Notion Ink’s Adam Tablet Pricing Revealed, Starting From $399.99?


In SlashGear’s extensive look at the Notion Ink Adam tablet we’ve all been waiting for, their tipster has purportedly confirmed pricing and a launch window. There will be an LCD version with WiFi only that will cost $399.99, $449.99 for the 3G model + LCD or for WiFi only + Pixel Qi display, and $498 for the Pixel Qi + 3G version. The tablet will be available either December of this year or Q1 of 2011, depending on testing and FCC approval.


Pretty sensible pricing structure, all specs considered: this comes packed with Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chipset for superior graphics and overall performance. Other goodies pulled from SG’s feature include an iTunes-like catalog specifically for the tablet – dubbed Genesis – which will house music, apps, eBooks, and more for users to sync right to their device

For the rest of what they’ve been able to uncover, feel free to head on over to SlashGear for the full rundown.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’ll believe it when it ships.

  2. Adam and genesis nice names eh, might appeal to devout christians I think. Best of luck Adam. You need it in this highly competitive world

  3. This or the Asus, so far.

  4. 499$

    + pixel Qi
    + GPS
    + Web camera

    this look great on paper..much better the any the even the rumored iPad 2(probably 800$ with this specs)….I am really interested in seeing this on the market…

  5. @ari-free: c’mon now, the Adam will ship with preinstalled Duke Nukem Forever.

  6. and daikatana!

  7. They better do the right thing and ship stock, unchanged, Google blessed Android, and not some cheap modded crap that a small shop like this will have no means to support.If not, I’m not interested. The hardware looks awesome, but if they mess up the software, no thanks.

  8. Would you please cut the crap with the .99 and tell it like it is? The cheapest one is $400, and the most expensive is $500.

  9. No market =(

  10. According to Notion Ink’s blog, it looks like they are working on their own UI…

  11. After reading about the battery life with Tegra 2…I dont know about this. I still do want either this or the ICD Gemini….which also might have a Tegra 2…maybe the battery life issues are old or wrong.

    Me thinks I will get a Android tablet with an OMAP, Snapdragon, or Hummingbird.

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