Google Being Sued Over Nexus One Issues


Another week, another suit. This time, Google’s being pulled into court to fight against a class action lawsuit that states Google breached


their contract between them and their customers. Nathan Nabors of Florida is the man leading the charge as he feels Google misled buyers on its features – as some of them failed to maintain 3G connectivity – and felt that they failed to provide adequate support throughout the time they were selling the device.

The lawsuit looks to cover anyone from Florida and California that purchased the Nexus One through Google. T-Mobile and HTC were not listed as defendants even though the hardware (HTC) and the network (T-Mobile) both make up significant pieces in the puzzle that still has yet to be solved with the Nexus One’s apparent 3G shenanigans (which HTC admitted was an issue, though they never committed to providing a fix).

Google’s been reached for comment by the breaker of the story – TechCrunch – but nothing has been said yet. Once we learn more, we’ll bring the juicy details right to your monitor.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Gold digger

  2. I wouldn’t mess with Google, I heard they make people disappear! lol Google FTW!

  3. America… you have FAR too many lawyers!

  4. This is retarded. I realize that Google’s support for this phone sucks but a hardware problem would be HTC’s fault and not Google.

  5. Wow, ok. Everyone wants to sue Google now. Google should find some way to cut off access to any of their resources to the people trying to sue them. Lol, that would be childish, Google is better than that. I bet the childish steve jobs is behind all these law suits. Hehe :)

  6. shit if this gets me some money in my pockets , im all for it

  7. Quentyn Kennemer:

    2nd word, “Another weak, another suit.” should be week.

  8. I would think 3G connectivity would have more to do with Tmobile (the network) and HTC(the hardware), unless Google pulled an Apple and made it appear we had 2 more 3g bars than what we actually did lol

  9. that’s pretty weak spelling.

  10. Casper, no kidding. Half of the problems here in the US, are caused by lawyers.

  11. FFS. This shouldn’t be allowed to go anywhere unless he can prove that the issue caused him direct financial damage. In which case he should probably have had an enterprise solution in the first place.

  12. On a side note, every time I get angry at Google for something I find myself thinking just how great Android is and then remember how badly I want to work for them.


  14. #1, bingo.

    This will be dropped in court faster than it was filed, which was fast.

    why? There is no service level agreement or support contract.

    Microsoft and apple are pushing hard to try to get the world to sue google, and it looks like it’s working (hint: the suit by apple is all about android and they state it, and same with oracle)

  15. Maybe they should sue T-Mobile for shit coverage

  16. what a world we live in… imagine if people put all the time and effort that they use for stuff like this to actually contribute to society rather than increase the overhead!

  17. Where are the Apple lawsuits then?

  18. @Ace Curry T-mobile has nothing to do with this. The whole its T-mobile’s fault is a lie. The Nexus One 3G issue got complaints from all around the world. I used to be one of these people and even though I have a T-mobile tower 400ft from me with 3G+ the internet wouldn’t connect at random like 20 times a day. Luckily for me after only 2 replacements I no longer have that problem or the infamous touchscreen one either. One thing I do know is that HTC should be the main one being sued because they were selling lemons other people have got 6+ replacements and not one will work properly and that shouldn’t be acceptable.

  19. This is from the Nexus One forums from yesterday:

    Level 1
    So i purchased my second Nexus One about a month and half ago. First one I had had the awful screen issue and I returned it. This one has not had one single issue the past 6 weeks. When i called Nexus support regarding the activation I inquired about this and the person said, “I can’t get into any details but just be happy that you have purchased a later build.” So apparently they did something hardware related to fix this. I am also pretty sure that I am going to sell this one since I am switching to AT&T to go on a family plan and this is the T-Mobile version. It is is brand new shape with no scratches or anything. I am insanely delicate with my phones. So if anyone is interested in purchasing it send me an offer and email me at grdella at gmail.com.

  20. I have 2 nexus ones and neither of them have these problems. One of them was purchased in january and the other just 2 or 3 weeks ago. The nexus one is the best android phone as far as im concerenced and I own or have owned almost all of them.

  21. @Bigmerf… I’m kind of with you! I’m in FL with N1. Has definitely 3G issues – but I’m more against t-mo for that. I have nothing but love for Google

  22. @Josh I bought two on day one and only one of them had these problems but what really pissed me off was that a simple replacement didn’t fix it the first time and others have been trying for months. Every phone is going to have some kind of problem but to go through months and months of lies with HTC and Google telling you there is no problem or that they checked your new replacement before they sent it to you, then after one minute of the first boot the problems start again. I mean come on I love my working Nexus One and I don’t care what anybody says its still the king of Android phones but next time I’m getting a carrier supported Google device.

