Galaxy Tab for Verizon Gets Internally Confirmed for Official Announcement on Thursday



While it has been known for quite some time that Verizon would be seeing the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the company is officially announcing the device to their employees in preparation for Thursday’s public unveiling in New York City. Though other carriers including at least Sprint and AT&T will also announce availability at the same event, the leaked documents from Verizon tease that the Tab is “just weeks away,” suggesting Big Red will be seeing their first Android tablet in October or November at the latest. See the below image for some re-hashed details you might have missed from the IFA announcement. As always, Phandroid will be reporting back from the announcement event with plenty of hands-on goodness and any other news that may break.


[via DroidLife]

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  1. Is a tablet really worth it??? I just don’t understand this whole tablet craze. (:

  2. The end of conversation. The end of engagement. The end of family.
    The end of community. The end of all attachment – except to your internet device.

  3. Awesome, wonder what pricing will be? I’m assuming you have to have a data plan since it is being sold by a wireless carrier…be nice if they offered a wi-fi only or pay as you go wireless plan with no contract!

  4. @John – err, right. I think you may be a little too pessimistic there!

  5. @josh. econ 101. value is subjective. Nobody can tell you if a tablet is “worth it” to you. The concept is worth it to me, I just have yet to see one that is compelling enough to buy. For me personally I think its going to be another year before they are at the level I want. I hope the Tab is successful since it will be the first high profile Android based tablet.

  6. Do want.

  7. nice! :D

  8. 1. my experience with Samshit galaxy i7500 after a half update droped by them
    2. google telling 2.2 not ready for tablet
    didn’t they learn nothing? moneysharks!

  9. Still waiting for the Notion. For a tablet, 7 in just doesn’t cut it (too close to a phone).

  10. most uses of the tablet are for on the toilet… no more shampoo bottles…

  11. Could be perfect remote for google TV.

  12. I’m holding off on tablets until they have LTE built-in. Gingerbread or Honeycomb too.

  13. my phone is a 4.3 inch device 2.7 inches doesnt seem enough to get this..

  14. I’m going to pick one up to replace my N1. I use less than 400 minutes a month, so the inconvenience of having a Bluetooth headset in your pocket won’t be so bad for me.

  15. @galaxy i7500:

    Google was saying 2.2 is not optimized for tablets *out of the box*… but Samsung and other manufacturers have been optimising 2.2 and making it suitable for 2.2.

    Besides, Gingerbread (3.0) is due out in Q4, so the tablets should get an upgrade shortly I would imagine.

  16. Android 2x is not designed for higher res devices.

    My prediction: There will be several lame android tablets released for the “holiday season”. They will all be embarrassing.

    Would be much better to wait for 3x or use chrome when it is ready and do it right – blow people away; rather than releasing a bunch of mediocre 2x android tablets this year. It will give android a bad reputation and nobody will really love these things.

  17. The real test is to put it next to the iPad and see which one looks better. I’ve read plenty of reports that the resolution on the iPad isn’t all that great either, but a 7″ tablet might make the difference. As for me, I’d buy one if they have a wifi only version, and the price is right. The size is perfect for carrying and the Samsung site has plenty of accessories, like some nice carry cases.

  18. Why the hell they skip out on a t-mobile version??

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