Preorder the Samsung Galaxy Tab at Carphone Warehouse for £530


Carphone Warehouse – the UK-based retailer that’s been gaining popularity over recent months – has priced their Samsung Galaxy Tab for preorder. I think you’ll like this (at least compared to other outlets): you’ll be able to grab it through them outright for just £530 without having to deal with any rebate mess. You can get it even cheaper (£499.99) by signing up with Talkmobile’s 1GB per month data plan for £10 per month rolling contract. There’s honestly no reason not to jump on this if you were already thinking of grabbing the SIM-free Galaxy Tab from any other retailer. Head on over to CPW’s site to get started today.


[via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Any word on a wifi only U.S. version release date?

  2. At that price, I’d rather have a laptop…

  3. good case with keyboard for this tablet

  4. Samsung fail… I could buy a reasonable desktop pc for that..

    I might get the advent vega instead and just install a 3rd party market place (eg. appbrain etc.)

  5. Cannot compete with iPad at this price. No-one sensible would buy this.

  6. sounds good to me. just what im after. people seem to forget that top end smartphones cost this much. just hope i can get the tethering to work.

  7. lol not everyone wants an ipad. great product but i already have a laptop if im carrying a bag. want video chat, flash and sd slot. cant wait.

  8. you know as a price point its not that bad considering your already paying £400 for a galaxy s, so £130 more for a 7″ isnt that shabby….if you can fork out that cash in the 1st place that is!!!!

  9. Galaxy Tab is formally launch today in Jakarta, Indonesia. Heard that it will be distributed by Indosat, no price scheme available yet.

  10. Can’t be MORE expensive than the iPad while being considerably less able. Fail.

  11. King of the Sea…

    Um, what? How is the Tab less able than the iPad? The Tab has two cameras, swappable memory, and full multitasking. If you’re talking about programs, I understand the word processing and spreadsheet programs come standard, and most all the games for iPad will be ported soon.

  12. Yesss I agree with Todd! Samsung Galaxy Tab has more to offer than iPad.
    It supports flash, has 3MP camera, can do multitasking due to higher RAM, Android OS, 3G supported too!
    So @Mike before u said something do ur research first ;)

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