Mark DeLoura, Google’s Gaming Advocate, Leaves after only 4 Months


delouraA few months back Google made a series of strategic moves that signaled they were starting to approach gaming in a serious way. One such move was the acquisition of Mark DeLoura as Gaming Advocate. DeLoura had previously seen time with Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Nintendo, and Ubisoft, and the addition was said to be a major turn for Google in gaining developer support and furthering their gaming platforms. Now after a mere four months of work with the search giant, DeLoura is parting ways.

In a blog post announcing his resignation that took place monday, DeLoura wrote, “there are a lot of very interesting things going on at Google right now, and I enjoyed working with many of the people there, but it was not the perfect fit for me.”

While DeLoura’s accomplishments at Google seemed more linked into the browser side of things rather than mobile, the move is no doubt a blow to all facets of gaming on the company’s various platforms. We expect Google to keep moving forward with their push towards making gaming a viable business for them, and no doubt should hear of a new hire to replace DeLoura soon.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. I bet its because they are too worried about these social games and not more hardcore gaming (not just FPS…even 2D action) and making it easier for the developer in those arenas. Google…those Facebook games work well on Facebook. You’ll get creamed by WinPhone 7 and Xbox Live Arcade with those Facebook games.

  2. Game dev has sucked bad on Android, hopefully they (Google) were hoping for a faster change that he was willing to commit to/able to deliver. My only regret from leaving ATT/iPhone is gaming. You can only play Homerun battle so many times….

  3. wha?

    homerun derby
    armageddon squadron
    asphalt 4
    fifa 2010
    raging thunder 2
    spider man toxic city
    are the games i have on mine. IM NOT EVEN A GAMER!
    they mainly for my 4yo.
    but they are all HOT!
    they many not have as many, as with apps, mobile games than the iphone…but they have em and they are playable while u REALLY multitask and enjoy your device :)

  4. i agree with aleis, there are some awesome games on the android phones, though the best games, are made for the more high end phones, or at least i would imagine. gameloft is making some awesome games for android devices, such as
    asphalt 5
    sandstorm, ect…
    these games are very impressive. they are awesome, though it will take some getting used to controlling them with a touch screen. and the major downside to getting these games, is that you have to go to gameloft’s website in order to get most of the games. if all the gameloft games were on the market place, they would make a huge profit. notice, as cool as these games are, you can easily tell which xbox360/ps3 counterpart they are based off of. modern conflict:sandstorm, is easily a mobile version of modern warfare. nova, to me, seems like a mobile knockoff of halo. but it’s ok to me, cause these games are high quality. go to gameloft’s website to get these games, you can either purchase them, or download the demo.

  5. was he asked to leave ? He doesn’t have a new job yet. Makes me suspicious he was fired.

  6. I’m not sure what happened. But I know it smells fishy. Maybe Google didn’t like what he offered and so they kindly asked him to leave. Maybe Mark didn’t like where Google was going with their gaming plan. Maybe Google didn’t give him enough control, but instead tried to use him as a tool. Whatever the case, it doesn’t look good for Google gaming.

  7. @jer

    Dude, I feel ya man. Homerun Battle 3D is by far the best game on the Android Market. It has great graphics, smooth gameplay, and fantastic online multiplayer functionality. Plus, it has great replayability with the gear-up system. Why haven’t there been more games like this on the Android Market? Asphault is just OK. Robo Defense is addicting and fun, but the graphics are 2D and there is no online multiplayer.

  8. Sounds like he got caught yanking it in the ladies room or something?! Oh well, survival of the most adaptable.

  9. Where did my comments go? This blog sucks.

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