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Samsung’s Android tablet is slated for release in the third quarter of this year, and they are pulling out all the stops to make sure they deliver the best experience possible. One area where a tablet must excel is the apps available for it, and Samsung is taking a proactive approach to making sure current Android Market apps function properly on the larger for factor. Robert Bonestell and the Plex6 team were recently contacted by Samsung regarding their Magic 8 Ball application. It appears the app wasn’t displaying properly on the 7-inch 600×1040 WSVGA display.

“Dear Plex6 Team,

We would like to preface this email with Samsung’s enthusiasm to give Mobile
device users enhanced “Application” experiences. Samsung Electronics is
committed to making Mobile and Tablet PC spaces comfortable and enjoyable
ones and your support for this would be highly appreciated by Samsung

It has come to our attention that your application [Magic 8-Ball] submitted
in the Android Market returns following error(s) when operated on our soon
to be released Samsung Android Tablet PC.

Please find the error(s) occurred on Samsung Android Tablet PC below.

Application does not properly display on Samsung Android Tablet 7”inch
screen (600X1024/WSVGA) and draws a black background around the application
due to Compatibility-Mode display.

Please modify and adjust your application so that it would support the best
possible display on the Samsung Android Tablet device screen

This will ensure your application to provide a consistent environment across
all devices and that you can deploy to any new devices that offer different
screens in the future.


Samsung Electronics is focused on strengthening its Android device line-up,
therefore, our mutual efforts on each application will be beneficial for
both parties.”

There is almost no way that the Samsung team could properly test all current applications in the Android Market, but it appears they are targeting apps with high download numbers and/or top ratings. It is good to see Samsung — a company not so long ago lambasted for their poor handling of their Android phones — making positive steps towards a great experience on their Android products.

[Thanks to Robert for sending this in!]

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