow, that is some incredible insight. Please tell us more.

  15. will this work on the vibrant? man i hope so because i do not get any signal in my office.

  16. @Sam I Am
    i think i am staring to like you lol. we seem to point out the same stupid things people say on here.

  17. Don’t praise TMO for doing what should have been done for Android day one. I switched to TMO for this feature and found out it was not available for Android. TMO is a second tier carrier and could have used this to gain market share. They went with the idiotic “Say goodbye to good bye” campain which was a flop. I hope somebody was fired for being so ignorant. Now the idiots don’t have a large screen phone like the Dell 5″ which I want. I hate TMO with every fiber in my body. My contract ends in June so hope they get better coverage, UMA, larger screen phones and decent tether plan. Another reason I stay is the sim card, which I need. Still hate TMO.

  18. tmobile is making the same mistake w/ microsoft phone 7, i want it w/ uma

  19. The wifi calling feature isn’t required to have an @home router! Works with all routers! I’m connected at school all day! Connected at home! Its an amazing feature and yes the call is disconnected once you walk away from the wifi signal! Funny thing is once u come back to the wifi area you can continue talking to that person, it doesn’t fully kill the call!

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