LG enV Touch 2 Has Android, Droid Pro Is World Phone


envtouch2It looks like LG and Verizon have heeded my long-standing request to turn the enV series of phones into Android devices, saving a brand name and keyboard line that was/is highly successful and familiar. An inside source at Engadget says the LG enV Touch 2 will have dual touchscreens (outside/inside)  along with Android 2.1 in a bulky/heavy frame.

I can tell you right now that I think the enV Touch 2 will be a HUGE success. It won’t be the most heavily powered Android Phone by any means- it will instead attempt to reach the middle of the road consumer who doesn’t want to pay big bucks for a smartphone but finds Android and smartphones in general a cool option. I’m thinking the LG enV Touch 2 will accomplish what the Motorola Devour should have tried. Of course this is a matter of opinion.

And one last note on that… they should be continuing this whole “Droid” branding so what about the LG enV Droid? I think that would make a lot of sense, retain the brand equity of both names, turn a lot of heads, and keep their naming structure straight forward.

Engadget is also reporting that the Motorola Droid Pro will simply be the World version of the Droid 2; you know, global roaming capabilities. One would expect a price boost for the added feature, but in my opinion why waste/dillute the Droid 2/Pro names when you could have just offered one phone that was global roaming? Does that feature cost that much more to manufacture?


In my last article, suggesting the LG enV series should go Droid, several people kind of blasted LG in general and the enV series specifically. Say what you will, but I’m putting my money on the phone being a huge success if they retain the shape/size/keyboard of old enV models and offer it at a competitive price.

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  1. So will this droid 2 work with european gsm operators? if yes why wait for the Milestone 2?

  2. I don’t really see the point in continuing the enV brand if it’s going to use Android. It’s draw was being the best Verizon phone that didn’t require a $30 smartphone data plan. Now it’ll just be a bulkier, heavier LG Ally.

  3. “Does that feature cost that much more to manufacture?” It certainly does. Keep in mind that a price difference of 50 cents per unit is huge in the handset business, and here we would be talking about perhaps 10 dollars or more to support GSM/GPRS/EDGE and the additional frequency bands required.

  4. When i saw the epic 4g for the first time, i was in love with it. thn finding out that its only for US market…
    and same thing happened with the Droid 2 -____-”

    so Droid pro is great news! hope its running stock android :D

  5. I would bet they will call it the droid enV, not lg enV droid(which does not roll off the tounge IMHO)

  6. The Android-powered phones from Verizon are awesome, but they are more than what I need. I am still clinging tightly to my LG Voyager believe it or not, because I love the touch screen and the keyboard is second to none. While the Droid 2’s keyboard is raised enough for me to be comfortable with it, (unlike its predecessor-the original Droid), it is still more bells and whistles than I need. An Android-powered LG EnV would meet the needs of those of us who want a fast operating system for web access and multi-tasking, along with the keyboard that is the best in the business, in my opinion. If the folks at LG & Verizon are indeed listening to you, Rob, keep up the good work. I love LG phones and I feel like I can finally trade my much-loved Voyager for a current model. Bring on the LG EnV Touch2!

  7. I think it will do a lot better if they keep it on the $15 multimedia plan. If it goes to the $30 plan you might as well just save a bit more and go for one of the higher end models.

  8. I think it will take off if they do it right.

  9. The droid pro is not world version of droid 2 :S
    droid pro has a 4 inch screen + 1.3ghz if im correct.

  10. My first cool phone (feature phone) was the original LG 9800/9900 series, which the EnV series took over. I have to say I really liked that phone and think Android as the OS would be an outstanding step forward. I also agree with keeping both names such as the LG EnV Droid. Let’s see how things pan out.

  11. Still not a D1 replacement. Until we get vanilla, unlocked bootloader and a slide out keyboard.

  12. I went from an LG V to an LG EnV before getting my Moto Droid – I loved the LG phones and how sturdy the construction was. Definitely agree that the line will do well with android integration. I’ve always thought to myself that if LG comes out with an android phone it’ll be hard not to switch over. Though at this point an EnV would be a step backwards for me – I’m awfully addicted to my Droid’s large screen and other capabilities… Looking forward to future high-end android phones from LG!

