Text Message Speed Record Broken Thanks to Swype on the Samsung Galaxy S


Guinness World Records has long had an entry for the world’s fastest texter, a record judged by the time in which someone can put in a particular phrase or sentence. Mellisa Thompson – a Galaxy S user from Salford, England – used her phone and the preinstalled Swype keyboard to break the record previously held by Franklin Page from the United States – who also used Swype (though on a non-Android Samsung handset) by ~10 seconds.

Melissa did it in 25.94 seconds opposed to Franklin Page’s 35.54. This is probably due to it being easier to Swype on the Galaxy S – which uses a capacitive touchscreen – opposed to the Omnia II which uses a resistive touchscreen. Whether or not you think the record is pointless or holds no prestige, it’s still pretty impressive. Anyone breaking out their phone to try out the phrase (quoted below) for themselves?

“The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.”

[via Android Central]

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  1. Eh….cool, but this record will be broken very soon…by another bored person with a swype keyboard.

  2. Since Swype is a learning keyboard, are they required to have the memory cleared before the test? Otherwise the speed of typing that phrase really isn’t a fair speed test. Random words and phrases would be better.

  3. Nice job, now do something about those teeth

  4. Swype’s dictionary is already comprehensive. I typed out this phrase and it either knew those words already or it knew what I wanted as it didn’t even ask for confirmation.

  5. This is old news. I read about this about 2 months ago. Phandroid has gone downhill massively lately; what with downtime and 2-3 days between news updates. I think it’s time to find a new blog to frequesnt…

  6. Agnos, those words are in swype automatically. Clear the memory and these words are still there. As Phoenix said Swype’s dictionary is comprehensive.

  7. lol, swype. I tried this sentence with my HTC Sense keyboard. While STOPPING and LOOKING at the sentence I did the first line in 18 seconds.

    If I knew the entire line at heart, I could do it in that same 25 seconds. Perhaps even less.

  8. Swype is probably the fastest keyboard I’ve used. Although I’ve grown more partial to SwiftKey beta. For me, swiftkey is easier for one handed typing with the thumb.

  9. I’m from Manchester where she’s from and I can tell you those teeth pretty common unfortunately.

  10. Swype works great on 6 letter words and up. But after trying to write “the” and it coming up as “threw” about 20 times, I was done.

  11. I dunno how they say this breaks speed records. It’s not even the same as regular texting where fingers are flying. This woman and the previous record holder always looked way too relaxed. So, I am not impressed at all because it looked way too leisurely. Imagine if she put the same kind of effort as traditional speed texters!

  12. They do require the memory to be cleared before trying! Impressive record but the swype is the real winner :D

  13. Ezzy, if you think you can do it prove it. or shaddup :)

  14. so many people talking shit here lol and non of em can even come close to the record.

  15. I hear everyone talking about Swype, which isn’t even out yet when I’ve been using SlideIT for a while now and LOVE it. I’ve used the Swype beta and I gotta say, SlideIT just works better. Its dictionary is better, it’s word prediction is better and it’s way of choosing alternate words is better. Instead of forcing you to choose from a popup menu, it makes its best guess then gives you an unobtrusive menu of alternate words to choose from in case it got it wrong. Please, try SlideIT, it’s a superior keyboad and it’s already available.

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