Eric Schmidt Was Google’s #2 Choice. Guess Who Was #1…


steve-jobsThat’s right, folks. Let us pause for a moment to consider what may have been.

Turns out, in a documentary called “Game Changers” by Bloomberg TV, Sergey Brin and Larry Page originally wanted our favorite anti-CEO Steve Jobs to run Google but he was too busy running some other fruit picking company to come over to the light side. So Brin and Page had to “settle” for Eric Schmidt, who eventually won their hearts thanks to his presence at the annual Burning Man festival. What kind of Neo-bullet-dodging trick did those two pull off?

You can watch the full documentery over at Bloomberg.

[via Pocket-lint]

Tyler Miller

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  1. I have no complaints over this.

  2. Thank god he said no.


  3. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow…what could have been…my mind is blown

  4. I would have been 33% more efficient than that asshole Eric.

    Do evil!

  5. Hear that sound? It’s the sound of hundreds of thousands of users sighing in relief.

  6. Good thing it didnt happen, plus they went to talk with jobs, because they admired him, i dont think they necessarily really thought he could be CEO. If you watch the documentary they were very pleased with eric schmidt, and im glad they didnt pick jobs.

  7. Thanks goodness that didn’t happen.

    Here is your bill for receiving email….oh and sorry that nexus one you bought will require a $3000 new battery.

  8. I could not imagine Jobs working for google. I really wonder is how would android do under Jobs supervision? It would be horrible.

  9. What could have happened is I might have actually considered an iPhone. *shivers* Mommy, make the bad man stop!

  10. That was a great doc. The origins of google have always been somewhat of a mystery to me.

  11. Steve Jobs is the Anti-Christ!!!!

  12. Would have charged us for searching on google if he had been made CEO.

    Would have been no such thing as android as why give something free and open source when you can sell overpriced products

    (have no issues with the quality of the products but they are way way overpriced.)

  13. Today Google could tinker with their slogan “Don’t be evil,” and can change it to “Don’t be Steve-ill.” Steve Jobs ego would have taken Google down a most forbidden dark path the way of Darth Vader and the Emperor. His ego would have overshadowed Larry and Sergey and turned the corporate culture into something bad. Steve Jobs would have changed the slogan “Don’t be evil” to “Evil is overdone.” Eric Schmidt is the perfect Google CEO. His abundant intelligence is well rounded expanding beyond the obvious face of technology and applying it’s great leveraging power (along with Larry and Sergey) to the most important worldly issues of today and tommorrow in which he is well versed and well informed.

  14. ~shivves at the mental image seen in my head if jobs said yes~

  15. Steve Jobs is an excellent CEO, period. You might not agree with his product designs or the control he wields over Apple but he has turned the company around. He basically turned the products into status symbols, most CEO can only dream about people following and caring about about their products like that.

    It is alright to respect what the man has done and still not buy Apple products. Any business student/professional should respect what he has done.

  16. So happy Google ended up with the briliant Dr. Eric!!!

  17. Meh… so I’d be an Apple user instead of a Google user.

  18. I’m so glad that wack job Steve-O didn’t get the job. Dodged a huge bullet there. Android probably never would have been bought and made awesome by Google.

  19. Hate Apple and their communist ways, BUT, Jobs has ONE job and he does it well, ROI.

  20. i wouldnt even own a cell phone if he had been the dude behind it all.

  21. Who is it? it doesn’t say in the article…whose the guy btw?

  22. LOL at “fruit picking job”…. funny…. made my day… :)

  23. It doesn’t even say that Steve Jobs was over Eric. All it said was that he was interviewed and that he would never leave Apple. Doesn’t mean they wanted him. The founders didn’t even want a CEO.

  24. Lol, the reactions some people give. Your phone isn’t your life. If Jobs was in charge, the iPhone would have a lot more Google integration, android wouldnt exist (at least the android you all know and love). World keeps on spinning…

  25. Steve Jobs is the direct spawn of Satan. We refuse “I” anything in our home. Doesn’t help that he’s an incorrigible prick either, lol!

  26. I don’t think jobs is a bad CEO, he’s running that company very well. Now, his products and how he likes to control them is another story entirely. If Jobs had been running Google it still would have been a money making company, just with no innovation and hated by everyone.

  27. Matt, 24:20 in regards to Jobs “why can’t he be our CEO?”. Then they found Schmidt. So, jobs was first, Schmidt was second.

  28. THANK GOD he was too busy.

  29. Just bookmarked this site. Useful information.

  30. It was said as a joke. Jobs was never even considered for the job.

  31. What could be? Brin & Page would have quit Google to launch their own tiny startup, Google would have acquired that small company called Apple and would now be the most hated company on the planet.

  32. “What would Android look like if Jobs was in charge”.

    I’ll give you a better question: what would android look like if there was no iOS to copy? It would prolly look like a Blackberry clone.

    So thank your lucky stars that Steve Jobs made an awesome OS that Eric Schmidt could clone and get you all excited about.

  33. Job’s is (so far as I know) the CEO of both Pixar and Apple, both of which are very successful companies. I don’t think Google would have been worse off if Jobs was at the wheel now.

    Somethings to consider that might have been:

    iPhone might have run Android

    Google and Apple products would play much nicer

    Ya’ll wouldn’t have to waste your breath in a mud-slinging fest with iFanboys

    …just sayin’

  34. its funny that most negative comments about either side, come from people with zero credentials, accountability, business risks or experience in actually RUNNING a bunch of billion dollar companies at the SAME TIME and actually make profit. Stop bitching, get a life or do the same in a better way to prove them wrong.

  35. I really wonder is how would android do under Jobs supervision? It would be horrible.

  36. Why am I not suprised here?

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