Google’s Mobile Ads Get More Location-Aware


It looks like some of the new formats Google showcased at Google I/O are starting to make their way to the mobile ad-space. Display ads can now bring geo-targeted marketing to mobile browsers and apps. Advertisers simply check a “location extension for display” box and will utilize the mobile device’s location-sensing abilities to provided targeted ads that, when expanded, offer a Google Maps view of the location and two buttons: one for directions and one to call the establishment.


While “locations extension” ads for mobile search are already offered, Google states that display ads with location can offer an 8 percent increase in click-through rates, and when ads feature a click-to-call function there is a 6 percent increase. While no one really wants to be bombarded with ads on every screen of their Android phone, at least location-aware ads might prove to be a bit more useful. I’d be much more likely to click-to-call an ad for a local pizza place than see something totally useless to me.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Why do they always use a Nexus One when someone is showing off a new or improved app?

  2. Because the Nexus One is the referenced handset implementation that Google uses when they develop new Android features.

  3. @jdog that was pretty much the main purpose of the N1, to push the tech forward. Get its partners to raise the bar in their phone designs. For that, it was wildly successful.

  4. @jdog Because it’s Google’s phone, lol. Are they going to use another phone to show off their feature? Nope, that’d be dumb. Use what you own. :D

  5. Just messing with you guys, I was waiting to see if someone was going to say its because the Nexus One is still the king of Android phones :) I’ve been using the Nexus since the first day it came out and I still consider it the best phone and unless the HTC Emerald is a stock Android 3.0 phone I’m not going any where.

  6. I wonder how much ads will be successful on mobile. Will wait and see

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