Oct 20th, 2010

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Yet another manufacturer is delaying their Android tablet plans in favor of a more primed version of the operating system as Lenovo has announced they have no plans to release a slate device in the US until sometime in 2011. Word is that the company is holding out for the Honeycomb iteration of Android, a sentiment that echoes a report from yesterday stating that HTC has also delayed their tablet plans.

It has been suggested that Motorola has been given priority for Android Gingerbread. In much the same way that the Moto Droid was the only device to receive Android 2.0, which was quickly followed up with the launch of Android 2.1, it could be that Gingerbread will be featured exclusively on whatever tablet (or tablets) Moto produces while a 3.x version dubbed Honeycomb will follow shortly and come to other devices.

One thing is certain: we won’t be getting a LePad in the US anytime soon.

[via Engadget]

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