Jul 29th, 2010

It looks like some of the new formats Google showcased at Google I/O are starting to make their way to the mobile ad-space. Display ads can now bring geo-targeted marketing to mobile browsers and apps. Advertisers simply check a “location extension for display” box and will utilize the mobile device’s location-sensing abilities to provided targeted ads that, when expanded, offer a Google Maps view of the location and two buttons: one for directions and one to call the establishment.


While “locations extension” ads for mobile search are already offered, Google states that display ads with location can offer an 8 percent increase in click-through rates, and when ads feature a click-to-call function there is a 6 percent increase. While no one really wants to be bombarded with ads on every screen of their Android phone, at least location-aware ads might prove to be a bit more useful. I’d be much more likely to click-to-call an ad for a local pizza place than see something totally useless to me.

[via TechCrunch]