HootSuite Going Free for Android October 13


512px-owly-droid-300x300Hoot hoot! HootSuite has become quite the popular platform, and now the folks behind it are giving back to all of those that have made the social network management tool such a success. As of October 13th the full version of HootSuite will be available free to download for Android and iPhone. No ads, viewable clickthrough statistics, and the ability to manage more than three accounts are all features you can expect once the app goes free. And for those registered with HootSuite Pro accounts, you can expect even more features in the coming weeks.

The new, free version will also include some much-pine-for enhancements including Facebook integration in the Android app. If you are a current HootSuite user who paid for the app, well you really don’t get much but a pat on the back for supporting its creators and the same ability as everyone else to upgrade to the newest version for free.

[via HootSuite]

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  1. What is it?

  2. It’s a twitter app.

  3. no thanks

  4. Ooh, social networking, my favourite. Boring.

  5. It’s not just for Twitter, but Facebook and other social networking sites.

  6. *yawn….* Huh, what? Sorry I fell asleep. Needs better innovations than this.

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