FringOut Brings One Cent Calls to Do Battle with Skype



Most should be familiar with fring for Android, and most should also have heard by now that Skype just released their app for all Android 2.1 and higher devices. So not to be outdone in the world of VoIP, fring has flung back with fringOut, their own low-cost calling service that will be packaged into the latest versions of the app. Yes, fring already offers free video and standard calling and chat between users, but now for as low as one cent per minute users can dial any number they want. You can learn more about the service on the blog post announcing it over at fring’s site, or simply download the latest version of the app from the Android Market to start fringin’ away.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Hmmmm… What is an article without a direct linky?
    For those who find clicking a link is faster than the alternative.

  2. Bring on free Google Voice calls over 3g/wifi. They could squash all of this with that move.

  3. Does this use minutes or is it VoIP?

  4. @Dave
    According to the article, this is voice over IP (VoIP). It does not pull from your standard carrier’s minutes, but rather charge you 1 cent per minute for VoIP calls to any capable phone or device (pc’s included) other than a fring enabled one.

  5. So I guess this means we will never see Fring to Skype video calls again.

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