AT&T U-verse App Leaked for Other Carriers


We knew it wouldn’t take long. We just reported about AT&T bringing a U-verse app  out for Android, but much to a lot of U-verse customers’ dismay, it is only “officially” available for AT&T customers. Thankfully, the XDA scene is one known to work fast and they’ve already pulled out the .APK and some have confirmed that it’s carrier agnostic, at the core. (We can only confirm this for Verizon, so far, but go ahead and try it out if you’re with Sprint, T-Mobile, or any other carrier here in the states. This thread at XDA should be enough to get you started.


[Thanks,  Adam!]

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Sprint: 4G in New York November 1st, Los Angeles December 1st, San Francisco End of the Year

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  1. You might mention that you have to actually subscribe to u-verse TV for this app to work on your phone.

  2. I would think most people without U-verse. wouldn’t download the app. ;)

  3. I just installed on my Droid Incredible… works great!

  4. I will keep this app updated on my website

  5. Ok – a stupid question – how do I install it?

  6. Love this app. I am already on att though so no help from me.

  7. Works great on my Nexus One on TMo.

    Don in LA – install something like Linda Manager to your phone, then browse to the thread over at xda and click download (assuming you’ve signed in with your xda account).

  8. Works on my EVO.

  9. Nice – it loaded all on it’s own, and it seems to work just fine – wish there were more shows to download though.

    Thanks for the help!

  10. It works on my Sprint hero. Unfortunately I am U200 so I cannot download shows. Sucks.

  11. How did u install it on your Evo Matt

  12. how do you download this?

  13. Is there a page with instruction on how to install this app.?


  14. I am going to the market to type uverse mobile and it is giving me an error, can someone please give me the steps for the evo

  15. someone please tell me how to put it on my evo i cant find anything

  16. Can’t download shows on my Ego for some reason. Does anybody know why? I get an error message.

  17. Evo sorry.

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