  13. they will not call it a droid verizon has reserved the droid name for high end phones

  14. if its true count me in Rob! i currently have an env touch and had it since it came out but im getting an android phone for my upgrade in Q2 2011. all they need to do is add android to the env touch and my dream comes true!


  16. LG Ally 2 ?

  17. As others have mentioned an eNV would work if you keep the price point, but you can’t. This will be another Kin, a nice little phone for people on a budget sold at full data plan prices as a crippled Smartphone. Doesn’t matter what the phone price is, the monthly’s make all the difference. Also I am not sure Android can support twin screens, so I doubt this will be anything anyone wants.
    Also as mentioned, as I read, the Droid Pro is supposed to be a 4″ slider World phone with a 1.2 dual core, so way more than a Droid 2.
    PS I also heard the Droid 2 Blur includes better Exchange integration than the DX, so Kudos again Motorola. The DPro will replace my D1.

  18. I had an Envy phone and it was horrible buttons didnt work on the front screen phone would turn off randomly etc. This is bogus just another way verizon is trying to get more money out of its customers I would never pay 30 dollars for a data plan with a sub par phone at best. Might as well get a droid like me and everyone else so you will have all capabilities

  19. I had an EnV2 and I had the same problems as Brian. The backdoor battery is a terrible idea. I had to buy a snap-on case for the back just to keep it from disconnecting and turning my phone off just before I pressed send on 9/10 texts I wrote. It was beyond frustrating. Also just the same as Brian the buttons in the front of the screen stopped working and Verizon would not fix or replace any of this nor would they let me upgrade early. I got the EnV2 when it was new and by the time I was up for a phone upgrade it was unusable and I has resorted to a used Voyager, which was much better. July came along and I got my first generation Droid and I have to say I have never been happier with a phone in my life. The LG EnV keyboard is much better, as is the inside screen, but if the issues that plagued mine and others EnV phones are not fixed, I will never consider another LG, even if it is Android.

  20. I’m rather disappointed that they are continuing the env series at all considering how many people have had software issues with them. I am on my 3rd Env touch (because of software malfunctions after 3 months of use) and am counting down the days until I can get a phone that is NOT LG.

  21. @Dustin
    The Droid Eris was NOT a high end phone. Yet they called that a Droid.

  22. does the D1 enV Touch support windows?

  23. To me, the LG Ally is already the follow on to the enV Touch, just as a slider, rather than a clamshell. Two touchscreens seems overblown, but hey, why not? I have an enV Touch now and am going to upgrade to the Ally or Touch 2, if it does come out…

  24. Note–Have had the enV Touch for almost 2 years without any software glitches.

  25. Its not going to happen man as much as Im with you on it I would of loved to see the env series go android and continue making handsets, I currently own a ev touch and I love its capabilities and features. It would have made sense to make an env pro but I read in a recent post on phone arena that verizon is not going threw with the env pro because their testers werent amazed by phone. Its not them who will have to use the phone its the consumers that have made the env line successful. at any rate I wonder what LG and VZW have in mind of replacing the env touch. Certainly the Octane is a step backwards.. mmmm

  26. Yea I agree I always thought the LG ally was the next big LG success story and follow up to the touch. Its android android but it still shares some specs of the env touch and other lgs just in android spirits and power. It also looks like a sliding version of the env touch. Lol. As for the Env 3 and Octane I wasnt a fan of the 3 and I wouldnt buy an OCtane eventho it has a better interface and better camera than the ev 3

  27. soo… when is this phone suppose to be coming out?

  28. I was waiting for this phone to come out, but heard it was cancelled. I think the Env Touch has the best keyboard for texting, so why can’t LG just use the same keyboard and make it an Android phone? Very frustrating.

  29. Canceled? Noooooooooo!

    It was a major toss up when I bought my enV Touch. The original Droid was due out any day and my original enV quit working. I decided to go with the Touch thinking that Id upgrade when a Droid enV or similar phone came out. I cant stand slider phones but love the sideways clamshell style. It might be a bit bulky but its much more sturdy. Id be willing to pay $3-400 for it right now if it was out.

  30. FUCK!!!!!

  31. My husband is still using my old enV touch, I just cant seem to bring him over to the droid side. He said if the enV does go droid, he will then get a new phone.
    I still have to say, the enV touch is still a kick ass phone to have survived in his pocket this long. LOL

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