In Response to Outcry T-Mobile and Samsung Promise More Info Next Week on Vibrant Update



In an effort to reassure those owners of the Samsung Vibrant who feel a bit left out after the other three American Galaxy S phones received minor firmware updates addressing a wide range of issues, Samsung is tweeting new info about an update for the T-Mobile device. While they can’t get an update to Vibrant users next week they are promising more info on what many are hoping will be a patch to fix the buggy GPS plaguing the Vibrant, a fix the captivate has already received. We see no reason why the update shouldn’t be coming soon, but wackier things have happened.

[via TmoNews]

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  1. Who GAF? Samsung phones blow

  2. And if you were stupid enough to buy one, you deserve this

  3. Wow, all 36 people that carry a Samsung Vibrant retweeted the post! That is incredible!

  4. LMFAO Gotta love that Samsung service.

    Nexus One FTW

  5. I’m so glad I took others advice to stay away from samsung. and I’m also glad that I told my friends not to get Samsung phones

  6. I don’t own one, so it doesn’t matter to me.. but sheesh they tell people that they are listening, and that it’s coming.. and they still get nothing but crap talk.. maybe silence is golden.

  7. Samsung failure!!! Kinda sounds like the Vibrant owners are getting screwed like the Behold2 owners.

  8. well, i plan on buying one as soon as Cellular South releases their version. I just hope they have all these kinks worked out!!!

  9. I will stand by my Vibrant and it will come out on top. But I will also bitch and moan in the meantime

  10. I have a vibrant and its the best phone I’ve ever had and I’ve even had the nexus. people are just impatient and want things now. I don’t want it if its not ready.

  11. I have the vibrant and overall I love it. I don’t hate the phone I hate the companies horrible customer service. All they would have to do to appease me is to have given periodic updates stating what issues they are having with the software causing the delay and that they are working on it, something so I don’t feel forgotten about. I previously had the htc g1 and loved it but it came time for am upgrade and htc didn’t have anything worth upgrading to at the time and I was sick of waiting. The vibrant is nice looking, fast, tons of internal memory and a screen to die for. There is not one smart phone out there that doesn’t have issues after it comes out. The difference is how the manufacture handles the issue(s) and on that samsung gets a F-.

  12. I’m so lost without having accurate GPS on my Vibrant that I don’t even know what to do with my life. I feel so screwed. How dare you Samsung. I can’t believe you’re treating me like this. What have I done to deserve such harsh treatment. It’s not like you have the best screen quality of any phone out there, or that you’re lighting fast. It’s all about what we can find wrong with you that puts me into this funk. That’s it. We’re breaking up.

  13. The vibrant is an awesome phone . Seems more like a tmobile issue than Samsung!

  14. I really dont get some of these trolling posts. The Galaxy S line is the hottest phones out right now. Not to mention how light weight and strong it is. This is a great phone with a dumb issue…which they are fixing. I dont see the problem. Now only if we can get 2.2 guaranteed!

  15. @outcry?
    Literally, I bet you are!

  16. 2.2 is guaranteed. If you hit the samsung site for the Vibrant dock, or any galaxy S dock, it says that the 3.5mm will not work till 2.2 is released. In other words 2.2 is coming, just a matter of waiting. And yes I love my Vibrant, it is a really strong phone in the Android field.

  17. Why even bother complaining? Unless your collecting data about your phone and sending in constructive criticism to help resolve a problem what good does it do? Everyone is in such a rush for the next big thing…………and because of that there will always be delays.

  18. Was not aware the 3.5mm headphone plug did not work! That is a little disappointing. Simply dont see how these kinds of problems are considered acceptable for an item to be shipped and sold.

  19. The headphone jack works fine on the vibrant running 2.1. I use it daily. It doesn’t work in froyo yet.

  20. Gregory said it so well. Really bad customer relations on both Samsung and T-Mobiles part. Some details on the problem holding up the updates is just plain common sense instead of just repeatedly telling your customers “Update comming soon.” Steven, Reddragon was talking about the 3.5 mm jack not working with the dock that Samsung has made for the Vibrant until it is upgraded to Froyo. It works just fine with any headphones. I too love my Vibrant, I just think that 3 months is more than enough time to come up with a solution.

