Shocker: Google Says Android 2.2 Not Meant for Tablets in its Current State


Since 2010 took off, many a hardware manufacturer (mostly the smaller guys) have looked to Android for their tablet offerings. We’ve seen many highly-customized experiences (such as Archos’ offerings, the Dell Streak, and the newly-announced Samsung Galaxy Tab), but other manufacturers are perfectly fine with just slapping Android onto a piece of hardware and selling it for $200. Android’s agnostic nature has given everyone the idea that it can be put on anything, but Google says otherwise: it simply isn’t meant for tablets, just yet. (He specifically stated 2.2, but if Froyo itself isn’t meant for tablets, then I can’t imagine anything before it was).


They still do support some higher-end tablet offerings – such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Dell Streak – by allowing those devices to use GAPPS and the Android market, but that’s because those manufacturers took the time to customize Android to play nice with apps not built for bigger screen sizes and higher resolutions (and because the rest of the device conforms to the standards needed to properly and fully license Android). We know Samsung was – at one point – contacting developers individually to fix their apps for their then-unannounced Galaxy Tab.

So we already knew all of this, sure, but will Google do anything about it? According to rumors: yes. Gingerbread is supposed to be the first step in blurring the line between tablet and phone, and Honeycomb is supposed to take us to a whole new level, but Google has yet to confirm anything. They did say they’re looking to provide a new distribution mechanism for the market in the future for app publishers to target tablet users specifically (with Google probably working with licensees to build a specific tablet version of the market onto professed tablet devices to avoid further leg work by application developers), but there’s no telling when that’ll happen.

At least we can say we’re a third of the way into September: bringing us that much closer to an October reveal of Android 3.0 Gingerbread where we’ll learn more about Google’s next move(s).

[TechRadar via Androinica]

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  1. Android is getting out of control. These manufactures dont know anything about software so they take something elmers glue it to something & say buy this. It’s getting ridiculous there need to be some kind of level of control. Also if u really wanna take android by storm, quit bragging about overkilled useless hardware specs in your tv ads like it’s some kind of alien invasion (droiiid) but features in it that everyday consumers can use not everyone a tech geek they dint know what that type of stuff is. I’m not trolling & it’s not googles fault interiely that this is happening

  2. @sean – yes you are trolling. ’nuff said.

  3. But that is the nature of Openness, right? It does pose some dangers for Android (and Google), if folks put crap into the market (not the Android Market, but “the” market) and consumers mistake the crappy instance to mean that Android is crappy. I do think the speed with which devices are reviewed and potential consumers’ instant access to those reviews should lessen that risk, somewhat. Ultimately, time will tell. I agree, though, that the focus on specs is mostly meaningless to the vast majority of consumers, but the manufacturers/carriers are seeking someway to differentiate themselves when putting forth products that (like windows desktops) are pretty much interchangeable for typical consumer needs.

  4. It is one thing saying it is not meant for tablets and another saying it is not optimised for tablets.
    I think this is more of the latter.
    Google have an open mind approach to Android, they have nothing against it on tablets but they realise it is not optimised for tablets so they are going to work on it.

  5. Well-said, Will.

  6. Yeah, this seems more like a warning to consumers than anything else: “It might not play nice, so you might want to hold off; and we appreciate the demand for optimisation so look forward to it in Gingerbread”.

  7. They just need to combine Chrome OS and Android. I’d buy it right now if it was out there.

  8. Google needs to get a chrome OS out of the door aleady! everyday the potential android tablet market is losing more ground to apple. It’s been a year + where is the chrome OS for tablets?

  9. 99% of apps work fine on Archos tablets, and it is possible to install the full Google Marketplace on Archos tablets just by finding the right market4archos.apk file and clicking on it from the file browser to install it. It takes 1 minute to get it to work.

  10. It’s the best products for user. Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers and netbooks….I love it.

  11. The market apk for Archos is only confirmed to work on the Archos 5 Interent Tablet. It isn’t guaranteed to work on the upcoming generation 8 Archos tablets.

    Also, many apps don’t fully work on the Archos 5 Interent Tablet. Makes sense since app developers didn’t make sure it works on the device. That 99% figure charbax is spreading around is a total lie.

  12. Remember when Google bought Bump Desktop? It was suspected that would be the look of the tablet interface. Also, it has been said that new versions of Android will have a look similar to the gallery app on 2.2 phones. Google has something else planned for tablets but many manufacturers are jumping the gun. I personally will wait until Google says Android is ready for tablets.

  13. I’m going to go with the reason most current tablets use no more than 854×480 resolution. The system can easily scale a graphic with little change in code for screen that size but beyond it no longer wants to work (or you get really odd results). Probably Chrome OS is better suited for higher resolution tablets.

  14. They are really only referring to the UI experience. It of course can and is being used for tablets.

  15. Apple took the same icon grid UI of iphone and used it on their iPad. Google is probably saying: “we have better ideas for a tablet UI instead of just increasing the screen size.”

  16. I’m gonna bookmark this one for sure, thanks!

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