Verizon Shows How the Droid X Does 3G Mobile Hotspot


Phones being launched with mobile hotspot capabilities are all the rage these days and Motorola and Verizon aren’t oblivious to that trend. They put the feature into the Motorola Droid X (and is rumored to be coming to the HTC Droid Incredible with an over-the-air upgrade soon) and they want everyone to see just what happens when you dare turn that little piece of joy on.

If my phone could emit orbs whenever I touched it, I’d probably toss it off of a bridge. That’s just creepy. This is the Droid X, though, so you should expect that kind of magic from Verizon’s latest flagship phone. Take a peek at the short TV spot above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. cool advertising~

  2. Are you kidding me? If my phone could emit orbs whenever I touched it, I would have paid 10x more for it.

  3. Wow, I got chills from that commercial. They sure know how to advertise.

  4. It’s been around for years now. They are just now figuring out how to set it up so it’s not easy to do without system access (root) and then charge for. Makes me feel a lot better about the $10 uncap fee on Sprint’s 3g/Wimax phones. I can run Wifi Tether all I want and not worry about hitting even an unofficial 5GB “soft” cap.

    Making a 12-14 hour drive this weekend with 2 other people and it will be nice to plug my phone into the charger and provide wifi to the car.

  5. Wish Sprint had this kind of advertising for the EVO.

  6. Chills? Umm…ok

  7. Shes got huge hands.

  8. She DOES have huge hands! Ha!

  9. @jerbear I think that $10 uncap fee is bogus/bs. I use my AT&T flavor Nexus One on the AT&T network and tether all the time for free, even hit the 29GB mark (I live without access to highspeed internet in middle of nowhere, with maybe 8 houses within my radius who don’t use AT&T). Sprint’s $10 fee per EVO phone is BS. I mean I would understand if it was for 4G access, but there is no 4G even remotely close where I live, yet they still want to charge me $10 with the excuse it faster processors use more data. I would be an EVO owner, if I didn’t have to pay an extra $10 per phone (which would be $20 w/GF), I wouldn’t even want the 4G, just the awesome phone. *I wouldn’t have a problem paying the extra $10 per phone if I lived in a 4G area. /rant

  10. I have the X and use the Mobile Hotspot, and I think it’s great! Have my kid running her Nintendo DSi on it and my laptop and the laptop internet still runs at just about the speed of my normal high speed cable connection. Wondering if I really use it enough to be worth the $20 though…

  11. The hand size got me too, mainly thanks to Apple and their freakishly large antenna video.

  12. verizon is a marketing machine. that was brilliant.

  13. That sure is nice of her to share her mobile hotspot with all those other folks. lol

  14. yes, there are women in this Droid commercial

  15. This is cool to bad you can’t combine these phones to get 7mbps tethering like on my Nexus but even if you could imagine that bill oh well its free fast tethering for me.

  16. They probably used a hand model for the hand/phone shot.

  17. You can do this free with any rooted phone.

  18. Is it just me … or does this Ad imply every stranger around you can use your Hotspot and you pay for their use of your data?

    They should have used a bunch of people who were clearly friends.

  19. Yeah, my nexus does that and it doesn’t cost anything extra for the service and because I’m on t-mobiles hspa+ network mine is faster than verizon and sprints”4g” Its so funny how uneducated consumers are and how people blindly follow advertising. Oh did I mention t-mobile was just awarded highest for customer service above att, verizon and sprint? AGAIN!

  20. @Mark
    Wish I had your speeds with my N1, my buddy has a EVO and his 4G speeds blows my phone out of the water…I live in Seattle which is about 20+ miles away from t-mobile and their ugly building…

  21. haha chills. Idiot.

  22. be careful i just bought the droid x and decided to get the unlimited talk text and internet and just found out that the prepaid plan doesn’t support the hotspot feature.the salesman didn’t know this because if i had have known i would’ve gone with the plan and paid less for the phone.i just loved the idea of no contract.

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