  21. It is not acceptable to sell a product that does not work as specified…Period! I use (Or used to…had to borrow my wife’s Garmin) GPS daily and coming from a G1 that still has an amazing GPS this is a major Fail.

    Note to Samsung and T-Mobile…get this fixed or else!

  22. @Jon and @jdog just because you can’t afford a Samsung Vibrant or a Nexus One doesn’t mean you have to be mean. Perhaps a little more education or a job outside of mcdonalds might help your endeavors.

  23. Well, I understand that this applies to the general masses that have the Vibrant. Fortunately I careless of an update since I have rooted my Vibrant with Bionix 1.4 super snappy and stable ROM which has the GPS fix already. It’s unfortunate that T-Mobile and Samsung don’t act responsibly to provide a fix that should have had a month ago!

    Those interested go XDA Developers.

  24. People are just cry babies. The 3.5mm jack works fine, but he said with the dock it doesn’t work I guess, dont have one so haven’t tried.

  25. Heh. I of course will root my phone and custom rom it the minute I get home with it (which will be next wekk…yay!) But my GF will have one all stock as she doesnt like the nerdy rooting thing which is fine. I just want to know whats on the box (specs) is what the damn thing will do!

  26. Guys, take it from us Captivate owners: the OTA upgrade isn’t that fantastic. The GPS fix doesn’t even work for everyone. You’ll get a lot more tangible benefits from doing fun things like lagfixes.

  27. Ok, so again, nice hardware, reasonable physical design. Incredibly poor software implementation shipped. Now, for the vast majority that come to this page and read this it’s more of a nuisance than anything. I’m running rooted, with a O/C kernel and a lag fix with the leaked eclair rom with the GPS fixed. My phone is superior but who in the hell is going to go through this shiz to get their phone reliable and performing as it should? Answer, about 2% of the owner base.

    Samsung is a fuggin joke and that’s it for me with them. I dig my vibrant but if you have to jump through this many hoops to say that, then you got burned. In the general sense. Fool me once samsung……

  28. Most people keep a phone for 2 years, 24 months. As of right now, the Vibrant has a flawed GPS for 2.5 months of it’s lifecycle. Is Samsung or T-Mobile going to give me back 10% of the $500+ dollars I paid for this phone? T-Mobile (despite the awards) SUCKS at communicating accurate and timely info to it’s customers, and obviously Samsung has non-existent quality control.

  29. I have the vibrant and the phone rocks. TYhe t-mobile service it top notc in Bay area. I moved from the iphone4 (or as i call it…the ipod4 with a sorta phone service) Samsung phone is quick…responsive and evrything about the android system is so cool.

  30. It will probably be forever until they get this update. I have a cliq and look how long it has taken for my stupid update. I know it’s motorola’s fault also but tmobile still has a lot of the blame.

  31. Funny thing is that those who bitch about Samsung, don’t own a Vibrant. I have one, rooted with the lag fix hack, 32 Apps, 3 games, and 4 widgets….Flawless. Who needs Samsung for an update when there are so many hacks out there.

  32. whoever bout this phone just to get a gps fix is dumb in the first place.

  33. better than crappy hardware by HTC and false advertisement lol

  34. Eventually, it will get fixed. Just bear the GPS fellas, this phone is badass, as far as tmobile offerings for phones.

  35. Hey all, First post here, but this is really important news/info to me, since it affects me greatly and has been a source of great stress, anger and frustration for me.

    T-mobile will be announcing this soon, but my friend who works for corporate T-Mo U.S. has confirmed that they have the final build of the GPS fix, and is undergoing extensive testing, and that it will start being pushed to users OTA just after Thanksgiving. Yes, that’s another 2 months of no GPS for us.

    Now, the worse news: Froyo will not be ready for release until next year. MY friend said that Samsung is running into all sorts of problems trying to adapt Froyo for their phones. I’m especially pissed off about this bit of news.

    My friend also advised me not to use the update samsung had posted on Kies as it will prevent users from getting the OTA of Froyo when it is released next year. So, if you plan on keeping your Vibrant, for the love of god, don’t force the Kies update (that was the update T-mo rejected because it bricked their test phones and other problems).

