Verizon Officially Outs Droid 2 Global Over Support Line


We’re normally treated to confirmation of existence of any device through official press releases, Twitter and Facebook statements, or email conversations, but Verizon’s decided to confirm the Global edition of the Droid 2 in a different way: over the phone. If you call their support line and get stuck on hold, you might hear a pre-recorded message letting users know that they’ll soon be able to use a new Droid 2 that’ll allow them to stay connected to family and friends in 221 countries. (And apparently, there aren’t that many countries in the world to be using it in, but we’ll forgive a little marketing blunder.) We still don’t know when to expect this thing, but Wal-Mart recalling the original Droid 2 for whatever reasons lead us to believe it should be “soonish.” (As does this nice roadmap that we believe is spot-on accurate.)

droid 2 videos

[via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. SWEET! This is just what i have been waiting for!

  2. good news,I plan buy it

  3. asking again, will this work with gsm carriers in europe? if i buy it for vodafone will it work?

  4. @Max B: If it’s a Global phone (like World ready Blackberries on Verizon), it’ll come with a SIM pre-installed and you’ll have to manually set it to GSM when in Europe or GSM areas overseas. Otherwise, it’ll likely default to 1Xrtt/EVDO (CDMA)…

  5. we will have to wait for the almighty great ones to give us the unlock code for it so that we can use the sim cards from other networks overseas though. it shouldnt take them long though i would imagine.

  6. 221? How on earth can they be that far off? The U.N. recognizes 192 or so, and there are a couple others that are arguably countries, but where do the other 25 or so come from? I bet they’re counting places like the Cayman Islands…

    Exciting that they’re finally doing this, seems silly to have even produced a non-Global Droid 2 if they’re only this far apart…

  7. Most likely this phone is the best Droid in today’s market. It is probably better than iPhone 4g

  8. Hi – I love this phone. For me it’s the best thing out there. It’s has Froyo. It has the touch screen. Most importantly it has the slide out keyboard (i do a lot of emailing from my handheld!). BUT… I am on T-Mobile and need to stay on a GSM carrier as I travel to Europe a lot. If I buy one of these babies unlocked, can I just put my SIM card in or will it take some more programming to get it to work on a GSM network?

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