T-Mobile G2 Arriving In Stores Ahead of October 6th Release



The T-Mobile G2 won’t be getting into the hands of any would-be owners for at least eight more days when the October 6th release date rolls around, but the handsets are already streaming into at least one TMo store in preparation for one of their most anticipated new smartphones. Do I smell one or two of these bad boys escaping into public hands before they are supposed to? I’m sure we will be hearing about that at some point, but until then here are a shot of the phone in stock at T-Mobile. Hit the source link for more.


[via TMoNews]

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  1. Looks niiice. Just pre-ordered mine today. Replacing my Cliq :-D

  2. no light ring around the trackpad. someone is going to cry.

  3. Thats just a Desire Z rebranded.

  4. @KTP
    And your point? What if The Desire Z is a G2 rebranded?

  5. I’m thinking the preorders will be delivered before the 6th. My order stated I will get it on or before the 6th with an estimated delivery of the 29th, tomorrow! No expectations though, and with my luck it will be after the 6th.

  6. Desire Z is the G2 with HTC Sense. Also the G2 will take advantage of t-mobile’s great HSPA+ network!

  7. G2 is Beautiful! I almost wish it were more than Marginally better than my Nexus One which I also love. kinda wish I didn’t love it so much! seriously ha

  8. The G2 has more internal storage than the Desire Z… 1.5Gig for the Desire Z vs 4Gig on the G2.

    And of course as others have mentioned, the G2 supports HSPA+.

    Therefor they are not the same.

  9. i hope it comes in black too…

  10. It won’t come in another color I’m guessing…

  11. This is my dread come true its like a nexus with a qwerty.

  12. *dream (woops sorry)

  13. bye bye cliq hello G2 per-order mines 24 Friday at 1201am finally get an update if the cliq never will get 1

  14. While G2 is very nice, it’s just a small upgrade over my beloved Nexus1. So I’ll skip waiting for the next Google developer phone with Gingerbread. I want to get on the latest Android OS as early as possible, which means sticking with the Google developer phone. Hopefully that will enable me to get on Honeycomb by Q2 next year.

  15. i heared about this handset from somewhere else too. I want to see its complete specs. Anyway, thanks for the post.

  16. Desire Z also supports hspa+

  17. Mine is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Way ahead of schedule. Of course, the cry babies over on the T Mobile forum are suicidal because they wanted it yesterday…..

  18. G2 has no wifi hotspot

    Nexus One wins again.

  19. G2 has the potential to have the wifi hotspot. The real question will be, will the G2 be like the Galaxy S when unlocked? Aka will it have full support for all GSM bands?

  20. I JUST PUT SOME MONEY DOWN ON THE G2. RADIO SHACK IS RELEASING THE G2 ON OCT 3rd. and they are given me $60 dollars for my old G1 as a trade in !

  21. Preordered mine the day preorders went live. just got my automated txt today 9/29. expected delivery date of 10/1

    on a sad note I went later in day to preorder, and was told I was first preorder of the day. Gave me bad vibes. but the GPU in this phone gives me good vibes.. so were balanced.

    Whats your plans for your old G1’s? Dont think Tmo will be giving $60 for mine. Mine will become cyanogen toy. kind of already is with no backup atm.. scary flashing those test builds!!

    /cheers readers!

  22. I just got my G2 in the mail today!

    BTW AndroidToy: there is a light ring around the track pad.

  23. i got my G2 today :)

  24. This phone looks like the Samsung Moment for Sprint. LoL!! But it has a cool sleek design like the Nexus One. The Nexus One is awesome, but now there is a keyboard!! I love keyboards! LoL!! I’m getting closer to the perfect phone. (for me) I have to pick one of these up. But Ima wait until after it comes out. Here some user reviews about it to see.

    I rushed into the HD2 and that was an awful experience. LoL!!

  25. Oh! And everybody who got there phone today and stuff. FORGET YOU!! I HATE YOU!! I want this phone. It looks nice!! XD

    Looks better than my Vibrant. LoL!!

    User reviews please? Is the keyboard nice? Screen looking good? LoL!! Have fun and I hate you!! XD

    I’m such a hater. LoL!! >:D

  26. agghhh just got mine today its sooo effing nice!

  27. To bad there are so much probs with the G2 right out of the box, from everything im reading people are having memory probs.. I guess it was supposed to be 4gb but most people are only getting 1.8gb roms.. I am so happy I didnt wait for this phone. I dont get why they would go with a slower cpu and smaller screen.. side by side with the Vibrant it looks so small and washed out on the G2.. It seems the Vibrant is still T-mo’s best Android device.. im not hating on the G2 as I was had the G1 the first day it was out and after 2 years went to the Vibrant.. things have come along way.. gl to everyone and I hope you guys get your rom issues fixed without having to send your phones back..

  28. Received my G2 yesterday… and I love it. Much needed upgrade from the HTC HD2. Only issue thus far, from the first three calls made, 2 call dropped.

    Other than that, I truly look forward to exploring the rest of my G2!!!

  29. Why would this be an upgrade from nexus one?., I think not

  30. 3 row qwerty instead of 4 is a disappointment. I really prefer they keyboard on the G1.

  31. Only 800 mhz but the benchmark test has the cpu soooo much faster than every other android phone. Look it up. Nexus one can’t compare. Galaxy s phone should have about the same scores once they get updated to 2.2

  32. Got it Sunday – T-Mobile made it very hard to do business. I love it but t-mobile is a terrrible company to do business with

  33. I think its funny how everyone is soooo turned off by what the read about this phone but in reality it is an AMAZING device. Of course the CPU is rated at 800 mhz but I know it blows away my bros Droid X and my sisters Evo and Moto Droid…so the screen is smaller than all but one of those phones but I can say with utter confidence that the fit and finish of the G2 is FAR superior to the other deices, for instance the battery door appears to be made from a solid piece of metal (aluminum or SS maybe?). Now I’m not bashing on these phone because I like all 3 but I think for now, mine is the best ;)

  34. @Onemoa, I seriously looked at the Vibrant, but the battery life appears to only be about 6.5 hrs. I CANNOT have a phone that needs to be recharged by midday. What’s your experience been with battery life?

  35. I own a Nexus and I just played with a friend’s G2 and the only thing that was better was the fact that the G2 has 7 screens instead of the 5 screens Nexus users have…..Guess what though, my Nexus also has 7 screens because I downloaded LauncherPro. The G2 cannot tether, the Nexus can. We are on 2.2.1 and will be the first to get Gingerbread as promised by Google.

    I love you Nexus one!

  36. the hspa+ connection is so fast it makes up for the 800 processor, that’s what a t-mobile employee on the phone told me

  37. I got mine (G2) a t-mobile store (in mall) 2 days before the official release. Everyone we dealt with was awesome. I put on the 2 piece cover (sold there) and results in a heavy/solid phone. The keyboard keys are easy to feel and utilize. The phone and internet are very fast.
    I told the GPS “verbally” my address and drew me a path, all within a few seconds.
    So far now real problems with my unit. I’m quite happy, coming from the G1.

  38. OMG i scratched the back of my G2, but it was the back and not the front so i’m good because this is THE BEST PHONE to date and i had: NEXUS ONE, EVO, EPIC, VIBRANT, CAPTIVATE, G1, CLIQ, CLIQ XT, BEHOLD 2. I do miss my NEXUS ONE but this is a better upgrade by far!

  39. I love the phone! I have AT&T and I got the G2 Unlocked. I wanted to try it out to see how I liked it and it’s much better than my iPhone! LOVE IT!

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