    For those of you who have held off returning their phones during the “remorse” period hoping for a speedy update are SOL, just like myself. We’ll be getting 2.2 by the time everyone else has 3.0, which is ******ed. I’ve already filed claims for a chargeback with my credit card company, as this is a clear cut case of receiving a product that was not delivered as promised (damaged or faulty product). I suggest all of you do the same if you are out of options and shudder at the thought of having to wait 6 months for every update for the next 2 years while everyone else gets them in half the time.

    Anyways, If everyone can help spread this info, it’d be much appreciated, as I want everyone to be as well informed as possible. GPS issues aside, i love my phone, but I cannot stand the thought of having to deal with Samsung’s BS and incompetence for 2 years.

  36. I have a Vibrant and this phone is amazing. The GPS issue is a little frustrating at times but honestly how many smart phones have launched that didn’t have problems or still have problems? This phone (in my opinion) is the best phone out there, people at work with the Iphone 4 are jealous of what my phone can do and how fast it is. At least it’s not the cliq or the behold 2.

  37. Vibrants even better than that G2 rebranded crap.

  38. f*ck the vibrant update the mytouch series this is ridiculous canceling after contract

  39. Actually I’m jealous of the Vibrant users given what a nightmare the Captivate update is! Not only did it make the GPS LESS stable and locked out the way to adjust it through the dialer it more importantly broke the default email and messaging clients on my captivate! Specifically, since the update the email client sometimes crashes when I’m not even in it and I get a popup that only allows me to force close the client, other times it will simply stop being able to go out to my POP account and I thus have to reboot the phone at least once a day to keep the email client functioning (never had either of these problems before the update). As for the messaging client, since the update it will randomly remove the area code from texts that I am sending out causing them to bounce back as invalid addresses (this seems more common if I’m texting someone who is already in my contacts but it is intermittent even then). Also I never noticed any lag or visual stuttering before the update but after the patch everything seems to go through visual lags and stuttering, even things as simple as the settings menus and live backgrounds that worked fine before the patch. I’m considering trying a factory wipe and rebuild but I use this phone for work and it is such a pain to set everything back up. I’m almost to the point where I just want to go back to my old unlocked Rogers branded Magic and would if it weren’t for the bigger screen and the slim hope of eventually getting Froyo. Anyways, Vibrant users should feel relieved, I truly am jealous of your not having to deal with this OTA downgrade.

  40. Honestly, I no longer care about or really want any updates from Samsung. I knew going into my vibrant this would probably happen. With some learning and patience, I have been able to fix these problems over at XDA. I have sped up and modded my phone better that samsung could ever do with a half-baked update. Wireless tethering, GPS lock in under 5 seconds, no lagginess,… Root your phone and install the bionix 1.4 ROM.


  41. WTF???…..Here we go again!!!!

  42. The jack works fine…my gps works fine too. You want to gripe? Try owning a blackberry pearl! Samsung could do better about keeping people informed and getting updates out in a timely fashion, but its a solid phone…love it!

  43. Why are these Galaxy S bashers complaining when they don’t even own one. These are fastest selling Android phones right now. Their phones look like crap and slow when they put next to the Galaxy S with SUPER AMOLED screen and fastest 1Ghz(Same processor as iPad) processor out there. They hate Samsung phones because their high end phones take Top 3 spots in gsmarena and Galaxy S is one of them.

  44. I have a Vibrant, for you idiots who need assistance go to google and type “samsung vibrant gps fix” and follow the directions. there is a simple fix online (took about 3min total) and now my GPS works perfect, locks on within about 20-30secs. FYI the fix was available for the vibrant about 1.5 wks after launch and worked BEFORE it worked on the captivate. Other than that, this phone is amazing. Insanely fast, multi tasks great, and the screen is beautiful. i was the first to get one, the day it launched, now 4 other friends have them. I had a minor battery issue, which TMO fixed asap, and they only had the GPS problem. Im working on 3mos with the phone, they are all between 1-2mos, no other issues. Im gonna guess everyone having issues is just technologically inept. Also, im listing to music via headphones plugged into the perfectly functional 3.5mm jack as we speak ;) .