  23. class action lol. Only one who will make money out of this are the lawyers.

    Plus Nexus One was not carrier bound. Best they can do is provide the compatibility stats and hope the carriers comply. I’m sure the cell carriers made it oh so easy (rolls eyes) to keep things connected. I mean, Nexus One only represented a massive cash cow disappearing overnight if it caught on …..

  24. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  25. who ever this person is is just dissatisfied with his purchase he was to stupid to research.

  26. I hate people that sue whomever they want because they got shafted but I think there needs to be some law in place that protects the consumer when buying cellphones.

    Any phone that is put up for sale from its day of public release with a 2-yr contract needs to be supported by all parties invested in the phone for said 2 yr period.
    Something like this creates accountability in the companies and might actually make them create a better product to start with.
    I’m sure there would be other positive and negative repercussions from such a law but just my 2-cents.

    I love my N1 but Google gave itself a big black eye in my opinion with the N1 and there handling of the phone and its website. The funny thing is that the N1 is still THE Dev/test phone out there. I think once the N1 ceases to become THE Dev/test phone for Google then I might upgrade. As long as my Nexus can run the next iteration of Android, I’ll ride it out till mid next year.

  27. I never had a problem with the 3G, and the GPS worked lovely too! – himt, hint, Vibrant/Samsung

  28. Stupid! This is the kind of stuff that drives prices up for the rest of us. In the end, we pay for these law suits. As Jared said in the first comment, these people are nothing but gold diggers. Sure, maybe Google shafted these guys a bit with the 3G problems, but think of what they have done and what they have given back to the community. I mean, common, would you sue McDonalds because they screwed up your order? What a bunch of loosers!

  29. How about suing Motorola for the fucking Milestone fiasco? o.O
    I’ve got a Milestone and I’d love to punch this whiny bastard “Nathan Nabors” directly in the face. They still get new roms and updates for the N1!! (the latest one was released TODAY) What are they complaining about??
    We have to fight to get some shitty bugfixes and Froyo will arrive end of the year for the Milestone! (Latin America propably won’t see it anyway)
    We even can’t use custom roms with an unofficial kernel (NO, ROM MODS USE STOCK-KERNELS, NO CUSTOM KERNEL POSSIBLE)
    Fuck this pisses me off!

  30. Just to add: Milestone randomly reboots, crashes, freezes, alarms are not working, STILL NO FLASH (it was advertised as flash ready) and so on. I constantly lose coverage and get pushed into roaming. Stop complaining about the N1! If they are so unhappy with it, I’d love to trade my Milestone for their N1’s! Morons.

  31. Wow what a tard that makes less sense than dying mcdonalds for being fat. YOU SIR ARE A LOSER! Everyone is trying to sue google because they’re on top right now. Plus you don’t sue verizon because u have a bad motorola phone dip $Π!t people like him and his $$$$$ hungry lawyer are the arm pit of america.

  32. #29 Florida, Dude… Anger Issues… lmao
    After all, it is “JUST” a phone.

    Other than that, this is so YAWNful… Frivolous legal action that will lead to nowhere. Possible even cost the jerk filing the suit $ when Google seeks cost’s recovery.

    No promise of connectivity implied, not by the equipment manufacturer, the Operating System supplier, nor the networks, so lots of luck with that!


  33. #32 Yeah, I know it is just a phone after all ^^ It is just plain stupid… I’d understand it if the phone exploded and blew his cock off or something…
    Coverage problems. Perhaps he just had an old sim card that causes radio issues. I hate rich kids.

  34. ok alot of these cases need to be thrown out in a huey because people are getting sue crazy on Google…

  35. The people defending Google just because they’re Google are as bad as those who defend Apple for being Apple. Reality check: Google isn’t going to hire you, get you a girlfriend or two, or tell people you’re cool just because you go all sycophant. Whether this guy has a case is for the courts to decide. And since Google sold the phone, marketed the phone, and pretty much in all ways billed it as the “Google Phone”, they’re the ones who get sued. If HTC is ultimately at fault, Google needs to deal with HTC themselves.


  37. Get rich quick, it’s your provider’s fault and not the phone…..

  38. #35. This.

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