PSA: Snaptic, 3Banana are now Catch, Catch Notes


If you’ve been wondering where Snaptic and 3Banana have gone and why something called Catch Notes has been bugging you to install it, you can stop: Snaptic has changed their name to Catch with 3Banana simultaneously becoming Catch Notes. With the name change comes a new update to the app. Here’s everything you can expect when upgrading to the latest version.


Updates for Catch Notes:

New user interface
The ability to choose the sort order of your notes (creation date, modification date, or alphabetical)
Hashtags in notes are now clickable links that will show you all notes in your notebook with that tag
Simpler commenting, mirroring the Catch web interface
Share a note either as text or a shareable link, which can be sent to email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, or any app on your Android phone that accepts shared content

We’ve also updated Compass and integrated a note finder functionality powered by Catch Notes using Android Intents. You can note a location and navigate there with help from Compass.

Compass offers two major new features:

Places lets you note places (where you parked your car, your favorite bar or restaurant) and helps you navigate back to them later
The Note Finder lists your location-tagged Catch notes based on distance and direction (requires Catch Notes for Android 2.0 or greater).
Also included in the update:

Better sensor selection for newer devices
A new “Steel” background option
New settings
Other minor bugfixes and improvements.

They’ve also updated their Compass app that’s been around for so long, as you’ve read above. Updates to both can be found in the Android market now.

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  1. Days later..

  2. Would be cool if it can integrate with Astrid (and sync with the Notes in Astrid). Catch notes can sort of be a template for Notes part of Astrid. You know, offering better location, notes, and other stuff that is not part of Astrid’s better features.

  3. I almost literally went insane trying to find 3banana notes in the Market.

    Good to know this, I guess?

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