  45. I just got my samsung vibrant yesterday. Best phone at tmobile hands down. I am willing to wait for the update. I mean motorola made me wait a whole year for cliq update to 2.1 I gave up and got me a samsung. Love it so far. The screen size is just perfect

  46. The Gps on my vibrant works great after i rooted and put the lag fix hack. I also have my vibrant overclocked to 1.2ghz it runs like a beast. I Can’t wait for Froyo!!

  47. The Vibrant is a fantastic phone. There is not another phone, with he exception of other Galaxy S devices, that can touch the speed and beauty with which it operates. All will be well in a month or so with Froyo. T mobile is great… Samsung is great… the Vibrant is great.

  48. my vibrant is acting up. I recently downloaded an app that required me to restart my phone. After I did so I received 25 sms and mms messages that were sent 2 days prior from my friends. This whole time I thought they dissed me and never texted back. really weird. but that is bull that I am not receiving all my messages same day or without me having to reboot my phone. Can someone help?

  49. I had an Iphone on Tmobile and for some stupid reason bought in to all the hype about Android and Vivrant. First of all this phone sucks! YES, GPS is very important, I used it all the time on my iphone for directions, golfing and biking. FIX THIS ALREADY!!!

    Next issue, this phone came preloaded with crap! I don’t want or need all this software, with Apple IOS, you get the basic Apple apps that work and are not trails and a clean phone. You can also reinstall your entire OS from ITUNES, How do I do that on the vivrant?

    I could go on and on, Android is annoying!!! the web browser also sucks!

    TG I tried android, I want Apple back in my life, I will gladly pay 200 to end my contract with T-mobile for buying this piece of sh*T

  50. Just root your phone and install a new ROM from developers that take the needed parts (GPS Fix etc) from all the updates the Samsung Galaxy S is getting all over the world. My Vibrant is snappy, GPS fixed, and customized they way I want it.

    As for Samsung haters… I will agree Samsung doesn’t know anything about software but the hardware on the Samsung Galaxy S phone far outweigh HTC and the iPhone in my opinion. The beauty of Android is I don’t need to rely on Samsung lacking software issues.

  51. look Samsung is terrible honestly. i bought the samsung behold last year after samsung promised to update the behold 2 “shortly” after release. has it been updated yet? nope. i have the nexus one now and as everyone may know it gets the updates first and ontime. stay away from samsung for you and your wallets sake

  52. Can any one say class action lawsuit. who the hell tested this thing I’m going back to my G1 till they figure this out. Epic Failure on T-mobile and Samsung for rushing this when clearly it was not ready. Booooooooo!

  53. GREAT PHONE + NO SUPPORT = FAIL. Oh, here is your FrozenYogart . . . meanwhile Gingerbread is rumored in the next couple of weeks EPIC FAIL. stick to making TV’s Crapdung.

  54. Like most people think, the vibrant is a very good phone. Unfortunately samsung made that phone and their customer service is soo poor that it becomes a waiste. A simple gps fix, after they promised that it will come by the end of September is still not available, while every other phone is also getting froyo, we have to wait with their “very soon”. I like my vibrant so I’ll keep it but from now on I’ll never buy a samsung product because there’s better out there.

  55. i know from experience its t-mobile not allowing samsungs update to be pushed out, i for one have received an update that was supposed to take me up to ji6 instead it took me to customer service to get a new (refurbished phone) even though i wasnt rooted it put me on the boot screen & just stood there, then when i get the new/refurbished phone, it comes already updated to ji6 so im all so happy even though they gave ups my wrong address & took 11 days to get to me after waiting in the ups line outside in 55 degree temperature for about an hour & thirty minutes. but to get to the point i then get an update for the phone and it actually downgraded me to jfd, no more task manager,no samsung entertainment, no hd camera shortcut, no gps update,no eFing! nothing. not to mention now theyre sending me another phone, so the moral of this story is that it isnt samsung that isnt sending out the updates, because if at&t a sim card using carrier with the same exact internals got the upgrade why wouldnt they have tmobiles vibrant witch is an exact copy of the samsung i9000? you guys believe all that BS its really that t-mobile knows theyre going to fuck up the ota theyll have more unhappy customers,plain n simple.

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