Unsocial Launches the Social Network that Doesn’t Care for Socializing, Android App in Tow



Unsocial has just launched along with it’s free mobile apps for Android and iPhone, but before you go off saying “why, oh why, do we need another social network?” you should probably know that as the name implies, Unsocial isn’t so much about the socializing as it is about taking advantage of those connections that you don’t know but are all around you. Aimed mostly at business users, Unsocial connects people with nearby contacts based on common interests, the goal of course being obtaining business contacts or locating professionals within your industry to network with.

The mobile app is downloadable free of charge, but Unsocial hopes to turn a profit by leveraging industry events. All organizations can list events on Unsocial free of charge, but to gain access to “premium” features such as a viewable event agenda, maps, information on speakers, Twitter feeds, etc., etc., etc. event organizers will pay a premium fee. Unsocial also plans to sell ad space at events and split revenues with those premium event organizers.

This won’t be the next Foursquare or Facebook or even anything the normal everyday person may want to download, but just like LinkedIn (which Unsocial uses to help find matches) it fills a professional networking niche overlooked by the more casual social services.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. These guys need to use their app to hook up with a literate writer. Their website is polluted with spelling and grammar errors.

  2. Haha ^^

  3. @logotic um, no. No, it isn’t.

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