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Weeks ago, we reported on Yahoo’s plans to bring a fantasy football app for their specific platform to the Android market. As I was finalizing settings for my league today, I wondered if there were any good fantasy apps out for Android and immediately remembered Yahoo was supposed to be bringing one out. I’m not sure what happened in the way of an official announcement, but the app is now up for download. It currently has less than 50 downloads and I’m only seeing comments starting from today so I’m sure this went down fairly recently. We’ve probably even jumped Yahoo’s own gun in announcing availability, but nevertheless, it’s there! Go ahead and download it now if you fancy Yahoo for your fantasy football needs.

[Update]: QR Code courtesy of Android & Me


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  1. any word on android version requirements? do you need 2.1?

  2. No QR code? Pshhhh!

  3. when will espn get their app?! Scorecenter just takes you to their mobile site…lame

  4. I’m unable to generate a QR code at the time without the proper package name to generate a market link.

  5. thanks for this. Here is an appbrain link for anyone who needs it.

  6. About time.

    This is indeed new, but they have been advertising the heck out of it. I just figured it would be September or the regular season before we saw anything, if at all.

  7. I can’t find it in the UK market, ffs please don’t tell me it’s restricted to the US.

  8. @Andy
    ESPN’s app is more than a wrapper. It has their news/score ticker and an alright widget.

  9. wish ESPN would quit dropping the ball.

  10. Fantasy Guru is a good fantasy app. And it doesn’t require everything but your social security number like Yahoo’s does.

  11. Here it is on AppBrain, and my fears are confirmed. It’s US only. Fine, screw you yahoo.

  12. market://search?

    There’s the link…don’t know if comments support HTML, but if they do, here’s the image:

  13. can’t find it in the market at all.I have Dell streak running 1.6.

  14. About time! Thanks!!

  15. Just search “Yahoo! Fantasy Football” in the market and it will pop up.

  16. Updated with a QR code

  17. The Yahoo! Fantasy App hit the market overnight. Overall, it’s pretty smooth, and has almost all the functionality I was hoping for. The one thing lacking in my opinion is a widget. I would have loved to see Yahoo! incorporate a widget for live matchup scores, including multiple league support.

  18. CBS Sportsline already has a app and it’s awesome.

  19. Not finding it in the market. Also tried scanning QR code. I have 1.6 might be only for 2.1

  20. It doesn’t work for me. It loads up my 3 leagues but nothing happens when I tap the screen on any of them. Does this app not support Droid X? What’s the problem? Uninstalling and going back to Fantasy Guru.

  21. This is awesome! perfect timing for the season. thanks yahoo, got 2 leagues. Agreed with above, a matchup widget with live updates would be AMAZING, but i’ll take what I can get

  22. Is there any additional functionality not found in Yahoo’s Fantasy Guru app? Otherwise, I fail to see the point in installing a football only app when I have one (albeit slightly buggy from time to time) that takes care of the 4 major sports?

  23. It’s about time. We haven’t done our draft in my league, yet, so there’s basically nothing you can do with this app, yet. I would have liked to at least been able to access the message board and articles/videos, like I can with Fantasy Guru, but I’ll wait until we’ve completed the draft before I make my final judgment.

  24. Not available in the UK, grrrrrrrr!

  25. available in Canada (Rogers).

  26. Works in Canada, perfect timing! I got my draft tonight

  27. This doesn’t appear to work. I have a team already created in a league. The app installed fine, but when I log on it tells me I don’t have any teams. POS…….

  28. Keep in mind that Fantasy Guru is NOT from Yahoo. For beetor or worse,it’s a third party app.

  29. @savagejeep Agreed, but Fantasy Guru seems to have a lot more features than Yahoo’s own app. You would think that it would be the other way around.

    Based on the comments in the Market, this lacks the ability to send trade proposals (or even accept, if I’m not mistaken), access to the message board (a deal-breaker for me), and picking up free agents (another deal-breaker). Will still try it out for live scoring, if it’s included. If no live scoring, then there’s really no reason to keep it over Fantasy Guru (even if FG doesn’t have live scoring).

    Either way, looking forward to the upcoming football season.


  30. I been using and I believe QR codes will been seen everyplace in the very near future!!!!

  31. I am a die hard Yahoo Fantasy Football player and have been waiting for his app for some time. I am disappointed to say the least. Not able to read or write messages, cannot pick up players for those times you cannot get to your computer, can’t use the smack talk feature, and can’t view links to videos and research. All you can do is view the matchup, change your line-up, and view standings. Pretty weak but I guess it’s a start. Until Yahoo steps its game up, I’m going to use the Fantasy Guru App even though it is a third party app, its proves to function much better!!

  32. It doesn’t look like a bad FFB app.

    I agree that the no trade, message board and smack talk features would have been a cool addition.

    @Tony (31), there is an add/drop feature for players.

  33. offers users the ability to manage their ESPN and Yahoo teams in one app. They have IPHONE and a Droid version. The Droid version is launching on the 6th.

  34. MY FANTASY FOOTBALL GURU on the droid is the best new fantasy football app. Sends alerts like text messages to your phone with players that are hurt and what back-up to grab, hot players, and trends…. all live, 7 days a week

  35. FantasyGuru is TERRIBLE.

    And why is it not available in the UK? That sucks. It completely sucks. What possible rationale is there for that?

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