Google Brings ‘Flipping’ to Gesture Search


If you are at all familiar with the Google Labs app Gesture Search, you’ll know that its aim is to make the amount of work needed for searching as minimal as possible. Keeping in line with that notion, the new version of Gesture Search released today (version 1.2) has added in a new ‘flip’ motion gesture. You need only motion your phone away from you and then back to activate the application where you can then search as usual by writing the characters out on the touchscreen.

Other improvements have been made to the app including bug fixes and accessibility support for enhanced usability. The app runs on Android 1.6 and up and can be found in the Market by following this link on over at the Google Labs page from your computer.

[via Google Mobile Blog]

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  1. Wow very sweet. Love this app!

  2. Uh oh, I smell a Graffiti lawsuit :)

  3. I looked down and saw i was in gesture search earlier today, thanks for clearing up how that happened. I like this app and now this will make it more useful!

  4. Hadn’t tried this app before it look it could come in handy.

  5. I like this!

  6. I like it – but can’t get to work with TMobile Vibrant. Accessibility greyed out. Can’t flip in my contacts – so added to my homepage and use there – nice little app!

  7. Drains my battery. I disable the flip feature in the settings, but it doesn’t actually get disabled. Bummer, I’ve used this app since it was first published…..

  8. OMFG — that’s why this crap has been randomly popping up for a few daysnow on my phone. Is there any way to turn this crap off? I don’t have it turned on in the settings — guess it’s time to uninstall.

  9. There are TONS of complaints in the comments on the Android Market about this app now causing some serious battery drainage. Have waited on updating because of that.

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