Get the Official Flash 10.1 Release for Installation on any Phone Running Android 2.2



Adobe officially released the final build of Flash 10.1 for Android last week, but it was only available to those Nexus One users who could install it from the Android Market. For owners of Froyo-packing handsets that either received the beta of Flash along with their update or no Flash at all as is the case with the Motorola Droid, the latest build of Adobe’s web content plug-in was just out of reach. Now, thanks to our good friends at DroidLife the application package has been located and can be installed to any phone running the latest version of Android. Just follow the download link below and install as you would any third-party app.

Flash 10.1 for Android download

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. ANY Phone with 2.2?? Or any non ARM6 phone with 2.2??

  2. I wonder who’s blocking it on the Droid…I’m running CM6rc3 and it shows up on the market…

  3. I’ve got it installed already with Baked Snack on my Evo but this one would not update the one that’s installed. Not sweating it since it works fine either way.

  4. Uhh… Do people really download random apk files from who-knows-where and install them on their phones? That’s not terribly smart and, in this case, I’d wager not terribly legal, either.

  5. @ dave its not illegal to root or modify your phone in any way.

  6. Could someone post the version number?

  7. Nevermind…

  8. @iamsteventucker While you are technically true (per the recent Library of Congress policy revisions), it can certainly be illegal to participate in unauthorized (unlicensed) downloads of copyrighted content; which includes software.

    Even if widely distributed and for all intents and purposes “free”, Flash isn’t free for the taking, and requires users to at least “read” and “consent” to a EULA before use.

  9. Not true. We D1 owners running CM6 got it just fine last week.
    Your editor sucks.

  10. @neoterix true, but if Flash is going to be available, and should be available, and was promised and that promise was unfulfilled, i think it is safe to download the pack. and a note for anybody else reading, i just downloaded and installed and it worked perfectly.

  11. I think they meant non Arm6 phones….

  12. File is now unavailable

  13. Acer Liquid on CM6RC3 also sees that version of Flash on the market.

  14. Hmm will it work on Hero FroydVillain? (Android 2.2)

    I doubt they built a binary for that cpu…

  15. @iamsteventucker I’m just stating the law as it currently is; that unauthorized downloads of Flash can be construed to be “illegal.” Whether it is “safe” to download from a “harming your phone” perspective is not a question answered by the law.

  16. You should change the title of the article to Droid Phones running 2.2… it won’t install on a Hero running 2.2.

    The apk for flash contains binaries that are built for custom platforms…so saying ANY Phone is pretty misleading…

  17. Didn’t work on my Intruder. I would definetly change the title of this article.

  18. Just downloaded the flash 10.1 release & rebooted my droid1. Get no video format for your phone message when viewing a video on

  19. Would not work on my rooted Hero with Cyanogen 6 FroYo.

  20. I try to download the file and installed on my phone
    I have a rooted G1 runninc cyanogenmod rc 6 2.2froyo
    When I try to installed on my phone it won’t not install it
    (Application not installed)

  21. this is not a real universal flash update for all 2.2 phones, i recommend not to get this as this could be pirated or bugged

  22. Thanks, but I’ll be waiting for the official release.

  23. Folks, if you look here and scroll down to the “supported mobile devices” section you’ll see that Droid 1 is NOT yet on the list – it’s slated for “shortly” and “later this summer”…

  24. This shit dont work

  25. @wtfphone, True, but the Droid-Life forum is specifically created for Droid1 users and not EVO or Incredible. If the user blindly download the Flash application that is not intended for an non-droid phone, then that is the user’s fault. I tried it and it works fine on my Droid, but I am not saying everyone should that. If you are going to download it, then use judgment. You have no one to blame but yourself it does not work. Good luck.

  26. @NeoteriX Give it a rest, law abider number one. Get in you Minivan and drive the speed limit. Look I like my cars modded and love my phones modded to optimum performance. I got bigger things to worry about then ripping the label of the pillow. If you don’t want to do it fine but save your biblical moral babble for church. Now lets Mod.

  27. I googled “how to install flash on droid” and found a website with a link to a flash update that works. I’m so new to Android it ain’t funny but I was able to follow his instructions. This was from network world.
    I also couldn’t get the above link’s version to work.

  28. @all: I think Dave’s original main point was that downloading any apk (or exe, for that matter) file from megaupload, is risky. Who knows what someone might put up there, that they’ve hacked to get your personal info, or whatever, and put it up there calling it “Flash” knowing everyone will download it. The whole “illegal” thing was kind of an afterthought.

  29. I installed this on Sprint Lover rom abut I really don’t see the difference between this and the one built in to froyo. Can anyone tell?

  30. @RebelScum: It kind of boggles the mind, hey? I guess these are also the kind of people who think that running Symantec (while downloading and running anything they find anywhere) is a good way to keep their PC spyware-free.

  31. @ Phonedog – Stop being an idiot, if you like modding cars, unless you happen to actually be a racing team mechanic you are almost certainly screwing their performance, drilling out a larger bore exhaust, attaching a phatt spoiler, and sticking a little turbo whistle in your motor doesn’t “enhance” performance, it just makes you look stupid. As to the phone thing, I don’t think Neoterix ever suggested people should be afraid of doing these things, or that people shouldn’t if they wanted to, just that if they are doing it it would probably be good to bear in mind the legality of any such actions.

  32. Just wait. The OTA starts today so most of us will have it by the end of the week.

  33. I just got the new ota for my droid 2….guess what…..still no flash in my market

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