John Carmack: Rage is Coming to Android


And Android gaming just started looking a whole lot better in one tweet. ID Software’s John Carmack has just slyly announced that they would be porting Rage to Android by posting the following to his Twitter account:

I’m going to regret having “ios” in all my type names when I port Rage Mobile to Android.

You should be excited for two reasons:

  1. Rage looks awesome.
  2. This will encourage many other developers from high profile studios to make their way to Android.


ID Software, if you aren’t informed, are the folks behind the Quake, Doom, and Wolfenstein series. If you know those games (at least back in their respective primes) you’ll know that they will be bringing nothing but quality. (Yes, folks, I have played Doom 3 and Quake 4. And for the record, I actually liked Doom 3. So there!)

Anywho, this comes after we originally suspected they’d be porting Rage to Android back in September when it was revealed they were looking for an Android developer to join their team. We’re probably still a long way off from that glorious day, but at least we know it’s coming.

[via Android and Me]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Awesome, can’t wait, Marketplace has $15 bux out of me, Carmack games will indeed take more!

  2. Wow I thought they would have been well into development by now. Apparently he’s not too good at forecasting tech.

  3. i was astonished when i saw Carcmack’s tweet, this is an awesome news :D

  4. Let me guess… they’re going to pull the same crap as that other game developer who is making a game for android. Right before its released, they’re going to say its only for tegra 2 devices. It shouldnt have to though because my Droid 2 has the same specs as the iphone 4 and theyre probably planning to release this on the 3gs too.

  5. Yaaaay
    another game that we will get after ios in years!!!

  6. Wow…these game engines coming to the android os platform are very impressive

  7. Can’t wait to see this run on a Tegra 2 phone!

  8. FYI, it’s id Software, not ID.

  9. Awesome, and I’ve played most id games. I’ve gone through Doom 3 about five times.

  10. I know, Dave. But for the purpose of reporting, I prefer to use ID.

  11. This has me drooling tbh. I mean, I do have the Wolfenstein logo tattooed on my arm….afterall…

    .fanboy out

  12. thats really promising news. Especially in light of all the new and tba tablets which will come out in the future. I would love to play something more enjoyable than simple and easy timewaster games.

  13. Quake 4 was developed by Raven not id Software, Doom 3 was awesome and Rage for PC/console looks amazing. More importantly, Carmack will make by far the best game engine seen on mobile and hopefully license it to other developers to use for all sorts of games.

  14. @Todd yeah. Can’t wait to hear news that it works ONLY on Tegra 2 phones! ;)

  15. :D ID’s ideas are awesome, solid support for android with that announcement

  16. The droid 2/X may have almost the same processor, but the gpu and resolution are dwarfed by the iphone 4.
    I own a droid x my wife owns the 2 and im sad to say that the gpu is not ferry good compared to the g2 or iphone 4 or a view others.
    Don’t get me wrong I love this phone. Im just sad they didn’t go with the 535 or 540 gpu insed of the 530.

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